Dec 112013


Barely a month after the X and Y soundtracks appeared on iTunes, we now have nearly 100 songs from the FireRed and LeafGreen Super Music Collection!

Head on over to iTunes for the full track listing and samples. Like I said when X/Y tracks appeared on iTunes, this is a very cool thing and as VGM fans / supporters we should send a message that we like this, and we want even more. Like say the Diamond/Pearl music, or even official Zelda tracks etc etc.

HOWEVER, another option is to import fancy physical versions of these digital albums, which I did with X and Y. It’s butt-ass expensive, but when the music is this good, it’s worth owning furrrrrealz.

  One Response to “Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen OSTs now on iTunes”

  1. Ooooh! pretty cool! Not entirely sure about the remixes yet, need to listen to them more, but it’s definitely cool that these albums are being made available like this 😀

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