Nov 102012

Remember those “BIOS” screens we discussed in Episode 34? Here they are, in case you never saw them / were so uninterested you didn’t Google them right away. 

While I did see the original a few times in ’92, it was the 2.0 version (the sad, it-knows-it’s-about-to-die song that ended the episode) that my friends and I remember best.

They’re all so… weird. Pretty creative too. No idea who came up with all those fancy spinning logo tricks, but they were a hoot back then and today, well, they’re just silly. Like I said, it was a system that felt both brand new and impossibly old, a combination of of fresh CD-ROM tech and grainy picture quality. An acquired taste, at this point – but the music remains a real treat.

  2 Responses to “Sample the Sega CD BIOS screens”

  1. The animators must have had a BLAST making that splash screen. Oh so 90s.

    By the way, would anyone want to sell me their Sega CD? 😛

  2. If you had the game panic! for the Sega Cd back in the day one of the gags is the main character getting rotated into the Mega CD bios screen with the music playing. So if you had Panic you would have heard the Japanese Mega Cd Bios. YouTube link above. They didn’t bother to change it to the American bios screen for the US release.

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