Apr 172013

Celebrating three Genesis soundtracks that are streets ahead.

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0:00:00 – Player Select (Streets of Rage)

0:08:59 – Fighting in the Street (Streets of Rage)

0:11:36 – Moon Beach (Streets of Rage)

0:14:23 – Stealthy Steps (Streets of Rage)

0:23:42 – Attack of the Barbarian (Streets of Rage)

0:26:35 – You Became the Bad Guy (Streets of Rage)

0:28:40 – Name Entry (Streets of Rage)

0:41:35 – Go Straight (SoR 2)

0:44:51 – Dreamer (SoR 2)

0:47:00 – Alien Power (SoR 2)

0:51:37 – Slow Moon (SoR 2)

0:54:00 – Back to the Industry (SoR 2)

0:55:08 – Expander (SoR 2)

1:06:03 – Fuze (SoR 3)

1:08:50 – Shinobi Reverse (SoR 3)

1:10:44 – Moon (SoR 3)

1:16:44 – Title Screen (Streets of Rage)

  24 Responses to “VGMpire Episode 45 – Beats of Rage”

  1. This might clue people into some of the music they’ve been hearing in the background of everything Chris does. I just heard SoR music yesterday in the Laser Time background.

    • i noticed that Laser Time and Cape Crisis will typically use the music of the most recent VGMpire being recorded.

  2. I think Streets of Rage is referenced in nearly every episode of VGMpire. It’s good to finally see what all the fuss was about. Also, a Vectorman episode would be freaking amazing.

    • oooh yeah. Good call with Vectorman. That’s got some great stuff in it. At least the first one. I never got around to playing 2.

  3. Ohhhh yeah! I really love the streets of rage music, specially the one from the second game which is the one I have played! Did so for the first time last year actually, and it was great, the music’s definitely up there with some of the greatest game OSTs ^^

  4. SoR 1 is in my top 5 fave soundtracks of all time! So perfect. 2 is great too. 3 def has it’s moments. I wish the CDs of theses soundtracks, esp Bare Knuckle from Alfa Records, Inc ‎– ALCA-181 weren’t so goddamn expensive to import!

  5. This episode absolutely rocks.

    Glad the trilogy was finally covered here. Like they mentioned in the show, Yuzo Koshiro played a set at MAGFest this year down in Washington DC, and it was incredible. I know that there are a few YouTuve cids of it, as I saw them a day or two after the show. Glad to see he’s still involved in the scene!

    He also created an XBLIG title, Protect Me Knight, a few years back and it received really good reviews.

    Final bit of knowledge: He created his own programming language just for the trilogy’s soundtrack!

  6. gosh… i’ve always felt bad because i never actually played streets of rage.
    i’m streets behind.

    i don’t think any of my friends ever did.
    but i somehow know the song Dreamer hm…


    that song “Fighting in the Street” sounded like “Pump up the Jam” a little bit at the bridge.
    it makes sense… it was insanely popular and only a few years after.

  7. Man this is great stuff. Only ever played Streets of Rage 2, but I really dig the music from the first one. Loved the tracks you played here. Also, Henry really whet my appetite for some Skies of Arcadia music by mentioning it while talking about that 7th Dragon game.

    Something interesting, the beginning of that “Dreamer” track from SoR 2 really reminds me of “Indignant Divinity” from the Tower of Heaven soundtrack. I’m not sure exactly why, but I definitely hear something similar.

    Great episode overall. I’ll definitely give this another listen in a few weeks.

  8. Sweet episode! Makes me feel really happy to have met Yuzo Koshiro.

    One of the previous comments mentioned Koshiro’s MAGfest performance back in January. Here’s the video recording I made. It was a very special night: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tn1I0TyoCIU&list=PL11LrFpnxlOAtyZpSjM-7Xsfdtm9CnVVy

    Streets of Rage is one of the few Genesis game series that makes me wish I grew up with the system. By far one of the best beat-em-ups out there that’s not named Double Dragon. I ought to give my Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection PS3 disc another whirl.

