Nov 092011

This week we examine two well-known Nintendo 64 soundtracks from Rare.

Episode 3 right here

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  1. Hey Brett, just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy listening to VGMpire. I’ve always loved game music, and was a big fan of your Game Music articles at the Dar. Anyways keep it up and I really appreciate what you do!

  2. Not that interested in these games, but I’m interested in hearing what Brett has to say.

    Didn’t Brett say there’s an RSS feed for this? Where is it?

  3. YES!!! Banjo-Kazooie has one of the best OST in all of gaming!

  4. Aw hell yeah, two of my most favorite soundtracks.
    Keep up the good work Brett.

    • Yup, that works. Now iTunes will do the work for me, and I don’t have to worry about remembering to check for new shows.

  5. This is gonna be great.

  6. Wow, I never noticed how Doom-like GoldenEye’s music actually is. Really excited to see the show happening, BTW.

  7. Great show, as always. Golden Eye has really great music, and it really strikes a nostalgia chord with a lot of people. And Freezeezy Peak was always my favorite song from Banjo-Kazooie. Good stuff.

    I’ve noticed that so far you’ve mostly done Nintendo stuff, how about some Genesis love next week, eh?

  8. Goddamn I’ve had a shitty day and listening to this familiar music really brought my spirits up.

  9. HOLY CRAP! Thanks you for doing GoldenEye 64!

    GoldenEye was and still is a huge part of my life, it was the first game I bought for my 64 and I still love it to death, I love this show!

    I don’t know if you want suggestions, but have you ever played Sword of Hope II for the gameboy? I love the soundtrack for that game and just recently did someone add it to youtube, check it out if you’ve never heard it, I still get the battle theme in my head sometimes lol

  10. About halfway through the episode and have to say that what really disappointing me about the GoldenEye remake on the Wii was the music, the music from the original as you’ve shown is completely unique and iconic, the music in the remake is practically non-existent

    Even the controls are better for the N64 because they had to make sure they would work before they sent the game out, unlike the remake where they expect you to fine-tune the wiimote yourself, very annoying

    Otherwise I have disagree with Chris personally, I like the remake, but he’s right the game is bad lol

  11. The Goldeneye music was definitely great to sneak around to. Plus, I love how thematic everything is. As far as Banjo goes, that stuff is great when you’re playing… it really adds to the whole aesthetic of the game and therefore buries itself in your memory really well. Good stuff!

  12. I just added the rss feed to ZUNE marketplace (just as I did for Lazer Time) so you guys should be on Zune soon. Also, the musical term you were thinking of was leitmotif, as in Wagners Ring Cycle operas. Also, Thanks…

  13. Two of my favourite games of all time, AMAZING music! Spiral mountain is set as my alarm tone. Keep up the good work

  14. Great episode. I have enjoyed this cast but this is the one that solidified it in my Wednesday night lineup.

    I loved both of these games to death when they were out and the music still resonates with me. On the subject of Goldeneye 007, another thing that is awesome about the sound track is that is pays homage to the films wonky soundtrack quite well. I am a huge Bond fan and appreciate that to this day (Goldeneye is actually my Fav 007 movie)

    Freezeesy Peak music brought back memories, I might go and grab this game on XBLA.

    Thanks for doing this Brett its absolutley a worthwhile podcast!!!

  15. This music reminds me of my childhood

  16. That was like an old tdar with long musical interludes. Lovely

  17. Wow, this stuff is really bringing me back. I’m in love with this show, Brett. Thank you so much for putting it together. I’s forgotten how good the music in Goldeneye was! Man, that brought back memories!

    Keep up the great work, man. I’m so glad someone is doing this. As long as you keep putting out episodes, I’m going to keep listening.

    By the way, I just played TMNT VI: Turtles in Time last night for the first time in probably over a decade. I don’t know if you need suggestions for future shows, but that game had some great, memorable music. I always liked the music in Illusion of Gaia too.

  18. Great episode. I WISH, though, I got to hear the Train mission music from GoldenEye, which is fantastic and has such a great sense of urgency to it and especially since the bad guys would pile up in such an enclosed space.

    I will admit that I did not play Banjo-Kazooie until it hit Xbox Live Arcade in 2008 or so, but I absolutely LOVED Treasure Trove Cove’s music. It’s in my head quite frequently.

  19. Also im not a big fan of the music shows, but this one has a very nice balance between talking about the music and the actually music, bravo

  20. Really really enjoyed this one. A good mix of nostalgia and tunes. As someone who did not have an N64 growing up and missed the whole Goldeneye craze it was quite interesting. In addition as a fan of more chill electronic music in general I was loving this episode while working on homework

  21. Hi Brett, letting you know that I’ve always wanted to have a video game podcast to listen to, as I am a huge game music fan, the fact that you’re the one hosting this pleases me greatly. Best of luck on this new podcast! I have a feeling this will quickly become my favorite cast out of the trio of dar/former dar casts.

  22. You should do Phoenix Wright

  23. There are a few tunes in the first (and best?) Bloodrayne game that always reminded me of Goldeneye. Maybe the scores have a few composers in common.

  24. On the subject on Banjo Kazooie music, the BanjoLand level in Nuts&Bolts has a great medley tribute to the most memorable themes of the first game done with a full symphony that sounds great. I’ll put a link to it here i guess…

  25. twitter: @naosabesnao

    That’s cool 3 people united on VGMpire anyway the 2nd second reminds me of Sonic 3 it seems really like a Rip of one of these games and the 3rd song also

    Please do tell me If I have hearing problems

  26. twitter: @naosabesnao

    The Banjo Kazzoie songs reminded me some of Crusader of Centy great video game and great OST also by the way

  27. I’m so glad this podcast and episode exists 🙂

  28. Ok so I was linked to Lasertime thanks to KOXM, and now from Lasertime to you guys, thanks so much, I listen as I walk my 5 mile journey to and from work again, great to listen these great pieces, and takes me back to my nes, snes, n64 days, keep up the great job. Also dont mind the format, if you want to chat with friends before each peice go for it, if you want to just introduce it yourself, again go for it, the podcast is superb, keep up the awesome work.

    Gamertag: The Dark Fenix

  29. I never really thought much of BanjoKazooie ost actually. It’s funny how many people love it so much. I think games such as Mario 64 which has same genre music, has better and more memorable offerings.
    Bond music is super cool though. Great podcast!!! And I would love more talk, maybe interviews with the musicians behind, more trivia. AAAANnnnnddd ALOT of awesome VGM! But I guess that is no problem. 😀 Cheers!

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