Dec 052012

A rippin selection of tunes from the SNES, N64 and GBA iterations of this lightning-fast franchise.


0:00:00 – Title Screen (F-Zero)

0:08:32 – Big Blue (F-Zero)

0:10:40 – Red Canyon (F-Zero)

0:12:47 – Silence (F-Zero)

0:18:32 – Port Town (F-Zero)

0:20:43 – Mute City (F-Zero)

0:22:33 – Staff Roll (F-Zero)

0:34:09 – Dream Chaser (F-Zero X)

0:36:31 – The Long Distance of Murder (F-Zero X)

0:38:06 – Drivin Through on Max (F-Zero X)

0:52:49 – Beacon Port (Maximum Velocity)

0:54:35 – Sand Ocean (GP Legend)

0:57:03 – Port Town (Climax)

1:04:26 – Staff Roll (F-Zero X)

  20 Responses to “VGMpire Episode 36 – The Fury of F-Zero”

  1. forever y’all will be my heroes

  2. I sure hope GX/AX is on a different episode, I believe in you, Brett…I’ll….HAVE NO FEAR, FEEL NO PAAAAAAAINNN

  3. I second F-Zero GX, it had some good tracks like Infinite Blue and Aeropolis. Hope to see those in a future podcast.

    I really don’t get Nintendo’s dislike of F-Zero GX. It was awesome, even with its (at-times) frustrating difficulty.

    I now sort of feel ashamed for not owning a copy of the original F-Zero. I never actually beat it, either, but I adore the music. “Mute City” and “Port Town” are easily my favorites. The NESkimos did a really awesome cover of the latter:

    I would’ve also liked to hear some of the great remixes from the Smash Bros. games, like “Mute City” and “Big Blue,” but that would work in a Smash Bros. episode too.

    To this day I still have never really played F-Zero X. That music is so awesome though, especially “The Long Distance of Murder.” Those voices in “Drivin’ through on the Max” weirded me out though, lol. Is X still worth going back to? One of my favorite tracks from it comes from its Japan-exclusive N64DD Expansion Kit, which had an amazing rock rendition of Mario Kart 64’s “Rainbow Road.” It’s a must-listen:

    I noticed Brett stating his dislike for Star Fox 64’s music. It had some good tracks I think, but not nearly as incredible as the original’s. I think the instrumentation killed it.

    Anyway, great, funny ep. Lots of great quips and comments!

  4. Great episode. I was dying of laughter the whole time you guys were talking about the ridiculous anime Falcon Punch.

  5. I can’t tell you how happy I get when I see a new VGMpire episode before I leave for work. Can’t wait to give this a listen.

  6. […] A rippin selection of tunes from the SNES, N64 and GBA iterations of this lightning-fast franchise. LISTEN NOW […]

  7. I loved F-Zero growing up. My circle of friends always played this over the Mario Kart. I just wish our local arcade at the time had the F Zero AX Monster Ride (or any versions of the cabinet).

    These games had such memorable soundtrack, though White Land was probably my favorite. I still get the itch to drive fast when that song starts…

  8. GBA game had some good music even if it wasn’t the best F-Zero game. Hope you do a full show on F-Zero GX

  9. Hell to the Yes! Anyone else vote for Mega Man 2 Dr. Wily stage for the VGAs on Xbox Live last night. My eyes were swollen with joy when they played it after they came back from a commercial break. That song kicks so much ass and I’ve never owned a Mega Man game (shows you how much I love it/I’ll go hide now).

  10. Breeeeeet….

    Are you in any way or form responsible for this?

    If so, you are fucking amazing.

  11. I now know that this podcast is powered by steel reserve. No wonder you guys are having so much fun.

    Also I didn’t know that all of you were on laser time as well-I downloaded the Saturday Morning Cereal one and I’m really enjoying it. I’ll be listening to both podcasts from now on 🙂

  12. Been listening to your podcasts for a while, just thought I’d finally come on here and let you guys know you’re awesome. Tried to find other video game music podcasts to sate my need, however for whatever reason they all come off as creepy(-er than yours) so I couldn’t get into them. Keep up the good work.

  13. I LOVE THIS PROGRAM, that said, i have been dieing to hear the GX/AX episode, COME ON MAN IM DIEING HERE… its mah jam!!! now stop reading bret and get back to work making it 😛

  14. Such a great series, especially the SNES one. Had to play it after hearing this episode!! Great job

  15. One of my favorite F-Zero remixes, for everyone’s listening pleasure:

  16. Great. 3 days ago I listened to this episode, and I’ve been playing the Port Town track over and over and over…………………….

  17. that audio from the F Zero anime is the best thing I’ve ever heard

  18. Fun fact: The reason the F-Zero X soundtrack doesn’t sound sampled is because it is, in fact, not. A good chunk of the cartridge ROM space is used for streamed music. This is also the reason why the music is only in Mono, to save on storage space.

    The Japan-only 64DD F-Zero X Expansion Kit actually has higher quality stereo versions of all the F-Zero X tracks along with a couple new ones, including a F-Zero X style remix of the N64 Mario Kart’s Rainbow Road. It’s well worth checking out!

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