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A second look at the Legend of Zelda takes us from Majora to Twilight Princess, highlighting all kinds of great tracks along the way.

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0:00:00 – Termina Field (Majora’s Mask)

0:13:03 – Last Day (Majora’s Mask)

0:15:09 – Astral Observatory (Majora’s Mask)

0:16:32 – Inside Rockvale Temple (Majora’s Mask)

0:31:28 – Title Screen (Wind Waker)

0:32:32 – Windfall Island (Wind Waker)

0:33:44 – Dragon Roost Island (Wind Waker)

0:41:38 – Ocean (Wind Waker)

0:44:18 – Hyrule Castle (Wind Waker)

0:46:24 – Wind Temple (Wind Waker)

0:52:41 – The Great Sea (Phantom Hourglass)

0:54:17 – Versus Linebeck (Phantom Hourglass)

1:00:19 – Hyrule Town (Minish Cap)

1:01:52 – Minish Village (Minish Cap)

1:03:27 – Wild Ruins (Minish Cap)

1:12:50 – Ordon Village (Twilight Princess)

1:16:00 – Twilight (Twilight Princess)

1:21:28 – Palace of Twilight (Twilight Princess)

1:31:27 – Windbreaker ReMix

  23 Responses to “VGMpire 87 – Hyrule Hits Vol 2”

  1. Thanks, Brett!

    Can’t wait to see if there’s a Part 3 to these!

  2. yusss! just picked up Majora’s Mask. never played it when I was younger, I’m blown away by the all the weirdness in the first 30 min. they really took some chances with this one. excited to get through this.

  3. Brett,

    Sorry I haven’t gotten around to commenting on all of your podcasts, but just to let you know I listen to every single one you put out. Very much appreciate the work and I enjoy all your guys’ commentary on video game and music goodness!

    I’ve been waiting on LoZ Part 2 since LoZ Part 1 so very excited about this episode! It is strange how much Majora and Wind Waker were such odd balls when they came out but I feel that they are quite celebrated in that they have received remakes quite recently. I think I am starting to love Majora’s Mask even more based off all of the theories behind it. Love the theory that each stage of the game is based of the stages of grief.


    A dark deep story doesn’t play out in many Nintendo games so it is great to look back and see that Nintendo can put out something like that. Love your music choices as well, great stuff.

    Anyway, thanks a bunch for these shows, I always look forward to them

  4. For some reason, that astral observatory track makes me hear the song captain jack by billy Joel. I don’t know why, but they are getting mixed in my brain.

    Honestly speaking, I wouldn’t have used any of the songs from twilight princess that you chose, though I did get a Souls vibe from them.

    You should totally do Ghibli for your next commentary track, I bet it would spark some great discussions.

  5. Henry pronouncing it “Mananoke” instead of “Mononoke” drives me crazy.

    I don’t have much love for Zelda music beyond the NES games. I’ve played quite a few of them, but couldn’t pick their music out. The Twilight Princess stuff was really uninteresting to me, but I sort of liked the game, it was one of the very few GC games I played.

  6. A great episode. I’m a bit worn out on the same ol’ Zelda tracks that get played and remixed over and over, but I really liked the selection here.

    It’s also worth noting that Brett “I’m not gonna get mad about something that hasn’t happened yet” Elston is becoming one of my favorite people to listen to about unnecessary internet drama.

  7. This episode came at the just the right time. Thanks Brett.

  8. I came across this article on the music of Zelda and the golden proportions. As a non music theory person I thought it was really interesting.


  9. Aw Yissssssss. I’ve waited two years for this episode

  10. How many tattoo’s from Zelda does Brett have now?

    When is he just going to commit fully and get a Link tattoo as big as himself over his entire body?

  11. I know this is a podcast about video game music but I think I enjoy the commentary about the music more than listening to the music itself. It’s just cool knowing there are others that are passionate about video game culture. I’ve been waiting for this episode for some time so I really enjoyed listening. Twilight Princess had some of the best music in my opinion and the tracks you chose were among my favorites. Thanks, Brett!

