Jun 052013

Buckle up for this screeching tribute to Gates and Lords of Thunder, two guitar shredfests that many missed in their TurboDuo heyday.

Hold on to your butts

00:00 – Title Screen (Lords of Thunder)

10:21 – Item Shop (Lords of Thunder)

12:20 – Llamarada (Lords of Thunder)

16:46 – Auzal (Lords of Thunder)

22:49 – Cielom (Lords of Thunder)

26:28 – Bosque (Lords of Thunder)

34:41 – Introduction (Gates of Thunder)

37:34 – Mine (Gates of Thunder)

42:03 – Crown (Gates of Thunder)

46:32 – Crown Core (Gates of Thunder)

59:54 – Ending (Lords of Thunder)

  26 Responses to “VGMpire Episode 48 – A Sound of Thunder”

  1. Never heard of this game/series. I guess you learn something new every day.

    They say “don’t look a gift horse in the mouth”, but is semi-weekly really the best you can do, Brett? It’s only an hour, and from what I understand, the actual recording process is like 30 minutes in which you listen to the first 20 seconds of each track. I’d appreciate a ‘look behind the curtain’, if you will. I say this only because I love VGM as much as you do, and want more of it in my orifices (preferably the ears, but I’ll settle for whatever).

    • Each show takes 2-3 hours to prepare and stack. At least an hour to record. Two hours to edit. About 30 minutes to export file / upload to podcast server / make VGMpire post.

      Bi weekly is the best I can do. It’d be every week if I could physically manage it.

  2. This episode made me want to drive a motorcycle off of a cliff, into a spaceship, while slaying a dragon and making love to a princess, all the while listening to Symphony X.

  3. […] Buckle up for this screeching tribute to Gates and Lords of Thunder, two guitar shredfests that many missed in their TurboDuo heyday. LISTEN NOW! […]

  4. This should be good

  5. I recently reacquanited myself with Robo Aleste music on the Sega CD, and it’s a lot like this, metal stuff that I wouldn’t listen to a band play, but it’s cool in a game. The only TG16 game I had was Bonk, I never got the CD add-on, but I remember the TV ads for these games that I never got to play.

    VGEmpire recently got me to put all my Saturn, Dreamcast, and PS games into my computer to see what had redbook on it. I wish I had my Sega CD games with me, I used to make tapes from Robo Aleste, Wonder Dog, and Lunar, since my car only had a tape deck. Redbook audio was cool, since you could just listen without playing the game, but you lost the ability to loop endlessly, since it had to go back to the beginning of the track to start over.

  6. I always wanted to try out the Lords of Thunder games. But part of me is unsure about purchasing certain games from the original Wii Shop Channel anymore.

    Absolutely lovin’ the triplets in “Crown Core.” The guitarwork in some of those Lords of Thunder tracks remind me of the credits music to the 1990 version of Night of the Living Dead. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=XUAHH3Xo6x0#t=162s

    Regarding Blood Dragon’s soundtrack: the artist is indeed called Power Glove, but it’s not the Powerglove heavy metal band you may be thinking of.

    There’s a game metal cover band named “Lords of Thunder” that I was introduced to at MAGfest back in January. They did some awesome Doom, Guilty Gear, Killer Instinct and (obviously) Lords of Thunder covers. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kmGvqrFuEv8

    If you ever want to make an even MORE metal episode, do Guilty Gear X2, Hard Corps: Uprising and BlazBlue!

    In any case, see ya guys at E3! \m/

  7. Strange, my comment seems to have not posted. Anyway, despite never having heard of any of these games, I loved this episode. Keep up the good work Brett.

  8. Initially thought that Loaded/ReLoaded was best ‘game i’ve never heard of OH MY GOD!’ episode of the year, I think this one may have beaten it

  9. Skip? Never! Past episodes taught me that even if Brett picks some game I’ve never heard of, the music’s still gonna be good. Admittedly, I had to muscle through the wrestling episode, but there are many more hits than misses. I’ve never heard of Lords/Gates of Thunder, but once again – definitely worth listening to. I can appreciate a good shred-fest every now and then. Thanks for broadening our horizons, Brett.

  10. I need more of this Lords of Thunder soundtrack in my life.

    I would never skip an episode like this. I prefer the episodes featuring more obscure titles. Right now I feel VGMpire has a great balance of the classics and the less well known titles that deserve the attention.

  11. Eh, didn’t really think the tunes were that good, to be honest. Sure, loads of shredding guitars and bass, but the melodies felt generic and not that memorable.

    Definitely had to laugh when the curriculum of the band was read, and they claimed to “take advantage of the format, fill it to the brim with instrumental music years ahead of stuff like Guilty Gear” Yeah… no. Even though it’s true they brought instrumental music way before Guilty Gear, they are nowhere near the same level of quality.

    Speaking of which Brett, ever considered doing a Guilty Gear Episode? that series is a treasure chest of fantastic music.

  12. Great episode, love it when Brett introduces me to a franchise I had pretty much no idea existed.

  13. Awesome episode. We’ve all heard Zelda its this less recognized stuff that VGMp should exist for.
    Lords \m/ Gates ~~

  14. OH! that art from the cover of LoT, i would know that artist anywhere.
    Shirow Masamune.
    absolutely LOVED his work in the 90’s
    really great comics. so good.
    now… bleh. he lost it.

    but with that art, you have my attention good sir!

    • @Smars Ha! You beat me to it! I grew up loving his art. I remember the first time I saw the cover for this game in EGM, I was like, ALL KNIGHTS need to be drawn this WAAAAAYYYY! It’s only now that I recognize Shirow’s art. It was the fairies that tipped me off. I agree too, I’m not into his work too much these days. Meh. Well spotted sir!


    • Check out the work Masamune did for Etrnal City, awesome. It’s a big chunk of the first Intron Depot art book, but I remember playing the game when it was new, so cool! I even found myself a model kit of the main mecha suit, love it.

  15. Every other week is plenty, Brett. These podcasts obviously take a lot of work, you all have a busy work schedule, and I am amazed that Talkradar has turned in to 5 shows. Very grateful for the time you do have. Keep it up.

    Also, obligatory ‘I have never heard of these games’ sentence.

  16. I loved the PC Engine family of systems. It gained a special place in my heart when I won a TurboGrafX CD system at a touring promotional competition… the shmups were what really made the system shine. These are such great games, way to go on the love!

  17. Man, that episode RAWKED! THANKS BRETT!

  18. Never heard of this game series ever but your show is still ridiculously entertaining! Keep up the good work

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  20. You brought me joy on this one!
    Mr. Dandy is right, the turbo was the system for shmups. What astounds me is why nobody else here commented on you getting into Transformers the Movie. I rocked that ish so hard back in the day, and although I’m not so much into butt rock, the music for TFTM is the BEST. I’ve sampled the heck out of that movie. also reminds me of a classic rap song, “Murs rules the world”
    2 minutes 28 seconds:”I’ma dedicate this album to everyone who cried when they killed Optimus Prime”


  21. Hey Brett. Just making my way through the back catalog and finally got to this episode. Love the redbook audio shredding. “Crown Core” floored me, especially that notable riff. It was like if someone took the soundtracks from Rocky, Robocop, Terminator, and Castlevania combined to a ball of awesome notes.

  22. Just started listening to this podcast the a few weeks ago and holy hell did this episode surprise me. Thanks for showing me some awesome new tunes!

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