Jan 092013

Tonight we dine on turtle tunes, from the original NES letdown to the 16-bit heyday.

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0:00:00 – Star Base (Hyperstone Heist)

0:15:09 – Title Screen (TMNT NES)

0:16:26 – Overworld (TMNT NES)

0:17:07 – Sewers (TMNT NES)

0:18:11 – Underwater (TMNT NES)

0:19:27 – Caverns (TMNT NES)

0:35:04 – Burning Building (TMNT II)

0:36:40 – Snowy Central Park (TMNT II)

0:37:46 – Technodrome (TMNT II)

0:47:15 – Scene 2 (TMNT III)

0:48:29 – Scene 4 (TMNT III)

0:49:57 – Scene 8 (TMNT III)

0:56:31 – Bury My Shell At Wounded Knee (TMNT IV)

0:58:14 – Neon Night Riders (TMNT IV)

0:59:41 – Lets Kick Shell (TMNT IV)

1:03:42 – Skull and Crossbones (Hyperstone Heist)

1:05:51 – Sewer Surfin (Hyperstone Heist)

1:08:52 – Enter the Tournament (Tournament Fighters SNES)

1:10:53 – Cafeteria (Tournament Fighters SNES)

1:12:12 – Sky Palace (Tournament Fighters SNES)

1:13:26 – Character Select (Tournament Fighters GEN)

1:14:42 – Michelangelo Theme (Tournament Fighters GEN)

1:17:45 – Donatello Theme (Tournament Fighter GEN)

1:21:43 – Thanks for the Memories (TMNT IV)

  24 Responses to “VGMpire Episode 38 – TMNT Tunes”


    And awesome to have the show back! :3

    But again, I’ll keep nagging. Breeeet! Y U NO DO A BEST OF 2012????

  2. This show gets better by the week.

    Great selection!

  3. “Dumb, dumb, dumb. Those dudes are sooooo dumb!”

    Loved it thanks gentlemen!

  4. Awesome episode, served as a huge nostalgia trip for me (don’t they all though? :P). Pizza launcher action figures, holy crap the memories.

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on NES was the first game I ever played – I remember my parents buying it along with my NES, Tecmo Bowl, Karate Champ, and Ghostbusters at a yard sale in 1993. In hindsight, what an awful game to start my gaming life with! But it’s one of those games that I can still enjoy playing even though I know full well that it’s not very good. Never could get past that electric seaweed as a kid, but even getting past that as I got older, the game’s too freaking long (and no save/password system, wtf).

    Musically, TMNT is great. The Overworld music was the first videogame tune that my three/four-year old self could recall and hum to. Maezawa really is a genius. Awesome of you guys to include The NESkimos’ (slightly picky correction: pronounced Ness-kimos) TMNT medley, it’s fantastic.

    I’m pretty disappointed that they removed the TMNT Arcade Game from XBLA – totally would’ve bought it!

    Great picks for Turtles in Time, my personal favorites are “Big Apple, 3AM,” “Climactic Battle” and “Alleycat Blues.” I feel the SNES versions of the tracks were far better than the Arcade’s, especially when it came to those absurdly over-the-top Konami orchestral hits. I actually dedicated a feature to those orchestral hits if anybody else is infatuated with them: http://www.pixelitis.net/features/liner-notes-viii-konamis-infamous-orchestral-hit

    And on the VGdrum side of things, if you want to see me do “Alleycat Blues” on drums at the MAGfest Jamspace back at PAX East ’12, here’s a video of that: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=NKmTPVQ_KaE#t=666s

  5. Bury My Shell at Wounded Knee! Awesome, can’t wait to listen! 😀

  6. Even more podcast goodness


  7. […] Tonight we dine on turtle tunes, from the original NES letdown to the 16-bit heyday. LISTEN NOW […]

  8. TMNT Power! Finally I game I’ve played gets ‘pired. Played TMNT II four player with the NES Satellite.

  9. Wow, I remember that screen (April kisses the turtle that has the highest score, IIRC), but I forgot the weird poses each of the non-kissed turtles are in.

    Can I request a fanart with Chris, Brett, Henry, and my heads photoshopped over the turtles’?

  10. The best non-music part of this episode is a toss-up between Brett instantly knowing General Traag’s name off the top of his head (and then mumbling “or something, I think that’s his name”) or Henry’s “I drank a whole Club. I’m feeling surly.”

  11. This looks like it will be great, saving it for my bus ride into uni this Tuesday

  12. You guys need to know how much you’ve warmed my nostalgia and heart with the Central Park music from TMNT2. I love that stage and I tend to love snow levels.

  13. ohhhhh, what terrible memories were drawn up from the first one…. but the later ones made up for it, great work bret

  14. It’s like you made this episode just for me. I was/am a huge Turtle fan, and I grew up in Pensacola. Listening to you guys talk about one of my favorite topics and about my hometown was surreal. Fantastic eisode as always. Thanks for everything you guys do.

    • Wow, weird! It’s an arcade / minigolf place near that Alvin’s Island / giant boardwalk area. Was still there in 2011, though full of boring junk :/

  15. Hey

    Thanks for your awesome podcasts. I started listening about half a year ago and I have not been disappointed. I started by listening to episodes with my favourite games or games I was most familiar with (i.e. Goldeneye, Mario Kart, Metroid, Battletoads). Then I started listening all the way through and can’t get enough. I have myself started downloading a ton of video game music to listen to at work.

    I love re-living the games and series’ that I’m familiar with (like the most recent TMNT entry — major awesome) but I really enjoy hearing music from games I have not played as frequently. I like the amount of music you play in each episode but the discussion between you and your guests is great as well. Its neat hearing about different aspects of games and smaller details that I would have never known about.

    I also started listening to Laser Time because of this podcast. I really enjoy Laser Time because it is very similar to conversations I have with my friends about things from our youth in the 80’s and 90’s. I always get a kick out of Henry trying to sneak in his twitter account and then getting made fun of by everyone else.

    Sorry this is so long but keep up the great work and thanks for exposing me to some great music!!

    ED (from Canada)

  16. HUGE nostalgia boner! Although I never played a turtles game, I can only assume it’s because the local video store didn’t have any to rent. I did have a shitty lcd game which was awful (like every lcd game).

    Anyway I got the turtles blimp for my 5th birthday! Even though I didn’t have a single turtles figure at the time, they were impossible to find. But that christmas santa brought me ALL FOUR!!! I remember this huge present laid out on my parents bed, opening the wrapping and seeing all 4 staring back at me. First time in my life I totally lost my shit, it was so unexpected.

    Probably 10 years later my Mum told me on that christmas eve, after I had gone to bed, she got a phone call from a friend to say the super market in the next town over had recieved a last minute delivery of turtles figures. My dad went hoping he might be able to get me one and came back with all four.

    I love that for so many years I had no idea my parents went to that trouble. I mean they already had presents to give me and could’ve said “fuck it it’s too late” but they knew all I really wanted was those figures so they got them. And then they gave santa the credit for some reason! Best christmas ever.

  17. Getting a 404 error if I try to download this episode.

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  19. The imitation of small Brett’s friend relating the news of the first TMNT arcade game makes me laugh every time.

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