Apr 292012

This video’s actually a bit old (late 2011) but after seeing it linked around on Twitter today I felt the need to share it. For those not in the know, Turok 2 was an N64 FPS that made good use of the 4MB RAM expansion, allowing for improved visuals and clarity etc.

Two things always stood out to me: The Cerebral Bore gun that dove its way into your enemies’ heads and spewed brain matter everywhere, and then the enchanting Port of Adia theme that introduces this video…

For comparison’s sake, here’s the N64 original:

By 1998 I was already in full VGM-nerd mode, so hearing this song right out of the gate really impressed me. Can’t say the rest of the OST is as strong, but it’s all around good – especially for a system that’s known for tinny, uninspired audio.

  4 Responses to “Turok 2 given the full orchestra treatment”

  1. I think it’s time to give Turok 2 more of a whirl. I’ve barely played that game (the awful frame rate from many N64 FPS titles makes it hard to go back, which is why I’m thankful for HD re-releases of Banjo-Kazooie/Tooie and Perfect Dark) but this is a great track.

    And now I am reminded of my child self cackling sadistically as I ruthlessly murdered enemies in the first Turok game.

  2. I like the orchestra but i honestly like the original soundtrack more. some one needs to remake Turok 2.

  3. I know that Turok, as a series, doesn’t stand out in peoples minds but I loved it. It is a series that improved, the main numbered entries anyway, all the way through 3. Rage wars was terrible but I found that the third one, which is the most ignored entry, was the best. It is a flawed series but it represents a time when Acclaim was trying to push their development skills to the limit. Few companies tried to push the N64 to new heights and Acclaim was one of the few companies that succeeded more than it failed. It is the perfect example of a franchise that was important in it’s day but does not hold up well in the years after it’s demise.

  4. lI don’t like the word and think its used way too much but this is AWESOME.

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