Mar 052012

I’ve been a Virt fan for some time now – probably beginning with this incredible Shadowgate remix – and ever since he became part of WayForward he’s continued to crank out quality stuff. This latest release isn’t tied to a game, but FX4 is nonetheless worthy of a listen, as it channels all the awesomeness of a newly energized NES, ready to blast the world with 8-bitty goodness. 

Head over to Ubiktune to sample and download the album, and of course check out Jake’s own page over at Big Lion Music.

As I listen to this, the first track already blows me away – a tribute to the classic HBO intro we talked about constantly on TalkRadar! And then the second song (Incident Zero) sounds like a perfect mashup of Ultra/Konami-style music and the NES Ninja Gaiden series. Can’t wait to hear the rest, and don’t forget to check out Jake’s other work -including Mighty Switch Force!

  5 Responses to “Jake “Virt” Kaufman releases amazing new chiptune album”

  1. Just downloaded. Thanks for the tip Mr. Elston. Also I want to bump another chiptunes dj Robot Science. That and “Lifeformed” have been on my ipod for a straight month now.

  2. Wow, I love hi-fidelity chip tunage. Thanks for the heads up Mr Brelston.

    Also, why is this so hauntingly familiar despite it’s originality? It gives me the same feeling I get from listening to Tim Folin tunes.

  3. Thanks for the heads up. I’ve been listening to it all day.

  4. FX4 gets too rough with the static-ey sounds for my taste, but Mighty Switch Force has been my life soundtrack for the last month. Just play the first 10 seconds of Intro and I’m sold.

  5. Damn that is hot, I am on it like Chris on whiskey!

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