Sep 132013


Need even more VGM in your life? If OCR and World 1-2 aren’t enough, point your internet clicking device toward MeowMeow & BowWow, a seven-track salute to Link’s Awakening.

We briefly touched upon LA in the Hyrule Hits episode, namely Tal Tal Heights… which just so happens to be one of the tracks on this album!

  3 Responses to “Check out MeowMeow & BowWow, a Link’s Awakening tribute album”

  1. Wooow, thanks for finding this. Link’s Awakening was my first and this sends me back, waaaay back.

  2. AW YISS

    i was just listening to the LA soundtrack the other day. it was more generally listenable than i remembered

  3. Love this album.

    In fact, most of the stuff on DJ Cutman’s label is great.

    Definitely check out Benjamin Briggs and Joshua Morse (who also appear on his label) as well.

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