    And I didn’t really develop an appreciation for its music until recent years. I recall not being into the third game’s soundtrack but after listening to this episode I think I need to revisit it.

    “It was the hashtag yolo of its time.”

    Unrelated, but I just can’t get this awesome remix of Darkstalkers Resurrection’s “Vanity Paradise” (Hsien Ko’s theme) by Jake Kaufman out of my head: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gw0sSmIvYl0 . Gets substantial replays on my computer when I’m not listening to the Breath of Fire soundtracks (Happy 20th!).

    Oh and the Barkley Gaiden and Sunset Riders mentions made me smile. Those two need to be featured in separate podcasts. Another idea: Ghosts ‘n Goblins extravaganza. Love me some Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts & Demon’s Crest music.

    FINALLY, (love going on tangents) Grant Kirkhope posted Banjo Tooie’s digital soundtrack up on his Bandcamp today. It’s Name Your Price and lets you pick the file format/bitrate (V0 MP3 represent), so go grab it! http://grantkirkhope.bandcamp.com/album/banjo-tooie

  9. Absolutely looove me some Koshiro and especially the Streets of Rage soundtracks (and aispecially, especially the music from the first SoR). Bought volume 1 and 2 of Yuzo Koshiros Best Collection on cd two years ago or so and listen to them on a regular basis even though the only games represented on them that I’ve actually played are SoR 1 and 2.

    I also stumbled upon this track yesterday(isch), has a very SoR:y wibe to it. Apparenly the sounds used are supposed to be ripped from a genesis which is nice. 🙂

    (Love the show)

  10. yes, all I have to say is yes.

  11. Thanks for the amazing episode… was eagerly awaiting a SoR episode since it was referenced in early episodes of VGMpire. I downloaded this immediately and have listened to it 5 times through since. Instant favorite.

  12. Brett, you’re awesome and your show is greatly appreciated. I love everything you’ve done, but I need a Halo episode. I know you probably don’t even want to entertain the idea of that, but the music is really good.
    That being said, the beginning 5 seconds of Fuse is like a sped up version of Flutes of Ektanadu from Bionic Commando Rearmed 2. Simon Viklund getting some inspiration from SoR?

  13. Love it! SOR2 is the shit!

  14. Awesome, I’ve been looking forward to this episode for a while now! You’ve been dropping hints about how great you all think Streets of Rage, and the Actraiser episode showed me how great Koshiro is as a composer (I listen to the symphonic album all the time now). Guess I’ll be looking for more SoR music from now on.

    Could you guys do an episode of not bad Genesis stuff in the future? If anyone could find the diamonds among the pile of crap sound cards, it’s VGMpire.

  15. Never heard this soundtrack before (was a final fight guy). Way better, wish I would have played it more.

  16. Awesome episode. Love me some Streets of Rage. I actually managed to snag that Fan remake that was mentioned during the show, just before Sega Cease and Desisted them into taking it down. It was really nice, there were multiple paths through different levels that took you through stages from all three games, and you could choose from any of the characters from all three games. Also, you could just which style you wanted the gameplay to mimic from the three games.

    I know a Sunsoft games episode was mentioned a few shows back, any chance we’ll be hearing that one sometime soon? I just found my old copy of Batman and Gremlins 2 maaaan the music in those games were great.

  17. HA! Streets ahead! It’s verbal wildfire.

  18. Thanks for finally getting around to this series. Right up there with Castlevania as far as all time favorite series for music. I appreciate that you did not leave out 3, since it can be a little hard on the senses, but I have learned to really appreciate it after repeated listens.

  19. Regarding SOR’s influence on electronica, especially with SOR 3, the Wikipedia entries for the Streets of Rage mention specific composers that cite Koshiro and Rage as being influences on them and their music.

    I’m just sayin’.

  20. “The series’ soundtracks have influenced a range of chiptune, electronica, grime and dubstep musicians through to the present day, including artists such as Ikonika,[18][19][20] BT,[11] Labrinth,[20] Martyn, Joker, Darkstar,[19] Childish Gambino,[21] and Danger.[22]”

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