Mar 142012

An on-location interview with Jake Kaufman, composer of Mighty Flip Champs, Milky Way and Switch Force.

Download here


00:00 – Yummy (Mighty Switch Force)

05:57 – Title Screen (Mighty Milky Way)

07:21 – Space World (Mighty Milky Way)

10:11 – Lava World (Mighty Milky Way)

17:40 – Level Select (Mighty Flip Champs)

19:03 – Flip or Fight (Mighty Flip Champs)

22:13 – Hell is Other Dimensions (Mighty Flip Champs)

29:13 – Level Select (Mighty Switch Force)

31:16 – Caught Red Handed (Mighty Switch Force)

35:46 – Whoa I’m in Space Cuba (Mighty Switch Force)

  21 Responses to “VGMpire Episode 17 – Mighty Virt Force”

  1. Cool, blowling.

  2. This is most unusual. Cool, bowling. I mean, blow me.

  3. Holy shit, that intro music is down right funky.
    Why do i have the urge to do the running man.

  4. The last few songs made me think of Bust-a-Move and Sonic.

    I’m not really very interested in hearing from current game composers, I really just want the old-timey goodness from VGMpire. This episode was okay, but I wouldn’t want the Mass Effect guy coming around here, unless he was giving his favorite NES songs, or something.

    • I couldn’t disagree more.
      An interesting soundtrack I would have never otherwise heard. I’d actually like more stuff up that sort of alley. Introduce me to stuff I might not have heard, not just things we all know are awesome (though you should also do things we all know are awesome as well, just not all the time).

  5. The music in this one is superb, omg!

  6. great episode
    good interview.
    this show should have more composers.
    skype to skype some composers.

    really liking this music.

    i’m glad jake has a bandcamp page. –>
    dude, you should put show notes in, with urls and stuff
    i found that other band jake was talking about –>

    it took a while since there were a couple groups called vibrants

  7. Another Plok mention, man I love that soundtrack, hopefully you do an episode for it soon. Really wish I could have that soundtrack with my while I’m on the go.

  8. Wow, this music was really good! I’ll have to plunk some digital money down for Mighty Switch Force eventually. Digging the interview. Funny enough, I’ve had an MP3 of virt’s from wayyy back. It’s a 20+ minute Metroid OC Remix called “Crystal Flash.” Haven’t listened to it in forever. It’s great to see him do a bunch more now (including Retro City Rampage).

    As for the interviews, I think new and old composers alike should be interviewed! Spare nobody! I’m hoping for some obscure Japanese ones (like how 1UP interviewed Hidenori Maezawa, although I am not sure how you could do interviews with Japanese-speaking composers).

    Jake mentioning one of the composers of Mass Effect 2 reminded me of something I notice sometimes in videogame music: Big-name composers completely overshadowing everyone else’s work on a specific soundtrack (See: Harry Gregson-Williams with Metal Gear Solid 2/3/4 and Clint Mansell with Mass Effect 3). The latter only did around 2 or 3 songs for the ME3 soundtrack!

    Finally, since I’m in such a big ME mood (I just beat ME3 last night, what a terrible ending), how about a Mass Effect VGMpire? Jack Wall & Sam Hulick FTW.

  9. Yay! VGMpire is back! 😀

    And wow, I didn’t even know this music and the artist existed, but this is really good! ^^ I specially love yummy, Space world and Caught red handed… Which is rather surprising since I usually tend to HATE anything that sounds remotely like dubstep… And i actually enjoy the beat in the beginning of that song XD

    • …Wait no, scratch that, I DID know his music! i just didn’t know it! He also composed the BloodRayne: Betrayal music! that’s awesome! I love a lot of songs from that soundtrack, Dusk falls is specially great.

      ..Also, him being a chiptune expert explains why all the songs have an 8-bit counterpart XD

  10. Great music and a nice shake up of the established format <3

  11. YES! I know the possibility of interviews has been brought up previously but I really enjoyed this. Very interesting and more of the same would be stellar.

  12. This show just keeps getting better! Thanks for the effort you have been putting into it!!!

  13. I never cease to be surprised by the music on this podcast! Awesome!

  14. This is just a minor suggestion from a forumite, but… if you could mention that VGMpire has their own forums located on the lasertime forum page, that’d be great.

  15. VGMpire has made me realize how much I like video game music. Favorite episodes have been the virt one, puzzles, sonic and toshinden. Do you think there’s enough there to feature ‘Earthbound’ at some point?

  16. The interviewer’s comes off kinda impatient and kinda insincere in his listening, with his constant interruptions of Jake talking. He’ll ask Jake a question and then hurry him along as he answers. I know it’s a time constraint with interviews, but do it too noticeably and constantly and it comes off a bit annoying. I mean, it’s Jake freakin’ Kaufman–I say, take all the time he needs! I’ve been a fan of Jake for a long time–I’d love to hear everything he’s got to say.

    • Meh, maybe that criticism of mine was a little harsh. I’m just a big fan of Jake, and I value his stuff like water in a desert! If the interview was even two hours longs, I would’ve been happy!

  17. […] 8-bit OST by beating the game fair and square. I’d actually recommend that, as Jake “VGMpire Episode 17” Kaufman’s new Remastered score is extremely good and worth […]

  18. Mighty Flip-Champs and Mighty Milky-Way were both fun, quirky games…but Mighty Switch-Force is my favorite. 1 and 2 (though I am super stuck on 2…) are both great games with great soundtracks. When I learned that Virt, a person I’d been listening to on OCRemix, was the composer, it both surprised me and totally made sense at the same time. Of course I enjoyed these soundtracks like I did!

    I’m greatly looking forward to his Shantae HD compositions. Even the sample he did live once of the dungeon music was really, really great. I don’t even know if that track will make it into the final version, but I hope so!

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