Jun 042014


Another look at amazing OSTs from the indie space, including Escape Goat, Bastion and Luftrausers.

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0:00:00 – Entryway (Escape Goat)

0:07:29 – Wishes and Truth (Escape Goat)

0:09:56 – Restoration (Escape Goat 2)

0:15:49 – Hydrogen (Hotline Miami)

0:17:34 – Knock Knock (Hotline Miami)

0:24:53 – Main Theme (Luftrausers)

0:29:08 – Trickrauser (Luftrausers)

0:35:20 – Cowboy in the Streets (Gunman Clive)

0:37:32 – Desert (Gunman Clive)

0:43:13 – Long Journey Home (Kentucky Route Zero Act II)

0:45:14 – Ghosts in the Static (Kentucky Route Zero Act II)

0:50:44 – Riffatoskr (Soul Fjord)

0:52:28 – Hammerhead Shark Head Hammer (Soul Fjord)

0:57:08 – Spike in a Rail (Bastion)

1:00:02 – Faith of Jevel (Bastion)

1:05:07 – Setting Sail, Coming Home (Bastion)

  23 Responses to “VGMpire Episode 70 – Indie Game Music Showcase 2”

  1. Love love love Escape Goat, Hotline Miami, and Bastion soundtracks. I’ll have to check out the others.

  2. Oh yeah! Been waiting for another VGMpire! and super glad there’s more indie music to listen to!

  3. Not on iTunes yet. But that indie bundle I picked up has got me Jonesing for some more great music(I’m still not through all the albums). I mentioned this elsewhere, but the super-cute JPOP track “Half Of My Love(feat. COR!S) from the album Winnose: Original Soundtrack is the most requested song when my kids get in the car. And thank God, because I’m 300% over my natural tolerance for “Let it Go”.

  4. damn… it feels like just a while ago i was listening to the first indie music episode.. has it been that long? keep up the good work man!

  5. Ghosts in the Static is from Act I of Kentucky Route Zero.

    Lots of great choices here, nice job as usual, guys.

  6. I’m really enjoying the current indie game Renaissance, especially the music. I should probably get around to playing Kentucky Route Zero, soon, I suppose.

  7. Awesome, a new Indie Showcase! It’s been so long since the last one you have Bastion on here? Damn.

    One thing I like about this episode structure is that, for some games that don’t have a lot of music or a lot of good music, they can be featured without making them the center. I have a few tracks I’d like to hear, but I can’t think of a way to incorporate it into an episode.

    Another thing, I like the mix here. The last showcase, I had already played all of the games and was familiar with the music. This time around, I’ve heard of all of these games but played maybe half. That way, it’s a surprise episode that has new material along with some of my favorites, most notably Hydrogen. Dat bass.

    PS I don’t think recording 1 hour a week is too much to ask??? Just sayin’…

    • I would also like to hear VGMpire more often, but I’m damn happy with biweekly. The podcast is a free, frequent labor of love that Elston does because he loves game music. I couldn’t ask for more than that. Color me grateful.

  8. I love these compilation eps where we get a nice platter of music. That Gunman Clive was so good.

  9. I love the Hotline Miami soundtrack so much. I’ve got Knock Knock as my
    morning alarm noise. looking forward to hearing the rest of these.

  10. Great episode. I really liked the Luftrauser songs you played so that gives me another soundtrack to check out. I played Bastion a year or two ago and thought it was really cool. I’ve listened to that soundtrack several times on bandcamp. It’s all great stuff. Loved the songs you chose for this episode, especially the ending theme.

    I remember I wasn’t super excited about indie games when they first started cropping up. I didn’t have any particular hankering to go back to my genesis-era simple platformers and such. But lately, I’ve beeen playing a pretty fair number of them. It seems like most of the bigger-budget games coming out nowadays aren’t the types of games I prefer, so I’m mostly playing old PS2 JRPGs and Indies. A few that I’ve played recently are Dust and Elysian Tail, Valdis Story: Abyssal City, and Transistor. All great.

