Jul 032013

An obscenely long sampler of the show up to this point. A perfect jumping on point or a great refresher for longtime listeners!

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0:07:10 – Inside the Whale (Super Adventure Island, Yuzo Koshiro)

0:09:57 – Control Center (GoldenEye 007, Norgate, Kirkhope, Beanland)

0:12:11 – Level 1-1 (Jumping Flash, Takeo Miratsu)

0:14:09 – Kraid’s Hideout (Metroid, Hirokazu “Hip” Tanaka)

0:15:46 – Vs Mode (Mean Bean Machine, Nagao, Tsukamoto)

0:22:09 – Victory Lap (Mario Kart 64, Kenta Nagata)

0:24:52 – Scrap Brain Zone (Sonic 1, Masato Nakamura)

0:26:17 – Dogfight (Ace Combat Assault Horizon, Kobayashi)

0:28:05 – Jake’s Theme (Advance Wars Dual Strike, Hirano)

0:29:48 – Egypt 2 (Tetris Plus)

0:37:54 – Release of the Far West Ocean (Ys VI, Sonoda, Ishibashi)

0:39:33 – Mountain (Jurassic Park, Dunn, Evans)

0:42:08 – Town Where the Bells Chime (Atelier Iris, Nakagawa, Tsuchiya)

0:43:50 – Battle (Etrian Odyssey III, Koshiro)

0:46:31 – Theme of Laura (Silent Hill 2, Akira Yamaoka)

0:54:12 – Robo Manus (Battletoads & Double Dragon, David Wise)

0:56:27 – Knight’s Guild (Wizards & Warriors III, Wise)

0:57:42 – Jin Kazama (Tekken 3, Sano, Keichi, Okabe)

1:01:13 – Onett (Earthbound, Suzuki, Tanaka)

1:03:43 – Battle 3 (Shining Force II, Takenouchi)

1:05:15 – The Scientists (Mass Effect 3, Hulick, Mansell, Lennertz)

1:08:01 – Song 10 (Spider-Man vs The Kingpin, Nilsen)

1:14:13 – CHAD’s Broken Wind (Super Meat Boy, Baranowsky)

1:17:59 – 9pm (Animal Crossing, Nagata)

1:19:45 – Bazlisk Mine Field (Ninja Gaiden, Keiji Yamagishi)

1:21:20 – Colony (Axelay, Kudou)

1:23:58 – Firelink Shrine (Dark Souls, Sakuraba)

1:31:21 – Wicked Child (Castlevania, Yamashita)

1:33:20 – Young Nobleman of Sadness (SOTN, Yamane)

1:37:24 – Sinking Old Sanctuary (Circle of the Moon, Tomija, Mitsuoka)

1:39:12 – Abandoned Castle (Curse of Darkness, Yamane, Watanabe)

1:49:04 – Volcanic Zone (Popful Mail, Ishikawa, Shirakawa, Matsuoka)

1:51:55 – Krystal’s Theme (Dark Wizard, Jun Senoue)

1:53:33 – Port Town (F-Zero, Yumiko Kanki)

1:54:34 – Humming the Baseline (Jet Grind Radio, Naganuma)

1:57:59 – Star Base (TMNT Hyperstone Heist, Hidenori Maezawa)

1:59:34 – Option Screen (Golf Power)

2:03:49 – Bloodpool (Actraiser, Yuzo Koshiro)

2:04:36 – Zora’s Domain (Ocarina of Time, Koji Kondo)

2:07:23 – Prison (Loaded, Neil Biggen, Pat Phelan)

2:10:51 – Wrestling (WCW, Kenji Yoshida)

2:12:36 – Beatnik on the Ship (Streets of Rage, Koshiro)

2:17:39 – Magical Sound Shower (OutRun, Hiroshi Kawagushi)

2:19:33 – Stickerbrush Symphony (DKC2, David Wise)

2:21:58 – Bosque (Lords of Thunder, Ts Music)

