May 012012

Just saw this linked around on Twitter – an HD Star Fox tribute video that happens to include one of my favorite OverClocked songs of all time. Check it out, and join me in my constant agony as we wait for a brand new, HD Star Fox on Wii U.

Linked via Dave H’s Twitter account

  6 Responses to “HD Star Fox tribute video makes me cry even harder for a new Wii U title”

  1. no joke.. i cant wait to see what is coming. it could good either way though.

  2. Awesome, Maybe one person pilots a large space ship with tablet controller and others pilot arwings? (for a co-op mode)

  3. Saw this video a few days back. Looks so good! I wish Nintendo would give Star Fox another go (and have it developed in-house, not by Q-Games or Namco!). Wii U Star Fox would be the greatest thing ever.

  4. That recreation of the SNES opening just grabbed me and made me shiver with excitement! Now I want to to see what Nintendo will do with the Wii U, though I’m not sure they’ll just make HD versions of their games. They’ll probably shoehorn some motion in there that doesn’t fit or that nobody wants and hopefully have some cool ideas for the tablet controller. As long as the overall product has a good feel and plays well I’ll be happy.

    That Corneria remix is going to be the best thing I’ve heard all day, gotta check out that Star Fox metal symphonic and godspeed over at OCR.

  5. That was fuggin amazing.

    Made me realize how long it’s been since a proper, new Starfox was released.
    I’ll put this next to F-Zero and Pikmin as something that the Wii-U has to have.

  6. I just want a new star fox and pikmin.

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