Dec 212011

We end 2011 with a look at some of the best game music of the year.

Grab episode 09 here, and share other OSTs you liked in the comments


0:00:00 – Dogfight (Ace Combat AH)
0:08:18 – White Devil (Ace Combat AH)
0:12:23 – Rebirth from Sandstorm (Ace Combat AH)
0:26:34 – Arkham City main theme (Arkham)
0:29:13 – This Court is now in Session (Arkham)
0:31:26 – I Know What You Guys Are Thinking (Arkham)
0:42:15 – Scarlet Liturgy (El Shaddai)
0:44:37 – Facing the Sanctuary (El Shaddai)
0:47:19 – Twilight Overture (El Shaddai)
0:59:01 – Main Theme (DEHR)
1:00:48 – Detroit City Ambiance (DEHR)
1:02:44 – Hung Hua Brothel (DEHR)
1:09:47 – Stage 1 (BCR2)
1:11:38 – Campaign Intro (BCR2)
1:13:00 – Stage Select (BCR2)
1:16:46 – Rad Spencer (UMvC3)
1:18:06 – Arthur (UMvC3)
1:19:36 – Phoenix Wright (UMvC3)
1:26:39 – I Won’t Lose (DQIX)
1:28:03 – Heaven’s Prayer (DQIX)
1:29:50 – Cross the Fields (DQIX)
1:44:45 – Gerudo Valley (25th Anniversary CD)

So far, my episodes have been mostly about older titles, games that often don’t have official soundtracks available for purchase. In this case, most of these titles have legit, full albums to buy via Amazon, iTunes or other online distributors. Check them out, as well as Play Asia or Sumthing Distribution for even more.

  33 Responses to “VGMpire episode 09 – 2011 year in review”

  1. BCR2’s credits songs were bombastic excellence. I thought Ghost Trick, inFamous 2, and Shadows of the Damned were also quite good.

  2. I know probably no one will say anything about it, but I liked that Patapon 3 remixed themes from the first two games, along with new stuff…

    Also, the rockin’ intro was pretty cool:

  3. There definitely should have been some Bastion in here.
    The dusty western feel was something i’ve never heard so effectively in a game before.
    Also cool, blow me.

  4. Oh EXCUSE ME? Best game music of the year and no Bastion? It would be straight-up fucking IRRESPONSIBLE of me to not post it myself.

  5. Cool, blow me.

    Arkham city ost is so badass….walking down the night street with that music in my earholes is so awesome.

  6. Assassins Creed Revelations had a solid OST scored by Jesper Kyd.

  7. That Ace Combat song is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome.

  8. never really paid attention to new game music, gonna give it a shot.

  9. The opening first El shaddai song conjured instanst memories of Blade Ruuner for me, anyone else get that vibe?

  10. Currently at the Deus Ex portion of the podcast. Great so far. Could’ve used some music from The Witcher 2, Bastion, L.A. Noire, Portal 2, and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. I suppose there would be legal ramifications for playing Skyward Sword’s music though, since there is no official soundtrack for it (there better be, I don’t understand why Nintendo never released one for Twilight Princess).

    Also, looking over your list, I’m not sure why DQIX music was shown considering that’s a 2009/2010 game but I haven’t gotten to that part of the podcast, so I’m sure you give your reasoning at that point 😛

    And you’ve piqued my interest for the new Ace Combat’s music. That was DAMN good.

    I would say Deus Ex: HR’s greatest piece was “Icarus” from the trailer/credits. I love the vibe of the game’s music, and the tracks you showed off were great, but as a big Deus Ex fan I’m going to have to admit that the game’s music isn’t as memorable as a lot of the tunes from the original Deus Ex.

    • There’s a Skyward Sword orchestral medley track on the same 25th Anniversary soundtrack, that’s pretty damn good. The Gerudo Valley one’s a bit of a cop-out – yeah the CD’s out this year, but the game wasn’t!

      • Double correction for myself. 1. The Skyward Sword track’s just the Ballad of the Goddess, which is basically the awesome trailer music – but just one song rather than a medley. 2. Okay, technically Ocarina of Time DID come out this year too. Bah.

