Feb 242012

Kotaku has posted a telling interview with Danny “Super Meat Boy” Baranowsky that suggests video game music is one of the most (if not the most) viable outlet for aspiring musicians. With so many games being released each week via iPhone, Android, XBLA, PC and beyond, it makes total sense – but I’ll let Danny and author Kirk Hamilton explain.

Head over to Kotaku for the full interview, but here’s a quick piece:

“I was glad when I finally got my break in games,” he told me. “I was so sick of feeling like I was spinning my wheels. I was getting better, I was improving, but the idea of making a living at it was something that I couldn’t get any traction in at all.” Adding later, “I’m friends with a band here in Arizona, they’re fairly big; they’ve sold hundreds and hundreds of thousands of albums. Now, they have to split that five ways, which that’s something to keep in mind. But: I’ve made more money by myself than they did with with their album sold in best buy, doing a national tour.”

The interview contrasts Danny’s experience with another musician who’s living a more traditional music experience, so it’s a good read no matter your desired approach. Personally I prefer Danny’s musical style, as it more reflects the 8 and 16-bit style I love so dearly… but I appreciate the other side, the more Hollywood side, as it helps reinforce the idea that games aren’t just about Mario running and jumping – they can be just as big and ambitious as a major movie release.

Now, sample some of the Super Meat Boy genius!

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  1. There will be SMB episode of VGMpire, am i right?

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