Feb 152012

Spirited songs from Atelier Iris, Ar tonelico and Disgaea, a trio of unapologetically old-school JRPGs.

Download episode 14 here

0:00:00 – Town Where the Bells Chime (Atelier Iris)

0:07:37 – Tree Spirit in the Mist (Atelier Iris)

0:10:01 – Wind Over Time (Atelier Iris)

0:17:01 – Popo’s Pleasant Money Lecture (Atelier Iris)

0:18:24 – Lakeside (Atelier Iris)

0:25:35 – At the Murmuring Brook (Atelier Iris 2)

0:27:31 – That Kid’s Shop is Thriving? (Atelier Iris 2)

0:28:31 – Blazing Earth (Atelier Iris 2)

0:31:09 – Exploration at the Beach (Atelier Iris 2)

0:43:15 – Melodies of a Requiem (Ar tonelico)

0:45:18 – Over the Hardships (Ar tonelico)

0:47:04 – Scars (Ar tonelico)

0:54:55 – Lord Laharl’s Hymn (Disgaea)

0:59:43 – Beautiful Rondo (Disgaea)

1:04:27 – Singing Hill (Ar tonelico)

Regarding the Prinny contest mentioned in the show… it’s coming soon! Just have to take some pictures and set everything up.

  33 Responses to “VGMpire episode 14 – Ode tonelico”

  1. Ive always been wanting to try out a Disgaea game. Heres to hoping that the music pulls me in!

  2. Cool, blow me

  3. Glad you had time to do a new ep this week!
    Some over-looked jams, yeah buddy.

  4. I think the foreign words and names should be left to Carolyn. She has a nice voice when she’s speaking up, but it gets gravelly and hard to hear when she’s speaking softly. Be forceful, Carolyn! (Hey, that sounds like something from an NIS game!)

    The Iris songs sound like Bust a Move (Puzzle Bobble) music to me.

  5. I have no idea what this is but I shall listen!

  6. Once again a game I’ve never heard off but have loved the music! Thanks a lot Brett for bringing game music to the people : )

  7. Always appreciated the music here, even though I don’t really enjoy the actual games that much. Despite everything great about Disgaea (the music, the style, the art, the voice acting, EVERYTHING), it’s just WAY too hardcore for me. Also love that Ar Tonelico. Love that wordly sound.

  8. Prinny, do want! Also, great episode, Disgaea’s one of my favorite series!

  9. Looking forward to listening. Never played it, but I love music in Ar tonelico.

  10. I always wanted to play the games, now time to listen to the music haha.

  11. This is my favorite episode of one of my favorite podcasts. I would love a prinny and I would love to point out that the song Islands by the XX is essentially a rewrite of Spira Unplugged from Final Fantasy X. Brett, you are fantastic! Bought a shirt and made a donation to LaserTime, so keep up the great work. Prinny!!

  12. Very awesome episode Brett. Thanks for playing this music which doesn’t get a whole of attention. That scratching instrument that you said that you like, in the shopping music, may also be emulating a güiro. Which, to be fair, is basically a washboard. Thanks for the awesome episode.

    By the way, I would love a Prinny if you have any left to give.

  13. great episode. Love throwing this and the jumping flash episode on in the background while I work.

  14. Cool, blow me!

    Love you Brett! Ar tonelico is an awesome series that I am almost ashamed of loving XD AT2 was the best IMO gameplay and music wise.

    Thanks for the podcast!

  15. Some good stuff there, I don’t remember the music being that engaging. Thank you Brett, love the podcast. I’ll take a prinny if your giving them away!

  16. Goddamn, I forgot how good the Disgaea music can be! Laharls theme I FUCKING LOVE!
    Also can I win a prinny dood?

  17. This is by far my favorite episode of the podcast so far. Carolyn really knows her stuff (you need to do a Pokemon episode soon) and the music and context arre great. This episode is so good I’ve already listened to it twice.

  18. Partly because I want a Prinny, but mainly because I wanted to thank you for getting me extremely interested in playing the Atelier Iris series!

  19. Another great episode 🙂 Was very nice to hear Carolyn this time too! Thanks for providing such a unique podcast for us, Brett!
    Oh, and I would also be interested in a Prinny 🙂

  20. Doood! I would love a Prinny plush! I love those little demonic penguins!

  21. I really enjoyed the music from this episode. Ar tonelico sounds like an interesting game as well.

    I would appreciate a Prinny, please. :3

  22. Loved this episode Brett.

    Hope Disgaea gets a little more love later down the pipeline from this show. It is loaded with so many great songs, Prinny My Love and Axel’s White Tiger being my favorites.

  23. This makes me really want to check out these games.

  24. When I first heard this episode, I wasn’t too excited. But after listening to it in traffic last night, I must say, Ar Tonelico music is some of the best I’ve ever heard. I will most definitely get the soundtrack. Thank you Brelston!

  25. I love this ep guys! Also I heard about the prinnys your still giving them away c:

  26. I’ve had that last song since I first listened to this episode and it is still so fucking great.

  27. You are right it has alot of Nausicaa and Laputa going for it. Quite funny, and a nice observation. This podcast is really good. I just got started, and I hope that what you said in an earlier episode about bringing in VGM personas has become a reality. Awesome to have years of podcasts just lying around for me to dive into. Thumbs up at you!

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