Apr 212014


Look, you love Steam sales and getting lots of good stuff for cheap, right? Then point your Amazon, PayPal or whatever account over to Loudr and the Game Music Bundle and get an OBSCENE amount of amazing VGM for practically nothing.

For ONE INSULTING DOLLAR you get full OSTs for Luftrausers, The Banner Saga, Device 6, Broken Age: Act 1 and The Floor is Jelly. But for $10 you get another 14 hours of music, including the GODAMNNNN excellent Escape Goat 2 OST. Frankly if you’re still reading this and haven’t bought the bundle I think we should talk about your commitment to game music.

In other news, just browse around Loudr, I’m sure you’ll find many cool things.

  5 Responses to “Game Music Bundle 7 gives you an insane amount of VGM for cheap so buy it already”

  1. FIRS-*gets shot*

    I grabbed this primarily for the Luftrausers OST but I’m pretty stoked about Transfiguration, Starbound, The Banner Saga and Broken Age’s music.

  2. Just bought it. Thank you for the heads up!

  3. I can’t believe how good this all is! I’ve only given each album a precursory scan but it’s all amazing. I knew and loved Austin Wintory’s work in Journey, but his work here on Banner Saga, Soul Fjord(kudos on the funk!), and Transfiguration(reminiscent here of Erik Satie) is every bit as good. I won’t waste time commenting on the rest of it now, but it’s all superlative. All of it.

    Thanks again for the heads up!

  4. All great and cheap. Thanks for the info!

  5. Okay Elston,
    More thanks are in order. I gotta point out that the soundtrack to Winnose has two standout tracks; the first one, “Birdsong” is a bittersweet little ditty about a bird that is well taken care of, but since he’s caged, he’s never known what it’s like to fly.

    The second, Half of My Love (feat. COR!S), is one of those classic Japanese/English language girl songs that seems to be played at about 1.5x speed. It’s of course unbelievably cute and happy, and it’s got my kids to finally stop asking me to play “Let it Go” from Frozen every time they get in the car. For that, good sir, you have my gratitude.

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