    I’d especially recommend Valdis Story for both its gameplay and soundtrack. It’s a great little Metroidvania game with more than one playable character and a really good RPG-ish soundtrack. It hasn’t gotten the press coverage of something like Transistor, but if you like Metroidvania games, it’s fantastic.

  11. Great episode. Always love me some VGMpire.

    The Escape Goat stuff didn’t really do it for me, but it did remind me of how much I like the Popful Mail soundtrack. I grew up on Nintendo so I never had Genesis or SEGA CD and frankly I kinda hate the crunchy-midi feel of Genesis/SEGA CD music. The first time I heard Popful Mail was on this show and I was infatuated at first-listen. The fact that it stands out despite the system console origin is proof the music stands on its own without the aid of nostalgia.

  12. Regarding Scapegoat, I think Ian Stocker was being a bit modest. Trackers like Renoise do impart a certain style(in this case, using similar synths, samples and effects as early 90’s Japanese composers). But as for the composition of the songs, he NAILED the typically Japanese compositional style: Melody-based song progression, as opposed to layering rythym and/or bass patterns. Transitioning arrangement with each musical phrase, instead of rarely or not at all. Melodies that tended to reside an octave above western compositions, using those classic J-pop bright synths and pads. It made me want to seek out and watch Vampire Princess Miyu or Mermaid’s Scar or Totoro, and yes, play a little Lunar or Y’s Book 1 and 2.

  13. Brett, I had to find out how to spell “Luftrausers” because every time you guys say it on the show, it sounds like “LOVE TROUSERS”. 🙂 Dammit I gotta get me a pair of those.

  14. Hey, have any of you guys/gals played the indie game Sword and Sworcery? It was one of the first iOS games I played(now on Android and Steam). The game is amazing and everyone here should give it a try. I mention it here because the soundtrack is part of the game’s brilliance. Listen Here: http://jimguthrie.bandcamp.com/album/sword-sworcery-lp-the-ballad-of-the-space-babies

    • I agree 100% I love the soundtrack I got it with a humble bundle and listen to it more than I’ve played the game

  15. Thanks for the great episode!! As always thanks for putting this together! Indie games are starting to be some of the only games I get around to playing and grab my attention. Lots of cool music and lots of new games I want to look into!

  16. man has it really been that long since the last indie episode? A lot of these are games that I haven’t had the chance to touch so I’m pretty excited to see what kind of music they hold. Also I’m gonna nominate Transistors Soundtrack for whenever the third indie episode is. I’m addicted to that soundtrack currently.

  17. I see that some of these are from the Game Music Bundle 7, which I’m still in the process of organizing in iTunes 😛

    Kentucky Route Zero’s music blew me away! I always kept hearing about this game and never thought about it…listening to the music I now know that I HAVE to play it. I legitimately got shivers from listening to “Ghosts in the Static,” it was creepily beautiful. Almost like some weird combination of Fez and Earthbound.

  18. Great episode, guys. I was glad to hear Bastion in an Indie Games Round-Up. You mentioned Akira Yamaoka in relation to Bastion, and I found an odd connection between the two. I happened to play Shadows of the Damned shortly after Bastion, and there is a song between the two games that is pretty damn similar. The boss fight music for Justine in Shadows of the Damned (the side-scrolling shooter levels) and Percy’s Escape from the Bastion ST are rather close to one another. Have a listen:

    Justine Boss Fight (listen behind the game SFX): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jc0_ix_ZCgA

    Percy’s Escape: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1QaGGSiA3yI&feature=kp

    I reached out to Darren Korb some time ago about this, and he figures that the composer for Shadows of the Damned and he accessed the same sample library. Still an interesting correlation, eh?

  19. this ep made me but both Escape Goat 1&2 and Gunman Clive soundtracks. and probably the rest later on. excellent episode

  20. Thanks for this episode brotha, doing some cardio while listening to this episode really help me finnish my circuit.

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