Jun 192013

Three long lost platformers get their due with this tribute to Sparkster and his trio of 16-bit gems.

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00:00 – Lakeside (Sparkster)

09:31 – Stage 2-1 (Rocket Knight Adventures)

11:18 – Stage 5-1 (Rocket Knight Adventures)

13:25 – Stage 5-2 (Rocket Knight Adventures)

16:44 – Boss Music (Rocket Knight Adventures)

28:13 – Stage 1-3 (RKA 2)

29:58 – Stage 2 (RKA 2)

31:52 – Stage 5 (RKA 2)

42:41 – Steel Works (Sparkster)

45:01 – Submarine (Sparkster)

47:30 – Shooting (Sparkster)

55:18 – Staff Roll (Rocket Knight Adventures)

  24 Responses to “VGMpire Episode 49 – Rockin Knight Adventures”

  1. I don’t know this game, but the music is pretty cool.

    Thanks Brett

  2. The thing I remember most from Rocket Knight was your reflection on the ground as you moved in one of the stages. It was cool back then.

    I can’t think of any episodes that I wasn’t aware of the games. It’s nice to hear old-timey game music, I never listen to the music on new games, since it’s just like movie and TV music now.

  3. While it’s nice to listen to an episode about a series that I love, it’s also great to discover the awesome music hiding in something I’ve never heard of. This is an example of somebody using the Genesis hardware right, instead of replicating the sound of robot cat sex.

  4. I’ve also never heard of this series, but some of my favorite VGMpires have been on games Ives never heard of (Ys), Cheers Brelston!!!

  5. Listening to this episode was the best time I’ve had since sneaking into that Slaughter show with Danny Tanner.

  6. I like these obscure game episodes. So much more interesting to hear stuff I didn’t know about. Loved it Brett. Hope you don’t run out of games because I love it. Remember, the wipeout series is always a good standby.

  7. i like the songs you picked from RKA, a bit different than the ones i am really attached to but still very cool.
    can’t wait for episode 50! WOO!
    VGMpire FO’ LIFE!

  8. Excellent as always 😀

  9. I had seen Rocket Knight plenty of times before, but never sat down to play it myself.

    Surprisingly a very good soundtrack! I like that these guys are branching out and covering some of the soundtracks I would never think to look into (like last week’s show).

  10. Apparently this game had a re-make on Steam 3 years ago too…

    Available for $15


  11. Amazing music in these games, very happy to hear that someone out there remembers it as it is one of the very few Genesis games I still have sitting in my house.

    Super happy as always to have a new VGMpire to listen to thanks for keeping up on these Brett, thoroughly looking forward to the alluded to games finally getting a few of these things devoted to them.

  12. I just heard there was less enthusiasm for this episode than others. Doesn’t everyone subscribe, and listen to all of them? Why would you decide you don’t want to listen to certain episodes? If you know it’s going to be music that sounds like video game music, instead of focusing on that symphonic nonsense, why on Earth wouldn’t you listen to every episode?

  13. Man, it’s been a long time since I’ve played Sparkster. I was only aware of the SNES game, I had no idea there were other games in the series.

    Good stuff as always, excited for Episode 50.

  14. Excellent Episode! I think I was just barely too old to be interested in these when they released, but that music is absolutely fantastic. Playing various takes on the “Sparkster” Theme was a a really cool touch, equally interesting from a technical and an artistic standpoint.

    I have no nostalgia for this series, but the music makes me wish I could find some *legit* way to play them now. Thanks for 49 incredible episodes!

  15. It wasn’t until a few years back that I heard about Rocket Knight, and although I’ve never finished a single one, I freaking love what I’ve played. After listening to “Lakeside” back in ’09 I just fell in love with it.

    I did a VGdrum cover of both the SNES and Genesis versions back-to-back. I’ll admit, I could’ve done a better job. Actually I kinda cringe at this video now (my timing and that out-of-tune floor tom) but dammit I absolutely love jamming to these tracks. There’s something about how triumphant the melody is, and the timpani drums at the end of each measure in the start of the SNES version are just so epic.


    “Something about that song, I wanna see Chow Yun Fat blowing on a clarinet.” Another Chris Antista podcast quote.

    Also, that marching drum in “Staff Roll” is much in line with the opening of the Indiana Jones theme.

  16. For episode 50 brelston should do a starfox tribute. *fingers crossed*

    Love the show, been listening since the beginning keep up the good work! 🙂

  17. Another game I’ve never played that has amazing music. Thanks Brett for all these great episodes.

  18. I remember how crazy it was to see the differences between the Gen and Snes games. Both had their merits. Love those games and love the show.

  19. Crazy how the Rocket Knight games have the who’s who of Konami composers. And it shows. Love the music & great episode.

    Also seriously, Brelston. You shouldn’t be to harsh on yourself. These are quite excellent episodes 🙂

  20. Rocket Knight Adventures is great. Sparkster is a ton of fun too. When I first played these games I didn’t really have an ear for the music. It didn’t seem like anything special, but now that I’m actually listening to the music and not focusing on the game itself, I really appreciate it. This is some great stuff. Another great episode. I always look forward to these!

  21. Wow, never played those games but the soundtracks sounded amazing. Talking about the dry cut boss fight music, now and days developers put in dynamic music so when a trigger or event takes place the combat music starts. I got this the other day running through the orc camp in Borderlands 2 in Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode and it was pretty intense (as these Orcs are not to be messed with lol).

  22. There was some kicking music in this game. See, that’s why I love VGmpire. I hear game music I would otherwise never have known about. Brett. you should know. No matter what you cover and do, no matter how unpopular you think it’ll be. I’ll be listening to it.

  23. Holy crap. How did I miss this series growing up? This seems exactly like something I totally would have loved, and the music is phenomenal. I was super disappointed to find out it’s not available on the Wii Virtual Console, because I would have immediately bought them after listening to this episode. Maybe they will come to the Wii U?

  24. Hey guys. Great episode that I only just now got around to listening to. I personally love the SNES -GENS/MD music comparisons, I find the differences and compromises interesting in and of themselves.
    Which is why I feel I have to correct your comparison here! Sorry! You compared the SNES music to the Sega level 1-1 and 1-3. However, that SNES track is directly covered with the Sega music of 1-2. It’s exactly the same composition 🙂

    Great show 😀

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