Aug 212013

One of my personal favorite OSTs is 10 years old this month, and the time to celebrate is NOW.

Forever he will be my hero

0:00:00 – Pico

0:11:21 – Kate Allen

0:12:46 – Mighty Gazelle

0:14:07 – Michael Cain

0:23:21 – Black Shadow

0:25:11 – Dr Stewart

0:27:16 – Mr EAD

0:34:57 – Mrs Arrow

0:36:54 – Jack Levin

0:38:44 – Super Arrow

0:40:23 – Digi Boy

0:42:54 – James McCloud

0:46:21 – PJ

0:47:51 – Jody Summer

0:49:08 – Bio Rex

1:01:11 – Big Blue

1:03:30 – Fire Field

1:05:08 – Lightning

1:11:44 – Red Canyon

1:13:21 – Cosmo Terminal

1:20:52 – Captain Falcon

  23 Responses to “VGMpire Episode 51 – F-Zero GX”

  1. First time I played an F-Zero game was this year on a SNES emulator. Yup.

    Forever VGMpire will be my hero.

    And yes, Brett, episode 20 is still the best.

  2. S C R E A M I N G ! ! !!!


  3. Awesome music from a really fun game. I am glad you went through this game it is criminally underrating and truly annoying that another F-Zero game like this has come out since. Thankfully, I was not driving while listening to this or I would have wrecked my car by going 200mph.

  4. VGMpire back AND its an F-Zero GX episode? Double the awesome. Keep it up Mr Elston!

  5. OH. MY. GOD. I have been waiting on this episode forever, Tomorrow is going to be the absolute best day at work ever, and i bet i get like 8 speeding tickets, awesomeness. THANK YOU BRETT!!!

  6. Great game to come back in on.

  7. YAY VGMPIRE RETURNS!!! Looking forward to listening to this on a lazy afternoon 🙂

  8. Whew. I feel like I need a glass of water after this episode. Intense. And Brett, you know why this game feels so much cooler than most Nintendo games?

    because sega does what ninten-don’t

  9. Forever Brett will be MY hero….

    Thank you for this, Mr. Elston!

  10. VGMpire is my favorite show on the Lasertime network. Please keep up the good work.

  11. Thanks for delivering on your promise, been waiting for this!

  12. Gonna find a car and play this one loud. Thanks Brett!

  13. Glad the podcast is finally back!

    Love F-Zero GX. I feel like I haven’t had enough of that game, especially with its multiplayer. I miss the times when I could actually organize some 4-player split screen races. Good times! Wish my GX save file wasn’t wiped out by a glitch with my 1019-block GCN card though 🙁

    And while the music undoubtedly rocks, I have to say that I’m still partial to the original’s and F-Zero X’s tracks. I must admit that I never gave the character themes a chance because I heard one and automatically assumed the rest were super corny. Boy was I wrong! There’s some badass stuff here.

    Some of my favorite tracks would have to be “For the Glory (Mute City),” “Zen (Aeropolis…what a level!),”Osc-Sync Carnival (Lightning),” and “Infinite Blue (Big Blue).”

    Pretty delighted to hear some talk about Rob Halford & Judas Priest, they’re easily one of my top metal bands, next to Iron Maiden and Dream Theater. \m/

    My guess for Rocktober: Final Fantasy (easy enough, right?). Might I suggest doing some Mana music (FF Adventure/Sword of Mana, Secret of Mana, Seiken Densetsu 3, Legend of Mana, etc.) for SoM’s 20th anniversary? There’s a ridiculously awesome 3-disc fan music project coming out next month dedicated to the game’s music. Check it out:

  14. As always, the hard work put into this excellent show is appreciated. I’ve never been a huge F-Zero fan, but the way you talk up GX really makes me want to play it. Perhaps if they come out with F-Zero Wii U.

  15. Man that was a fun drive to the pizza place and back. 😛 I never got to play F-Zero in its prime (3D HD graphics era) but I did play Maximum Velocity (only one I got my hands on for my GBA) and F-Zero on my PC’s emulator so yeah you bet I’d love an up to speed, sorry had to do it, modern title. When you guys were talking about the Mario Kart part, yeah I love Mario Kart but I’ve grown up and played many skill based racers so that design balance infuriates me too.


  17. Now all top 40 pop radio sounds like F-Zero Character music… thanks a lot Brett…

    But seriously, love the show! Keep up the good work! I really appreciate it

  18. Just want to say just discovered your podcast through retronauts and omg you guys rock! This is exactly the podcast I’ve been looking for. And this FZero music is insane and I just bought GX on amazon and can’t wait to play it. Keep up the great work!

  19. After I heard you mention a podcast episode all about F-Zero GX music on Retronauts I knew I had to check it out. Great podcast, you’ve earned a new fan! Now to start on the VGMpire backlog.

  20. Hey, just wanted to say thanks so much for doing VGMpire and this podcast in particular! I remember F-Zero GX coming out, but I never really played it much and thus never heard the music. This is crazy good stuff. Also, this podcast really helps pass the time at work. Keep up the awesome work! 😀

  21. Wow, this episode makes me want to hunt down a copy of GX….even though I am super terrible at that game. I really did just instantly feel like giving it another shot.

    A few of these tracks are in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, too, and I know the from that, but the whole fact that every pilot gets a full theme is really cool and impressive. And there are some really fun ones!

    Your love for this soundtrack really showed in this episode. Thank you for sharing.

  22. This is my favorite episode! I love, LOVE the GX soundtrack and the game is of course a masterpiece that I’m still trying to master to this day. I would have loved if there was a cheat to play a pilot’s profile music during gameplay. Thank you for this episode and the wonderful podcast which I continue to enjoy.

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