  12. Great job, Brett. I really enjoyed this one.
    Btw, I pimped the podcast on Zelda Informer. Hopefully we get some new listeners in here.

  13. Chris should definitely do that dramatic reading of the Majora’s mask creepy pasta!

    Also, I agree that Phantom Hourglass isn’t a terrible game… However, it is the game that got me fed up with the Zelda series, and I haven’t played a single Zelda game since. I did finish it, but the experience left a bitter feeling in me that made me feel like I was done with the formula that all Zelda games utilize. And yeah, I do think that central dungeon played a big part in this.


    Man, listening to this really got me hyped up for 100-percenting Majora’s Mask 3D. I consider it my second favorite Zelda game, behind A Link to the Past. Good picks for Majora’s Mask here. “Last Day” plays during the last ‘6’ hours before the moon crashes, and it always gave me chills. Especially when you factor in the whole Kafei’s Quest, where Anju and Kafei are finally reunited for their last moments before the moon destroys everything. Really depressing stuff.

    “Last Day” had an especially chilling effect on me when I playing Majora 3D last night — the final 6 hours and the song kicked in after I finished Woodfall Temple. I was following the Deku butler in the labyrinths, worrying that I wasn’t going to make it. I finally get the Mask of Scents there, and then I hightail it out of Woodfall on foot, across Termina Field towards Clock Town. There was this incredibly haunting shot of the Moon being SUPER CLOSE above Clock Town. Combined with the music, it made a really huge impression on me; this whole “There’s no hope, this place is ****ed!”

    Btw, next time you play The Wind Waker – exit out of an underground cave and tell me if you notice a reference to Majora’s Mask “Last Day” in the sound effect that plays as you leave.

    The comparison to Twin Peaks blew me away, I never realized that until now and it makes the whole thing that much more amazing. “Astral Observatory” is probably my favorite track in Majora’s.
    I absolutely love the references to past Zelda music with the Zora band, especially that A Link to the Past drumming part which mimicked the Cave Theme (that Henry kept TALKING OVER GRRRRR (jk <3)

    I feel bad about barely getting into my copy of The Wind Waker HD. It's a fantastic game, definitely up there for me in terms of best Zelda games. The song picks were great here. Windfall Island was such a fun place to explore, and Brett nailed all those points about it. Specially loved that Ice Climbers merchant and the Battleship minigame dude – "SPLOOOSH, BA-BOOOOM!" And that damn fish, haha! "'Skay!?!?"

    I also have to mention how much I love the battle themes in the Zelda games, particularly Wind Waker. I love how instruments are added as the battle gets more intense, and of course the dramatic "DUN-DUN!" Orchestral hits whenever your attack connects with the enemy.


    Ever notice how the Pirates theme in The Wind Waker was resued as Groose's Theme in Skyward Sword? And was anyone else absolutely terrified by the Giant Squid battles and huge Ocean Tornadoes when sailing?

    "Forest Haven" is another favorite from Wind Waker. As for Dragon Roost Island, I really, really loved Chad Seiter's arrangement of it for the Zelda Symphony Medley. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UCExYO-NNMA&list=PL7B7A585CA48ECE23

    The Minish Cap took me back to the summer of 2010. Took me a while to finally beat Minish Cap but I loved every second of it. It's a little on the easy side but it really is one of the best handheld Zeldas. "Minish Village" and "Hyrule Town" really takes me back. And "Wild Ruins" is the most distinct song in the game. It made a huge impression on me the first time I heard it. I also really love the atmosphere of "Mt. Crenel" and "Cloud Tops." They give off a very big Fire Emblem GBA vibe in their instrumentation.


    Brett – regarding that low "bassy" sound you were referring to, I think it's the GBA's close approximation of the NES' signature "Triangle" wave — that low bassy "deeee-dooooo." This video helps in understanding the sounds of the NES: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=la3coK5pq5w

    The "Mario 64" flute sound you're referring to for Minish Cap is a pan flute sample. Golden Sun 1 & 2 have this in spades (great episode idea, wonderful Sakuraba OSTs right there), so I think you'd like those games' music.