2:24:24 – Stage 1 (Sparkster, Uahara, Ikariko, Yamane, Yamaoka)

2:30:20 – Space Station (Turbo Turtle Adventures)

  42 Responses to “VGMpire Episode 50 – Best of the Best”

  1. Here’s to 50 more!…..oh, that was cliche.

  2. Happy fiftieth, and a belated thanks for the superlative Sparkster episode!

  3. Happy 50th Brelston!!!

  4. I don’t know how I feel about a recap episode – they’re rare enough as it is, and as someone who has listened to every one, I’d like new content ev-


  5. Hey, Congratulations for the 50th Episode! Awesome podcast!

  6. My personal favorite song from the past 50 was the title song from Ys 7. I always forget its name though. Can anyone suggest somewhere I could buy that song (or any Ys music)?

    Remembered the title! Innocent Primeval Breaker. I listen to it all day at least once per month.

  7. I was going to relisten to everything after this episode, but now I don’t have to.

    I probably will anyway. Thanks for fifty fantastic shows!

  8. Thanks Brett! This wild mine cart ride of a show is still as fun as it was 49 episodes ago!

  9. I like this idea, a great way to listen to all the greatest parts of the episodes I skipped. Also, I dig how long this episode is.

  10. Happy 50th anniversary!!! ^^

    And seriously, a big THANK YOU to Brett for creating and sticking with this show. Been listening pretty much since the 4th episode, and even though there’s plenty of music that I haven’t necesarily liked. There’s a LOT of cool tunes that i’ve discovered trough here that otherwise I’d never would have, as well as reliving memoeries listening to favorite sons that I hadn’t heard for a while.

    I say all this, because I know that this is pretty much Brett’s efforts, and I want him to know that even if sometimes I forget or failed to comment in every single episode. I have listened to EVERY single episode so far, sometimesi’ve listened a couple of them SEVERAL times. (on lopp, even.) So i just want you to know Brett that your work seriously is always appreciated (:

    So keep up the great work! and also thanks to all that have helped or supported him regularily in the show, like Chris, Henry and Mike Grimm ^^

  11. super good episode.
    i’m glad you guys recorded new audio segments to go in between versus you just playing your fav bestest favs back to back to back to back.
    congrats on 50 soooopa awesome episodes!

  12. Congratulations!, this podcast it’s the only one I keep after listening, Congrats Brett and company.

  13. I couldn’t think of much to say at the time, but this show deserves a few more words of gratitude from me.

    I’ve been a fan since episode 1, which I just checked out again cause you gotta love Tim Follin. that Treasure Master theme gets stuck in my head all the time. going back I thought what I would get was a bare bones representation of the show we know today, but to my surprise this podcast was built solid right from the start.

    almost 2 years later, a lot of things in my life have changed, but this excellent show hasn’t. I can’t thank you enough for the hours and hours of entertainment. more than most podcasts, this one really helps me get through the dull night shift. I’ve come to love David Wise even more, learned about great music from games I would never think to play, and even though I’ve always loved and defended VGM, your show has given me an even stronger respect for the genre and it’s composers.

    was that too much praise? I’ll balance it out with a request. Sunsoft 2 part episode. you’ve got Journey to Silius, Batman, Wings of Madoola, Gremlins 2 and the awesome Gimmick soundtrack.

    really great work Brett.

    keep up the great work. best VGM showcase I’ve ever heard.

  14. Congratulations, Bret!

    VGMpire is very special to me since no one else in my group of friends loved game music before the PS2 era. This podcast makes that love feel very justified.

    Thank you and everyone that has contributed to these 50 episodes and I hope for many, many more to come.

