Mar 142015


Somewhere around my 100th listen to the Tropical Freeze soundtrack, I started thinking about how game music has conditioned me to enjoy types of music I’d otherwise shrug off. Banjos, harmonized chants and even oboe solos were never on my list of ‘music I’d ever listen to,’ but thanks to VGM I’ve learned that hey, this stuff is great and I shouldn’t write off any instrument or genre. Continue reading »

Dec 122014


Further proof I’m gettin’ old – a cuhraaaazy idea like a dedicated home for professional-grade video game remixes is now 15 years old. Launched in 1999, OC ReMix (note the intercapped “R” folks) has since grown into a nearly household name within the games industry. From its numerous free tracks to official soundtracks to composer interviews, it’s definitely a place to bookmark if you enjoy game music culture in the slightest. Continue reading »