  11. I didn’t get far in Deus Ex (got it for a dollar on OnLive but then got a deal on the 360 CE) but I really enjoyed some of the music I heard on it, that kind of technopunk ambience. I hope the rest of the OST is more like that. It’s $4.99 on Amazon, btw, folks!

    I’m currently playing Arkham City and I honestly hear a little more Danny Elfman than Hans Zimmer though his presence, influence, is there too.

    I think one 2011 game that had a great soundtrack even though it was rearranged classical music was Catherine. The quick rearrangements were done well and managed to let the player feel some stress trying to complete the puzzle the way it’s supposed to.

  12. I don’t listen to current gen soundtracks very often. They’re just too much like movie soundtracks these days. I just turn on subtitles and listen to podcasts while I play most of the time.

  13. […] Grimm end 2011 with a look at some of the best game music of the year. Grab episode 09 here, and share other OSTs you liked in the VMGpire comments Posted by C.Ant at 11:14 pm Tagged with: Laser Time presents, […]

  14. Bastion and Portal 2 really needed to be in here.

  15. What a fantastic episode.
    You should really get on Bastion, Brett. It is amazing.
    If Daytona counts as released this year that is my personal fave, “Blue, Blue Sky”=love.
    But Ace Combat probably is #1. A modern day SOtN.
    I beat El Shaddai, Mr. Gilbert.
    Uncharted is of course a movie soundtrack but I love Drake’s theme as much as Indy’s.
    Ilomilo has wonderful VGM.

  16. Not sure if this counts but I’m sure you’ll instantly recognize the music for Dead Island’s first trailer, an original composition produced only for said (misleading) trailer by Giles Lamb. I’m still strangely hyped for “this” version of the game…

  17. Deus Ex soundtrack is soooo good, listen to it all the time

  18. My favorite OST from this year has to be from my favorite game, No More Heroes Heroes’ Paradise. I love everything about it.

  19. Very veru good episode. Introduced to a lot of great music! El Shaddai and Arkham were fantastic! Also props for the Dragon Quest! Needs more love.

    For 2011, I think the Rayman Origins soundtrack is pretty damn fantastic. Seriously, you should check it out Brett. It’s so delightfully charming and whisical,

  20. No Bastion? Sadness 🙁
    Seriously though, Bastion has a fucking AMAZING soundtrack. This song actually touched my cold, black void of a heart.
    Plus Spike in a Rail is really awesome, I love it.

  21. I downloaded the Deus Ex: HR main theme before it came out and listened to it a lot. I agree about Arkham City’s soundtrack, too. It’s not just enthralling, it’s distiinctive.

  22. I was surprised how often I found myself humming the Gears 3 theme after playing it, I’ve never really thought much of that series music before. Also, I think you mentioned it on the last episode, but the Sonic Generations soundtrack is freaking awesome!
    Having only played DEHR from your choices on this episode, I still thoroughly enjoyed it and will definately be keeping an ear on next years soundtracks.

  23. Wait, no Rayman Origins? And Chris was there? I’m actually shocked!

  24. Spectacular.

  25. Lovin’ this show, man…

  26. InFamous 2’s soundtrack was one of my favourite scores this year. Jim Dooley’s themes combined with the New Orleans vibe and some great electronic pieces by JD Mayer and Galactic all lead to my favourite video game score of the year.

  27. Michael McCann is the bessssst. It appears you’re familiar with his work by name, Brett, but if you haven’t, get on Double Agent. And Chaos Theory. Splinter Cell’s music has always been underrated, from Chaos Theory on, anyway.

  28. some portal 2 would have been nice

    also the music in dead space 2 was great, i t may have been just that it fit the setting so well, but the music was a massive part of the game!

  29. I was listening to last week’s Tested podcast. I couldn’t believe they said Arkham City had BAD music because it reminded them too much of Hans Zimmer. That was the point. In fact I’d say it had a better score than The Dark Knight since it also evokes Danny Elfman as well.

  30. Really enjoyed is episode. I gotta play Deus Ex sometime

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