Mar 062013

More like 90 minutes of Mario RPG goodness, from the SNES original to Sticker Star.

Download here


0:00:00 – Title Screen (Sticker Star)

0:08:43 – Booster Tower (Mario RPG)

0:10:12 – The Road is Full of Dangers (Mario RPG)

0:11:47 – Forest Maze (Mario RPG)

0:18:00 – Battle (Mario RPG)

0:19:06 – Happy Kingdom (Mario RPG)

0:26:35 – Title Screen (Paper Mario)

0:28:27 – Nice to Meet You (Paper Mario)

0:29:36 – Shooting Star Summit (Paper Mario)

0:38:34 – World Theme (Superstar Saga)

0:40:51 – Chucklehuck Woods (Superstar Saga)

0:42:43 – Tee Hee Valley (Superstar Saga)

0:44:02 – Boss Battle (Superstar Saga)

0:51:15 – Rogueport (Thousand Year Door)

0:53:15 – Battle Theme (Thousand Year Door)

0:53:59 – Rock Hawk Rock (Thousand Year Door)

0:55:24 – We’re Counting on You Mario (Thousand Year Door)

1:00:35 – Shroob Castle (Brothers in Time)

1:02:22 – Professor E Gadd (Brothers in Time)

1:03:26 – An Unrivaled Battle (Super Paper Mario)

1:04:09 – Outer Space (Super Paper Mario)

1:11:05 – Fawful’s Theme (Bowser’s Inside Story)

1:12:28 – Clinic (Bowser’s Inside Story)

1:13:43 -Beachside Dream (Bower’s Inside Story)

1:16:04 – Minigame (Bowser’s Inside Story)

1:18:26 – Swingin’ Swing (Sticker Star)

1:19:50 – Kirstie’s Power (Sticker Star)

1:21:50 – Credits (Sticker Star)

1:27:34 – Happy Parade, Delightful Parade (Mario RPG)

  22 Responses to “VGMpire Episode 42 – Mario RPG Music Hour”

  1. I was startin to get the shakes & cold-sweats, braah… thanks for the fix

  2. o.O

    Holy hell yes! Yes yes yes!!!!! Thank you guys! 😀

    I love pretty much all of the mario RPGs, arguably more so than the actual core series, so I’m absolutely stoked for having this episode finally happening! Which I do remember that had been a proposal from good ol’ Henry a few months ago.

  3. Yes! I suggested the RPG series for the gba and ds on the second episode of this podcast, glad to see it finally happened!

  4. Sticker Star has some amazing music.

  5. I just bought Bowser’s Inside Story through Amazon. Forgot how fun the Mario & Luigi series was!

  6. Sweet! Love the Mario RPG games. Superstar Saga was great.

  7. Awesome, new episode! Listening right now.

    By the by, the US commercial for Mario RPG *IS* on Youtube! Here it is.

  8. …and I thought it couldn’t get better then Zelda music, how wrong I am!
    Great EP, Always loved the Mario RPG Series.

  9. Nice episode guys! Chris I find your lack of faith in the Super Mario RPG soundtrack disturbing. 😛

    One of my favorite moments in Super Mario RPG was when Mario went behind a curtain in Booster Tower and emerged in 8-bit form. I wish that look would’ve been an optional costume for him or something. I also thought Mario’s pantomiming was hysterical. I especially enjoyed his recreation of the events in the beginning, with his sprite even changing into Bowser and Toadstool when appropriate.

    It’s hard to pick just a smattering of Mario RPG tracks to play, there are a lot of good ones: “Fight Against an Armed Boss,” “Let’s Go Down the Wine River,” “Let’s Do the Fooka-Fooka,” and both Smithy boss tracks. Also, I wasn’t the only one who was deceived into thinking the giant sword was Smithy, was I? I know that the “Legend of the Seven STAAAAAAARS” commercial referred to Exor as Smithy, so I suppose it threw off a lot of kids.

    The Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga tracks (and your reminiscing of that game’s scenes, like Luigi being hypnotized into thinking he’s Mario) brought back a lot of good memories. And “Doradoh-doh-diddly-da-doh!” is my favorite way of spouting out stereotypical supposed Italianspeak.

    I feel like I’m reaaallly missing out by not finishing Paper Mario and moving onto Thousand Year Door. Same with Partners in Time & Bowser’s Inside Story.

    Regarding Sticker Star: I heard it takes a backseat in terms of plot. A shame if true! In any case, see you dudes at PAX East!

    Bonus Super Mario RPG Forest Maze Newgrounds rap cover:

  10. Wow, it was forever ago that Henry suggested that he could do this episode (I feel like it was on Grimm’s Dark Souls show…) Such a Banjo Kazooie vibe from the SNES stuff; it’s all just so happy and bubbly. Fantastic job, guys.

  11. Lovely music for my earholes, thanks dudes.

  12. Man, I love Booster’s Tower. Actually, just Super Mario RPG in general. I need to play that again…

    Great stuff, Brett. Keep the VGMPires rollin’! Honestly, it’s the show I look forward to most on the Lasertime Network.

  13. Nice. I’ve never played any of the Mario RPG games. I should check one of them out sometime. Really enjoyed the music.

    And even though I’m repeating what other commenters have said, this show is awesome. Keep it coming Brett! I’m always excited when I see a new VGMpire episode download in my itunes. I love the combination of you guys reminiscing about games and then listening to the actual music. I’ll often go back and download some of the older episodes to re-listen to them. This is one of the few podcasts I have that I can listen to multiple times without it getting old. Again, great work!

  14. Wow, I didn’t realize how much the Super Mario RPG music still resonated with me. I haven’t played that game in years.

    I really do love this series, at least in concept. I’ve only played a few (RPG, Superstar Saga, Paper Mario, Super Paper Mario), but I love the writing, the gameplay, all that. I really should pick up Bowser’s Inside Story one of these days…

  15. Picking up Bowser’s Inside Story because of this episode.

    I should remember this is a bi-monthly podcast, but dammit if I don’t check every week. Looking forward to more!

  16. For the next episode you should do the call of duty games…they have good music esp mw2.

    • That’d be an interesting departure. Everything so far has been old stuff, which I appreciate, but I too would like to see Brett expand into areas he’s not master of. I don’t know how that’d translate – an episode where the host isn’t well-versed on the subject matter/music, but he’s done a few with Grimm or Henry leading (I listen to the Mother/Earthbound episode almost weekly), so it’s possible.

      • Outside of that 2011 wrap up, I haven’t kept up with modern stuff as much. Still hoping to get around to a late 2012, or at this point wait and do a 2012/2013 two-parter or something.

        However, I have SO MUCH more to cover from 2005 and under. 🙂

  17. I feel douchey that I listen every time and get annoyed when you don’t post weekly, but fail to comment or give any sort of feedback. I’ll try to correct that.

    Never played the Mario RPGs, and this episode didn’t grab me like some others. Still good music, and it’s a good reminder to play them on an emulator or something.

  18. Mitchell. wakachickawakachickawakachickawakachicka MITCHEL!

    Hot merging action!

    At speeds of up to 35 miles per hour!

    Hank, you deserve props for dropping that reference.

    …….Fun music on this one! I haven’t played a single one of these games, but the thing that surprised me is that up until the last few tracks, the music on all of them sounds like N64 music(which sounds like upgraded SNES music). Was that a conscious decision?

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