Aug 192013

Every single time I see that classic Capcom logo and its accompanying jingle (you know the one), I instinctively input a code from the Street Fighter II SNES port. At the time, it was DOWN R UP L Y B, and I put that code in countless times from August 1992 to July 1993. A year of that has burned it into my brain so much that when DuckTales Remastered first booted up, I had to try. And would you look at that, WayForward made it so that code unlocks the NES game’s original 8-bit soundtrack.

If you want to experience the game unaltered, you can unlock the 8-bit OST by beating the game fair and square. I’d actually recommend that, as Jake “VGMpire Episode 17” Kaufman’s new Remastered score is extremely good and worth hearing.

(So, on PS3 that’d be DOWN R1 UP L1 SQUARE X)

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    that is all.

    • no… no…
      let me make a real comment.
      a lot of people are giving this game an unnecessary amount of crap.
      i loved it.
      we haven’t had a Ducktales episode or game in over 20 years and with the way that this was so beautifully illustrated and animated, this is a very welcomed addition to the adventures of those guys.
      especially since they got the voice cast back.
      it maybe sounds bad to say, but this is probably the last time we’ll hear uncle scrooge.
      and i’m happy this was done when i think of that.

      saw you and chris’ names in the credits btw brett

  2. I agree. Great game.

    Played it last weekend and my wife was watching me play. It brought us back to our childhood. The art style was amazing also.

    Go get it now if you haven’t yet.

  3. yeah, got kinda so-so reviews but i honestly love it. It’s not the same as the game I played when I was a kid but I’m also not a kid anymore and the memory i have of the original is constantly being brought back now. I think having the memories come back is worth getting the game regardless of how good it is.

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