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From DDR to Beatmania to Guitar Freaks and more, we sift through hundreds of BPMs to find the top Bemani tracks.

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0:00:00 – Butterfly (smile dk)

0:13:11 – Paranoia Rebirth (190)

0:14:50 – Hysteria (Naoki 190)

0:16:25 – Wild Rush (123)

0:23:31 – In the Navy (Captain Jack)

0:25:08 – Grandale Remix (Captain Jack)

0:26:37 – Yours to Command (Rupesh Cartel)

0:37:32 – Potpourri D/marmalade (Orange Lounge)

0:41:48 – Icicles (Jimmy Weckl)

0:43:46 – Funky Sonic World (DesROW feat SHIGE)

0:52:44 – Dragon Blade (Kozo Nakamura)

0:54:40 – Deep Clear Eyes (Quadra)

1:00:42 – Classic Party (Hideyuki Ono)

1:08:21 – Around the World (Aqua)

  21 Responses to “VGMpire 73 – DDRchive”

  1. Have you guys done a bust a groove episode yet??????


    Otherwise, awesome podcast.

  2. I’ve always preferred the “pump it up” series over DDR, but this might be worth a listen regardless!

  3. Surprisingly interesting range of music from a series I have never played before… Crazy stuffs

    Could you guys share the YouTube playlist you were talking about at the end of the episode?

    Keep up the good work! Thanks thanks thanks

  4. A little disappointed no Scotty D “drop the bomb” made it in, but I am STILL looking forward to this show 🙂

  5. BRELSTON, another enjoyable episode. If I were Antista, I’d be self-conscious about getting down to “In the Navy” as well. Might as well put the zipper on the back of the bellbottoms. Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

    The first set had me jonesing for a Ridge Racer episode. Rage Racer in particular had one of the most amazing soundtracks; it was the driving companion to Tekken 3. I can feel the sensation of speed as I remember cruising up the hills and through tunnels whilst listening to sick-ass jungle tracks. Hitting cars in behind-the-car mode felt and sounded exactly like hitting a balloon, but in the cockpit view, the game was top-notch.

    Anyway, yeah DDR, great and all that. It makes me miss arcades. I was at the mall yesterday and even though I knew it wasn’t there, I stopped by the food court just because I know that’s where the arcade would be if there was one. *sniff*

  6. Didn’t think DDR had anything noteworthy. But this was a good listen.

    I like the ‘would you believe game X had good music’ episodes..much like previous shows like megadrive/genesis and GTA.

    Also, I think it would be cool if you did an all remixes and covers episode. OCRemix stuff, good youtube covers, black mages, powerglove, ephixa, etc.
    or… ‘Octorchestra’.. 4 episodes in October all orchestra/symphonic. Plenty to choose from.. distant worlds, symphony of the godesses, symphonic fantasies, any of the numerous tribute videos on youtube.

    anywho always look forward to a new vgmpire.

  7. DDR! Great episode all around. You guys have quickly become my go to commute podcast. I’ll be sad when I finish the archives and have to wait for new episodes. I did some searching, and I’m sure its on your radar, but have you considered doing an episode on the Turrican and Giana Sisters games? Chris Huelsbeck (whom you are definitely aware of) wrote some amazing music for that series. I can still sing the Trash Compactor level from Super Turrican by heart, how he got those sounds out of an SNES I’ll never know. Or maybe an Amiga episode? The Paula sound chip had some amazing capabilities for its time, way ahead of anything else PC-wise.

    On a side note, I’m a music teacher by trade. I love that no one on your show has any real music training. While it drives me nuts sometimes when you are searching for the right term and I’m in my car screaming it to you, it does provide a really awesome insight into how people without any musical training process and think about music. As a teacher it’s actually very useful in dealing with some of my newer students, or older people who have decided to learn a new instrument. So thanks for helping me become a better teacher to my students! That being said, if you ever want a trained musician on your show, feel free to call, I’ll work for magic beans and beer 🙂

    Anyway, long-winded I have become. Thanks for all your awesome work!

    • That’s pretty cool. I just finished up the archives a few weeks ago and it makes waiting for new episodes all the sweeter(or more challenging, depending on your outlook).

      I also enjoyed your comments regarding being a school teacher and listening to the show. One of the things that interests me is comparing this show to other videogame music podcasts and how each one’s musical knowledge influences their musical tastes, as well as how they talk about a piece.

      For example, Brett plays more electronica than they might have played over at Legacy Music Hour, because Brent Weinbach, being a proficient pianist, tends to prefer songs more heavily centered around a strong melody(the Japanese compositions tend to lead with the melodic line whereas a lot of the American/electronica stuff tends to follow the beat or the bassline, and focuses more on repeating variants of a set, repeated phrase).

      This isn’t a positive or a negative thing, it’s just different. I love how much raw enthusiasm Brett has for this stuff. For me, it transcends any lack of musical terminology he might have. Good luck on helping your students to understand music!

    • Wow, thanks!

      Feel free to post any useful terminology in a page’s comments when applicable 😛

  8. […] From DDR to Beatmania to Guitar Freaks and more, we sift through hundreds of BPMs to find the top Bemani tracks. LISTEN NOW […]

  9. I’ve never played these games but I feel like I’ve been listening to this music for years, and on most accounts this is my first time listening to these.

    Oh and Icicles is 100% a movement that Emerson, Lake, and Palmer would do on one of their half-hour long B-Side jams.

  10. We really don’t have to revisit this topic. A fun show, but not a genre worth going back for more. That classic party was pretty neat though.

  11. Absolutely loved it.
    Brett, you keep playing that Aqua! DON’T LET NOBODY TELL YOU OTHERWISE.

  12. Very fun show. I’ve played DDR maybe three times. Always at an arcade and always TERRIBLY. One thing – DDR gives the best bang for your buck at Dave and Busters. I took a girl there for a date a little while ago and thought we’d play a round or two of DDR. We ended up playing for about half an hour since one swipe got us over 10 songs. We were shocked that we got so many credits, but just kept going. Neither of us was very good, but she was much better than me – probably by virtue of being a girl and being light on her feet instead of stomping around like me.

    Also, just wanted to let Brett know that I do appreciate that he tries to run a clean show. I enjoy knowing that this podcast doesn’t contain as much of the usual language and lewd discussion that almost every other video game podcast does. If you decide to switch to the explicit tag that’s your call and I’ll probably still listen, but just wanted you to know that someone does appreciate your efforts!

    • True enough. I don’t play the podcast when my kids are in the car anymore, but I still try and slip in the music portions when they’re not clamoring for other things.

      Which reminds me: Brett, I think I’ve mentioned it before, but THANK YOU for all the OST recommendations. I bought that sample bundle when you plugged it and I still LOVE it. I also started listening to OC Remix again after your constant plugs.

      To this day, my kids and I love listening to the Winnose Soundtrack(thanks to the bundle) and the Gunstar Heroes Remix album(thanks to OC Remix). Maybe it’s part Nostalgia, but that Gunstar Heroes Remix is SO GOOD! Thank you, thank you, and thank you again.

  13. Sadly I keep letting episodes slip me by cause they aren’t always on the main page, gotta check this site often! Weirdly enough DDR is one of those things that I’m just now getting into, I was always way too shy to play. Now that I’m in college and got enough self confidence to throw around I’ve been rocking the lonely one machine at my malls arcade. While listening to most of these I just kept thinking “Argh if only my arcade had this song!” Lots of good variety here and it’s really made me consider getting some console games and a good pad for myself.

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