Feb 112012

The headline says it all. The presumed-limited-edition Skyward Sword CD is pulling a Killer Cuts on us by remaining inside multiple copies of the game. If you missed it late last year, now’s the time to pick it up for $10 less than the usual price.

Order here. Again this is not the soundtrack to Skyward Sword, but rather a 25th anniversary compilation of tracks beautifully redone in full orchestra style. I played the Gerudo Valley track back on episode nine, so give it a listen for a small sample of this CDs greatness.

It’s also worth owning because Nintendo of America does not typically release official soundtracks, making this package extra special. NOA did churn out a good helping of OSTs in the mid to late ’90s though…. hey that’s a good idea for a post.

(Also, the image above is the full bundle with gold remote as well – probably should have cropped that out!)

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