    Twilight Princess – It's a game I, like everyone else, was sooooo hyped for. And I think it delivered, but looking back, it was too easy and it suffered from lots of pacing issues. I think it took too long to get to Hyrule Field, the wolf sections were kinda "meh," the dungeon items were woefully underused, the side-quests were lacking and that epic fight with Ganondorf at the end I felt was sullied by its ease. Maybe I should just do a 3-hearts run of this game or something!

    Not to mention how disappointing Zant was. He could've been sooo much more.
    Musically though, YES, amazing soundtrack. "Hylianische Steppe" is one of the best overworld Zelda songs ever. The Twilight realm music you played always came off as a weird cross between Silent Hill and the strange sounds out of Earthbound. That super weird "Oocoo" theme sticks out to me as well. Such an oddball addition to Twilight Princess. I also really love the night overworld music in the game. I remember it being one of my favorite initial moments when starting out on Hyrule Field. The Field theme starts out so adventurous and heroic, and then come night time things kind of relax and it lets you kinda take everything in calmly..

    Hylianische Steppe – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B15ECs8NMZI
    Night Theme – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CeUAPGZ3imQ

    Btw, you guys mentioned the video footage that Zelda Symphony used — all of the video was actually compiled and edited by Jeron Moore, the show's producer. I think he did a pretty fantastic job.

    Can’t wait for a Skyward Sword episode. One of the best OSTs in the series, honestly.

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  16. another great episode! and I’m looking forward t the third installment of this series. yay!

    oh! btw I found the name of that remix you have at the end done by someone named Shackledonia
    it’s here at soundcloud –> https://soundcloud.com/shackledonia/zelda-wind-waker-windbreaker
    it looks like it may have been on OCR at one point but migrated off like a lot of musicians unfortunately have done. (taking their works with them)

  17. Almost made me want to buy a GameCube. Well done Brelston/H-E-N-E-R-E-Y/Antista.

  18. Brett thank you so much for this, the Title song from Wind Waker had me stop working and stand there and close my eyes and remember the day I picked up Wind Waker back in 2002, I bought the HD Wind Waker but have yet to play it in between Bayonetta 2, Super Smash and Hyrule Warriors. Twilight Princess is one of my favorite Zelda games a lot in part to Midna always being there as an actual character instead of a fairy or sword that just gave the “Look over there!” or “Hmm maybe you should do this!” and the all famous “HEY LISTEN!!!” Her problems felt real and after her being injured by Zant I wanted to save her at all costs her plight was a great motivator and a reason Twilight Princess remains at the top of my Zelda games.

    I don’t really like to comment on things on the internet but after listening to this and knowing that you are dedicated to reading the comments I was compelled to write to you and thank you for this. I’ve benn listening since episode 1 and am an old TalkRadar listener, but VGMpire is really the only LaserTime podcast I can stand to listen to anymore. Again thanks for all your work.

  19. Wonderful show, as usual!

    Majora has grown to be my favorite game in the series, perhaps of all time, eclipsing Ocarina.

    While I maintain that Zelda ironically lost its way on the Wii when it started over-explaining everything, there are some beautiful, sad tracks in Twilight Princess — sad that a character as great as Midna had to appear in such a hatchet-job of a Zelda game.

    So, what remains? Skyward Sword, A Link Between Worlds, the 3D remakes, Wind Waker HD, Hyrule Warriors, and potentially Zelda Wii U (wishful thinking, Hyrule Hits vol. 3 release date: TBD H1, 2016)?

  20. Awesome to hear volume 2 of Hyrule Hits. I was especially glad to hear Twilight Princess talked about so fondly. I feel like that game has been getting lots of crap lately, and I think it’s really great. I enjoyed this episode very much, and look forward to volume 3. (I suggest, for Skyward Sword, you use both the “past” and “present” music of the time temple. It’s so cool to hear the differences in the music.)

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