Jul 042012

Support indie musicians by jamming to Castle Crashers, Dustforce and more, then buying their soundtracks direct!

Download here


00:00 – Map (Castle Crashers)

08:55 – Jumper (Castle Crashers)

10:34 – Techock (Castle Crashers)

12:33 – Winterbliss (Castle Crashers)

20:24 – Forest Funk (Super Meat Boy)

21:54 – CHADs Broken Wind (Super Meat Boy)

25:39 – Chapter 2 Menus (Super Meat Boy)

32:07 – Pillars of Pepper (Dustforce)

35:43 – Sepia Tone Laboratory (Dustforce)

38:46 – 9-bit Expedition (Dustforce)

43:25 – Adventure (Fez)

46:39 – Glitch (Fez)

50:04 – Home (Fez)

55:59 – Another Winter (Scott Pilgrim vs the World)

  29 Responses to “VGMpire Episode 25 – Indie Game Music Showcase”

  1. Very nice selection of music, I remember downloading all the Castle Crashers soundtrack off of Newgrounds the moment I realised about a week after the game came out. I also remember starting levels in Super Meat Boy and then just pausing the game to listen to the music before I bought the soundtrack.

    If I may make an indie soundtrack suggestion, I’d put forward the soundtrack to VVVVVV, which just sounds like an adventure:




    If you listen to that last one with headphones on you can feel it in your brain

  2. Indie games just have some of the best music period right now and definitely the best VGM type music.
    Good show!

  3. hell ya dustforce
    you could easily do multiple shows on indie games
    remember to do cave story sometime

  4. Ooh! awesome! I already own the music of castle Crashers, so damn good and varied.

    And I like that this will have from dustforce. I’ve been interested in that game, and if i like the songs sampled here, I’ll probably will get the soundtrack ^^

    • Oh! and also props for ending the show with the most kickass song of a really kick-ass soundtrack. I adore Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World game, and a big part of it is definitely because of the simply incredible music.

  5. I don’t know Dustforce but I know the rest very well. Oh yeah I’m all over this!

  6. so excited for this

  7. Great selection. If there is going to be another episode, I would suggest Flow, Flower and Journey

  8. You forgot BASTION! It’s tied with Super Meat Boy for probably my favorite game soundtrack ever.

  9. Great stuff! I want to see (hear) more indie selections, stuff most people haven’t heard of. Jake Kaufman’s episode for example, brought people to sites like Bandcamp to discover more audible awesome. Going deeper in the rabbit hole of Indie OSTs like Terraria, Frozen Synapse, inMonmentum and for God’s Sake Shatter!

  10. does skullgirls count as an indie game?
    that game has awesome music.

  11. Dustforce is great.

  12. Some great selections here! Some of my Super Meat Boy favorites include The Battle of Lil’ Slugger, Betus Blues, Fast Track to Browntown, and Hot Damned. DannyB’s the man.

    May I also suggest the soundtrack to Barkley: Shut Up and Jam Gaiden (the greatest JRPG of all time that was not made by a Japanese team), which sported a great battle theme and an amazing remix of Space Jam.

    Other reccomendations include Cave Story’s soundtrack, “Mischevious Robot” being my favorite track from there. Bastion’s music is really good too, primarily the vocal stuff like “Setting Sail, Coming Home.”

    I also love Braid’s music, but nearly all of it is licensed so I suppose it doesn’t count. The upcoming Retro City Rampage has some great chiptune work as well, I bought the soundtrack to that in a heartbeat.

    DEFCON has some great, albeit depressing music too.

    Castle Crashers’ soundtrack is so good. I recall humming tracks like Map, Spanish Waltz and the Barracks Tune out loud along with my girlfriend-at-the-time while we played. Good times. I don’t think Newgrounds has every single track from the game available for download though.

    I purchased Fez a few weeks ago but have yet to play it. That “Glitch” track is freaking awesome though. I might hold off on playing it until they fix those pesky save game-corrupting bugs.

    I haven’t heard of Dustforce before. I’m going to have check this one out, ’cause the music is fantastic.

    And great finale with “Another Winter!” That song gives me chills all the time. And like you guys, it gets me so damn giddy. I could play the first level over and over.

  13. Wooooow, I loved this episode guys. I immediately bought the Dustforce soundtrack after listening, a game I now regretfully ignored, and plan on getting Castle Crasher and Fez as well. A great selection of music to listen to while in a creative mood. Thanks again and I’d love to see an episode on old PC adventure games. Two nostalgic games I still listen to the soundtracks of are Myst and a The Journey Man Project.

  14. How you can have an Indie game podcast and not bring up the majesty of Bastion with such amazing tracks as “Build that wall” and “Mother, I’m home” and “setting Sail” and every other magnificent song in that soundtrack baffles me. BAFFLES ME GOOD SIR.

  15. awww… that intro song makes me think of tdar. :C
    ah well… great episode!
    we need indie game music show case 2 … soon!

    do soundtracks like the one from Machinarium. C:

  16. Next time you revisit this topic: Bastion. If you haven’t played Bastion, listen to this:


    Then go play Bastion.

  17. almost shocked cave story wasnt on there. i had a great time meeting Pixel for dinner a few years ago when i was living in Osaka. well, i guess vgmpire indie music volume 2 ep 😉

  18. Such lovely music them indies sure do got great music these days. This is my fave edition of this podcast in a bit just so much happiness from listening to these songs.

  19. Another Winter is one of the classics that I loved when I first heard it, and it never got old or boring.

  20. […] Support indie musicians by jamming to Castle Crashers, Dustforce and more, then buying their soundtracks direct! GIT IT NOW! […]

  21. Not sure if this is the right place to post this…. but I have to recommend the music from a lesser known NES game, PIPE DREAM!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2yu-4vmJJHA&feature=relmfu <– could listen to that all day

    Great stuff, so glad I found the podcast!

  22. wow, how did i miss the VVVVVV soundtrack (never played thats why.. ) pretty amazing!! i can always count on the other listeners for extra stuff 🙂 love this

  23. just started listening to the show just letting you know it is awesome! indie games are the best right now I listed to Another Winter without playing the scott pilgrim game at all. can’t wait for a legend of zelda episode keep up the good work

  24. Oh man, I just started listening to your podcast, and this was the first episode I listened to. I love what you guys are doing. I’ve loved video game music since I was a kid, and I’m glad that there are other people that take it as seriously as I do. *lol* Great picks, and especially the Scott Pilgrim track. Definitely one of my favorites from that soundtrack. I’m currently half-way through the Earthbound episode!

    Also, as I was listening to Rainwave.cc, I thought that you guys should do a Kid Icarus episode. Just a thought.

  25. Wow I didn’t know the CC soundtrack was free out there on NG, nice! I bought Super Meat Boy, love, love that soundtrack. FEZ was great too but I can’t help but feel pissed every time I listen to its songs because the dev is a douche.

  26. Awesome episode, glad to see some credit was given to indie game music. All these tracks are great.

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