Jun 132012

Hop on over to Kongregate and click through 90 VGM related questions and see how many 16-bit songs you’ve retained through the years!

Important note -spelling counts, and sometimes in weird ways. “Star Fox” wouldn’t work for one, but “Starfox” would. Meanwhile, for “Final Fantasy VI” or “Kirby Super Star” I only had to type “Final Fantasy” or “Kirby. Either way, a great way to kill 20 minutes.

  4 Responses to “Take the ‘Were You a Nineties Gamer’ music quiz”

  1. Apparently the 90s was only Genesis and SNES.

  2. I got chills the moment I heard “Memories” from Breath of Fire II as one of the selections – didn’t expect a BoF tune to make it in! This quiz gets a thumbs up from me just for that! Although I’ll be honest, a lot of the Genesis ones stumped me, ’cause I was a big Nintendo kid in the 90s. And the spelling was pretty hokey too. Nevertheless, a fun diversion. Thanks!

  3. I was born a little late for some of this. Seriously where the hell is the 64, PS, and Saturn?

  4. This is incredible, however my 90s VG music revolved around PSone games

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