Nov 192013


We rock out to this shamelessly 90s soundtrack, then talk with Maximilian about combos and the KI Feeling

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0:00:00 – Main Theme (KI3)

0:12:45 – Trailblazer (Killer Cuts)

0:14:32 – Controlling Transmission (Killer Cuts)

0:18:26 – The Way U Move (Killer Cuts)

0:27:43 – Tooth and Claw (Killer Cuts)

0:30:47 – It’s a Jungle (Killer Cuts)

0:35:57 – Full-bore (Killer Cuts)

0:39:06 – Let’s Do It Now (Killer Cuts)

0:43:01 – KI Feeling (Killer Cuts)

0:58:28 – Orchid (KI Gold)

1:01:00 – Gargos (KI Gold)

1:09:56 – Jago (KI Gold)

1:12:14 – Glacius (KI Gold)

1:13:59 – TJ Combo (KI Gold)

1:17:30 – The Instinct (Killer Cuts)

  21 Responses to “VGMpire Episode 58 – The Killer Groove”

  1. Ohhh yeah! Been looking forward to this one! I was one of those kids who was exposed to the Killer cuts album as a kid, and unironically loved many of the songs there, so this will definitely be one heck of a nostalgia trip XD

  2. yes!
    didn’t see this one coming. that theme song from killer cuts is so awesome. you could easily swap it out for any 80’s sci if action title credits theme. looking forward to this episode quite a bit. thanks Brett!

  3. this is probably the only opportunity I’ll get to tell this story.

    I got the game with the Killer Cuts cd, played the hell out of it. I was one of those kids who was just as into KI as I was Mortal Kombt or Street Fighter. so I’d be listening to this soundtrack all the time, all the while confusing the name of the albums. the way the letter are positioned it looked like it was called Killer Clits. me being a dumb shit 11 year old, unannounced I walk up to my
    mom and ask “Hey mom, what’s a clit?”.

    • Fantastic story. I bet that made your parents want to keep buying you video games. Look at all the interesting things you’re learning from them!

      • well needless to salat I didn’t find out what a clit what just yet, but she did correct my interpretation of the title. haha

        I’m on my 2nd listen of this episode. call it nostalgia, but I think I unapologetically love these tracks.

  4. I was never really much of a KI fan, but I do remember it standing out quite a bit in the arcades on Long Island.

    Hearing all of that “Ultra 64” talk brought me back though — damn, I remember when this was all happening.

    Great episode, and a nice change of pace to have someone who worked on the project call in.


    I loved it back when I was fourteen. I haven’t heard it in years but I still friggin’ love that song. It’s sOoo (ugh… for a lack of a better term) epic! Every time I hear that song, I don’t picture the scary bats + fireplace Sabrewulf stage but instead picture an incredible swashbuckling adventure of a huge naval war between pirates and lords. If not for the cheesy Spinal laugh and Werewolf howl, it would totally fit. Sigh… such a good song!

  6. Great episode. I was blasting the killer cuts at the school I work at today during my break and the receptionist Saori asked what the music was and it was a long explanation about KI and the music lol

  7. Hi Tek 3 knows what’s up
    They’re hippin’ the house so turn it up, come on
    All you long for rapped up in one pack, when it stops you’re gonna put it back
    On this trip I’m your hostess providin’ anything you request
    Startin’ from your hair to your toenails, I know how to treat a guest
    Take it from me, it’s a must, come to the kid so I can bust this
    Like it should be done, Ya Kid K. is the one

  8. I got fucking chills (pardon the pun) when I listened to Controlling Transmission in this episode. It’s been such a long time since I had heard that song, but I remember loving it so damn much back when i was a kid. More than any other song played in the episode, that one was the one that made the nostalgia rush in full force… Ah, dem days of being too young to know any better and having nothing to worry about but playing games and getting bored a few hours a day in school.

    Also, weirdly enough, even though I also played KI Gold, I remember essentially NOTHING about the songs… they are still good though!

    lastly, I don’t care the reputation KI might have, but that last song, “The Instinct” Is fucking legit.

  9. Never played KI but the ending theme was pretty cool. Also more Max in future episodes please!
    Are you going to do a Game Music of the Year episode in December?

    • I happily support another Best of 20XX episode. I’ve gone back to the 2011 episode a couple times. I remember at the time wondering why no mention of Skyrim, but maybe it was too obvious?

  10. You just made my Friday worth while. I loved this soundtrack so damn much.

  11. Woah!
    that is some reeeeeally 90s music. it always bothers me how awkward that stuff is now, it was great back then… but it’s so hard to listen to now. haha.
    still I love it tho. and great guest, that was pretty unexpected.

  12. Brett, I just wanted to say THANK YOU!

  13. Maybe it’s because I played KI (and listened to Killer Cuts) when I was nine or ten, but I never got any of the sexual undertones of The Way U Move – I heard “touch me” and “feel me” (though I thought it was “fill me”), I just never made any connection, even years later, by which I mean up to present day. It also may be that I rarely listen to the lyrics of songs; I mainly listen for the music itself.

  14. Loved this episode. I’m one of the older listeners to this show, and I’ve been a fan of KI since the beginning. I have the Super NES and N64 carts, as well as the Killer Kuts CD, and I was singing along to every track played on this episode. It was awesome. Thanks for the great show!

  15. So many great memories with Killer Instinct. I remember how cool it was to get a little teaser at the end of that Donkey Kong Country VHS where the camera crew busts in on the folks at Nintendo playing Killer Instinct on the SNES before it was announced, haha.

    It’s not the best fighter out there, but it had a cool edge to it, and the nostalgia’s strong with this one. I really need to get ahold of Killer Cuts, surprised I never had it.

    There are few things more badass than Killer Instinct’s theme song. I heard this one videogame music cover band called “Lords of Thunder” do a pretty great cover of it at MAGfest last January.

    Also “Trailerblazer” is really damn metal. Love it.

  16. Great episode as always Brett!
    You probably get this a lot, but you did a great job on the MM25 album!
    I’ve been listening to it nonstop, so thanks a lot awesome job!

  17. Mostly love your podcast, but can one of the kickstarter stretch goals be to not talk over the beginning of tracks. C’MON!! 😉

  18. I keep imagining Brett screaming at the KI reveal at E3 in the same way he impersonated his friend screamed about the first TMNT arcade game.


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