Jan 212015


Twisted Metal and Extreme G lead a gas guzzlin episode centered around cars that battle for more than the checkered flag.

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0:00:00 – Theme (Twisted Metal)

0:11:52 – Quake Zone Rumble (Twisted Metal 2)

0:14:52 – Monumental Disaster (Twisted Metal 2)

0:23:55 – Field of Screams (Twisted Metal 2)

0:26:57 – Theme (Twisted Metal 2)

0:35:01 – Suburbs (Twisted Metal Black)

0:37:32 – Snowy Field (Twisted Metal Black)

0:46:17 – Babbling 5 (Cel Damage)

0:50:03 – Lunarcy (Cel Damage)

0:53:34 – Wild Wooly West (Cel Damage)

0:59:54 – Track 1 (Extreme G)

1:02:37 – Track 3 (Extreme G)

1:05:17 – Hydra Prime (Extreme G2)

1:10:10 – Needlejuice (Extreme G3)

1:17-29 – Highway Star (Rock ‘n Roll Racing)

1:20:20 – Peter Gunn (Rock ‘n Roll Racing)

1:26:30 – Megamix (Combat Cars)

  18 Responses to “VGMpire 85 – Combat Cars”

  1. Good stuff, sir! Like Antista, I was not a fan of the early PS1 stuff(or at least as a Sega fan, I tried not to be). I bought a Saturn and clung to it until the bitter, chunky end. You think the early PS1 aged poorly; try playing Daytona or Virtua Fighter on the Saturn.

    I had a 32″ CRT up through the PS2/Dreamcast era, and to me size does not make a low-res multiplayer game better. It just makes the pixels more obvious. Some of the better PS2/Xbox/Dreamcast multiplayers were pretty playable, but man, trying that on the PS1 or Saturn was just painful and frustrating.

    Kudos for mentioning Rock ‘n Roll Racing. To this day, whenever I hear my coworkers blaring classic rock on their radios, phrases like “Tarquin LIGHTS him up!!” play in my head.

  2. I have never even touched a single Twisted Metal game, and probably never will, based solely on the fact that I find the art direction very ugly and repellent. So that being said, this is a great episode for me to listen to, since it might be the only way I can discover good music from the series ^^

  3. NO DRAGULA! I suppose some people can’t appreciate the “classics.” 😛 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EqQuihD0hoI

  4. Vigilante 8 was my combat car jam! Well… maybe it wasn’t jammin’ in the music department. I don’t really remember!

  5. The stuff with the samples reminded me of Ray Storm music. Which reminds me, we need a Zuntata episode.

    We learned where the Can Can music comes from on Laser Time, do we all remember where it came from? I’ve forgotten. The Twisted Metal mashup with Frere Jacques was interesting.

  6. So glad I didn’t listen to this podcast while driving, I would be speeding like a psycho clown.

    I wasn’t a big fan of the frere jacque remix or the highway star cover, but all the other tracks were really neat. The suburbs sounded like a rocking Dark Souls track which I LOVED. Though I have never played any of these games.

  7. Also how did I not hear about Combat Cars? Some of that approached SOR quality. Very nice.

    was also digging the Extreme G tracks, particularly Hydra Prime. Unfortunately, I was one of those FruityLoops guys, although they were hip-hop instrumentals that I put lyrics to. Wait, maybe that’s even worse. But it’s not as easy to do Drum & Bass/Jungle as it is to do generic techno; Hydra Prime and Needlejuice were very nice indeed.

    BTW, I did listen to this one while driving, and I highly recommend it. 😉

  8. listening to the Holland track from Twisted Metal 2 is extra weird if your taking a shit while doing so.

  9. Castlevania and Twisted Metal happen to be my favorite franchises. I am in heaven right now. Love some car combat.

  10. Twisted Metal. For some reason it really captured the imagination of my brother and when we first got a Playstation he got everyone that was at the time (thankfully used 1 and 2 were cheap enough) even 3 and 4 which we were fine playing as we didn’t know any better. Never got a Ps2 until we got a PS3 that was BC but still loved them even years after the fact.

    Shame that they hyped up the PS3 version giving it the curtain call one E3 only to put it out to die with crappy online effectively killing off the franchise.

  11. Good episode. I swear to god I thought the first 50% of the in game dialog with Axel and Calypso was you guys doing a bit. Axel sounds like the Norwegian King of Names son

  12. Twisted Metal Black came out right before I entered the 7th grade…so right around the time I started developing teenage angst and got into a lot of nu-metal bands, and then I was introduced to Black Sabbath, Rolling Stone’s “Paint it Black” via the game, etc.

    The only other Twisted Metal I’m familiar with is 2. I remember a cousin overseas burning me a copy of the game on PC and it had no music…hence why hearing this music for the first time is so fresh to me. A lot of it really is “EXTREME 90s ROCK N METAL EXTREME” but I find it to be enjoyable nonetheless. That Frere Jacque cover made me smile. Anyone ever notice how France-themed levels in games always have a blaring European-style ambulance in the background? (see: Marseilles level in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2).

    The Extreme G stuff was pretty dope. I haven’t played those games in FOREVER. Curious as to whether they hold up. Probably not.

    Also I’d like to thank Rock ‘n Roll Racing for embedding the seed of Deep Purple within me well before I realized how amazing that band is. “The stage is set, THE GREEN FLAG DROPS…!!!!!”

  13. But..But…Critical Depth…?

  14. Great, great, great episode and for a change I have played all the games mentioned! Feel a little dirty admitting it actually lol. I too had a couple of spare big screen (27 inch) sony crt tv’s with multiple consoles going at once like a Boss and the envy of my friends. Loved that ending song that reminded me of that 80s jam “What a feeling” from Flashdance.

  15. Oh man. This one takes me back too. My first vehicular combat type game I think. Vigilante 8 would do it better much later but this one will always be my first. I had an import Playstation and had to use some sort of disc swap to play the US copy, which would eventually ruin the disc drive. Thanks for another awesome show. As always VGMpire oozes with effort.

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