  15. Great job Brelston. Hope there are many more to come

  16. Great roundup guys! Like crate said, VGMpire aids in making my love of videogame music feel that much more justified. I have to thank you guys for inspiring me and introducing me to game music I never would’ve discovered otherwise, particularly Axelay (I want to do a drum cover of “Unkai” SO badly…I’ve been jamming to it, it’s so fun to drum to) and the Sega CD stuff. The podcast has also reintroduced to tunes that I recall, but didn’t originally appreciate as much, like “Cross a Fear” from Rondo of Blood.

    I only wish you could incorporate Capcom music…although I understand the reasoning behind not doing so.

    I’ve been pondering the best battle themes of all time myself, and while “Blinded by Light” is definitely up there, I think I have to give it to Grandia II’s “FIGHT!! Version 1.” It’s like if Joe Satriani decided to join aha. It’s the perfect example of a battle system and theme so good that you deliberately want to enter every enemy encounter just to experience it.

    And then there’s Skies of Arcadia’s battle theme, gosh darnit so many good ones. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=an3P8otlD2A

    Anyway, yes, thanks! Looking forward to many more posts that I can embed essay-long comments into.

  17. Been there from the beginning, and this podcast has definitely opened my ears to some of the wonderful music that video games have to offer. I’ve even done a sort of ‘game music of the week’ kinda write up, and I never would have had the drive if it weren’t for the ernest love of game music that Brett belts out. LOVE THE SHOW!

  18. This episode was AWESOME. I missed a few episodes at the beginning an this really helped me catch up and learn about some new tracks.

    Excellent work guys! Keep on keepin’ on!

  19. Theme of Laura and Magical Sound Shower on the same episode? Hell yes!

    Happy 50th episode Brett, Keep up the awesome work!

  20. Congrats. Here’s to 50 no 500 no 500000000000000000 more episodes 🙂

  21. Lets pretend this episode is a birthday episode. Lets also pretend Duke Lombardi sings this song –

  22. Great episode as always! I sent this episode to a few of my friends at work and they seemed to enjoy it. Maybe I’ll be able to recruit a few more listeners for this quality show. I loved all the songs you picked in this episode. There were a few songs that I didn’t remember hearing or liking before – like the spiderman and tetris songs. I guess that when I first listened to them, they were sandwiched between some songs that I didn’t like as much, so I didn’t appreciate them. But hearing them now, I loved ’em!

    You guys seem to find a way to talk about the Genesis sound chip in almost every episode. I love it.

  23. This is the podcast that turned me onto the Lasertime podcast. Keep makin ’em.

    • Also, that Popful Mail song is a BANGER. I never grew up with the Sega CD (we were a Nintendo household) so I didn’t know that game existed. It’s seriously the best music I’ve heard on that platform.

  24. Good shit man. Been a listener since day 1 and this show brought me back…kind of in multiple ways? Congrats.

  25. Now that’s a good chunk of show. I can’t even remember how I stumbled across the podcast anymore, but I’m glad for it. There’s nothing I look forward to more every other Wednesday than listening and learning about music from some games I love and a lot of games past that I was way too young/not alive yet to appreciate. Here’s to you guys. Thanks for 50 episodes, VGMpire!

  26. Great ep, happy 50th!

  27. Thanks Brelston. This was a true tribute to all the great music you’ve hosted. Keep em coming (C&C Commando).

  28. Nice recap episode. Kept me listening a few days at work and in the car. Going forward there seems to be a huge supply of music left. Personally I would love a Technosoft episode, and a Sencer Neilsen episode would be cool just so you could get some Ecco music on there. (I know it puts you to sleep but it so fits the game and good chill music.) I haven’t seen you do it as much lately but I also like when you throw and OC remix track or arranged track in the mix. Keep up the great show.

  29. My first listen. Very good stuff! It was highly recommended to me by someone in the industry.

  30. Just finished listening to 50. I do so enjoy your show. I mentioned before that although I have a vague notion of what comes out these days, I haven’t played new games since about 2002(iOS titles notwithstanding).

    That is significant because you played Super Meat Boy here and I LOVE it. I will listen to it more. Thank you.

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