Nov 122015


If you’re a fan of Rare’s Bear & Bird duo then odds are you’ve been following the creation of Yooka-Laylee, the  Mighty Number 9 / Bloodstained-style spiritual successor to Banjo Kazooie. Numerous ex-Rare folks are on board, including Banjo’s original voice, level designers from the N64 days and several others who date back to the DKC days. But perhaps most relevant to VGMpire is the fact composer Grant Kirkhope is returning as well, and IGN has a quick sampling of some of the game’s tunes! Continue reading »

Nov 092015


You may have seen my post over on LaserTime already, but in the off chance you don’t visit that fine, wonderful site on a regular basis, I’mma post today’s big update here, too. The tl;dr version is that you can now directly support the show through Patreon, and there’s a lot more everything on the way! Continue reading »

Sep 252015


During a recent trip to Japan, I spent a fair amount of time perusing local game shops and retail chains in search of legit game music purchases. While I did indeed buy a lot while over there, I never did see the OST to the first Wild Arms, which had been on my mind since guest Patrick Kulikowski named one of its songs as his favorite back in VGMpire 100.

But then today I randomly came across that very album on Play Asia… which made me wonder, what other “top tracks” from that episode might be lurking about, ready for some of you FINE LISTENERS to pick up? Continue reading »