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So few know the majesty of TurboDuo titans Dragon Slayer and Riot Zone. Incredible soundtracks await!

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0:00:00 – Overworld (Dragon Slayer)

0:08:48 – Thieves’ Hideout (Dragon Slayer)

0:12:54 – Battle Theme (Dragon Slayer)

0:16:46 – Town Theme (Dragon Slayer)

0:24:55 – Sailing (Dragon Slayer)

0:25:40 – Flying (Dragon Slayer)

0:28:35 – Boss Battle (Dragon Slayer)

0:36:11 – Dungeon BGM (Dragon Slayer)

0:38:07 – March of Heroes BGM (Dragon Slayer)

0:42:51 – Round 4-1 (Riot Zone)

0:45:51 – Round 4-2 (Riot Zone)

0:48:57 – Round 5-3 (Riot Zone)

0:58:15 – Round 1-1 (Riot City)

0:59:42 – Round 5-1 (Riot City)

1:04:59 – Sadness (Dragon Slayer)

  18 Responses to “VGMpire 86 – Dragon Riot”

  1. of course I’ve never played these games, but as of the first track I’m all in with this episode. in retrospect I couldn’t be happier that the Duo’s hardware focus was on the music and not the graphics. keep showcasing these great soundtracks we’ve never heard, love these oddball episodes

  2. Wow! That dragon slayer music is incredibly good! Specially considering I’ve never even heard about the game until today! XD

    Obvious choice maybe, but the standout for me is definitely the thieves’ hideout track. So catchy and varied, it really makes me wanna listen to the rest of the soundtrack!

    Interesting obscure picks Brett! Keep them coming!

  3. I like music that can be put into odd groups, like anime music and Castlevania music. The Japanese do a good job of making music that you can easily picture what sort of scene should be going on around it. Of course, that’s not always the scene that’s actually occuring, but it’s fun to imagine.

    This seems like the sort of choice in games that would mean the host is running out of games to choose from, but Brett just seems to toss these odd ones in every once in a while and carry on with the more expected ones later.

  4. Best quotes of this ep: “I named mah character Dick Trickle!” and “Weeabooaga.”

    I’ve only heard of Dragon Slayer before whenever it was being discussed on the “Hidden Sound Test – Obscure Game Music” Facebook group (which all of you should join if you haven’t, btw!). Great music all-around. There’s something really awesome about that Redbook Audio era. Really makes me wish the SNES would have gotten a CD add-on. Who knows what kind of amazing soundtracks we would have gotten if that had existed? Then again, that’s why PlayStation happened.

    Riot City/Zone were pretty good too. That dramatic reading was freaking hysterical and matched the music perfectly. It almost sounded like what the voice acting would have been like if it had existed in-game. Makes me wish Nintendo would figure out how to get Turbografx-16 and TurboDuo games going again on the Wii U eShop. :/

    Wish you guys were all at MAGFest! Yuzo Koshiro has so far only been at MAGFest 11 (in 2013). This year MAGFest had Yuu Miyake and Yoshihito Yano (Katamari Damacy series, Tekken Tag Tournament & onward, Ridge Racer series). It was a great time! Miyake had a DJ event that kicked a lot of ass, and Yano joined LONELYROLLINGSTARS onstage for their cover of “Lonely Rolling Star” from Katamari Damacy. I even got to interview the two of them for Game Music Online, keep an eye on http://www.vgmonline.net for my MAGFest concert reviews/interview with Miyake/Yano and an interview I had with Nobuo Uematsu at a double-NJ Distant Worlds Final Fantasy show recently.

    Oh, and Mega Ran proposed to his girlfriend onstage during his show. Yeah, MAGFest is a rad time.

    For now, I leave you with two videos:

    LONELYROLLINGSTARS with Yoshihito Yano: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jip-Ocy0clc#t=2548
    Yuu Miyake’s DJ set: http://www.twitch.tv/magfest/c/5961407

  5. Great episode! Sooooo, I have Cosmic Fantasy 2 if you’re needing the soundtrack. I’ve actually got a pretty decent collection of TG16/PC Engine stuff because I’m a crazy person, so… If you need anything, I can at least point you in a good direction, if not give it to you outright.

  6. Good lord, that Dungeon BGM 36 minutes in is way, WAY better than it has a right to be. It’s the best thing I’ve heard on the show since the Popful Mail episode.

  7. This was one of the funniest episodes ever! The song about Henry talking about himself was classic! It reminded me of something Brent Weinbach would do, except with sarcasm. The Riot Zone reading was also hilarious. I have to say, as much as I enjoyed the cd tracks, my favorite songs on the episode were the fm synth Riot Zone tracks and the PC-88 Dragon Slayer tracks. Just hits me in that special place.

    Did anyone notice the screen art at the top of this page is an homage to a classic Frank Frazetta image? I hope to God you guys know who Frazetta is. Check it:

    Lastly, I’m gonna go check this out now, but I have to ask the question to all you guys here. More curious to me than why Sega made Riot Zone with Streets of Rage out there, is this question: Why did Sega make a TurboDuo game at all? They were direct competitors to the PC Engine.

    • Got it! The answer is because Westone developed the game, but Sega retained the rights to the main characters and the title.

      This is interesting because Westone also developed Wonder Boy, and because of the same predicament as in Riot Zone, they changed the character and created Adventure Island for Hudson Soft.

  8. I’m always surprised by what games you pick for episodes. I didn’t even know anyone with a TurboDuo so I had never even heard of these games.

  9. There is something about this type of 16-bit music that hits specific memories that other vgm doesn’t. Maybe because I played SNES for the larger percentage of the 16-bit era, anything non SNES sticks out and has a more powerful memory linked to it.

    Faxanadu! Much like pronouncing Cecil as ‘See-cil’ the dark knight / paladin, ‘Fax-anadu’ for life, everyone else is wrong.

  10. Great Episode. Love me some TurboGrafx CD music. But just wanted to let you know that Dragon Slayer soundtrack is on itunes, along with nearly every other Falcom JDK soundtrack:


    Also, I really laughed at you guys reading of the Riot Zone cutscene. Henry sounded like a genuine amateur Turbo CD voice actor. I expected him to spout some nonsense about Loyds Government and Guy Kazama:

    • *Head Spins*

      Wow! That’s great to know. Though for DS it looks like the Duo version isn’t part of the OST? I guess it’s the original BGM, and then some other arranged version?

  11. That Dragon Slayer soundtrack is amazing. It’s hard to picture that music with an old school RPG though; the music sounds very sci-fi/cyberpunk to me. Particularly the synth slap bass (doesn’t really sound like actual slap bass but that’s what the patches were usually named on synths like the DX7); the bass reminded me a bit of the bass sound on the Shadowrun SNES soundtrack.

  12. The singing along to the Faxanadu music about Henry’s Family Computer story was cute. I’m not even going to lie, I never heard of a Turbo Duo before this episode. I know there’s a TurboGrafx-16, but a CD update console…thing. The more you know. Music was awesome and the show was fun as always. Thanks, guys!

    Also, “hella anime.”

  13. There should be a term for when the music is insanely higher fidelity than what it’s accompanying. SLASH FLIES DOWN FROM THUNDER CLOUDS

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