Feb 112012

Missed out on the first Indie Game Music Bundle? Part two is here with another undeniably awesome assortment of homegrown VGM. Of particular note are the OSTs to Mighty Switch Force (a 3DS gem I’m currently playing with tunes from Jake Kaufman) and the tear-jerking To The Moon.

Head over to the Game Music Bundle site and BUY BUY BUY! Feel good about yourself by giving money directly to the composers and validating the hard work they put into VGM. If we were able to do this in the NES days, imagine all the financial love we could have shown to all those unsung composers… so yeah! Open yer wallet!

  2 Responses to “Buy Indie Music Bundle 2, get OSTs for Mighty Switch Force, To The Moon and much more”

  1. Bought both of the bundles so far, so much enjoyment for such little cash. Really loving the two albums by Disasterpeace on this one.

    Plus the bonus positive feeling you get from supporting indie composers is great 🙂

  2. I’ve actually met A-Rival and my friend does vocals on the “Show Me Girl” track, he’s a really nice guy and he puts on a great show

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