Mar 042015


Blast through the first 15 years of Hudson history with this look back at the Bomberman brand.

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0:00:00 – Title Screen (Super Bomberman)

0:09:07 – Battle Menu (Super Bomberman)

0:09:39 – Battle Mode (Super Bomberman)

0:10:29 – Level 1 (Super Bomberman)

0:12:04 – Level 3 (Super Bomberman)

0:17:06 – BGM 5 (Super Bomberman 2)

0:21:35 – Battle Mode (Super Bomberman 2)

0:29:44 – Password (Bomberman 94)

0:30:32 – Jammin Jungle (Bomberman 94)

0:32:29 – Slamin Sea (Bomberman 94)

0:46:56 – Jammin Jungle (Mega Bomberman)

0:42:30 – Vexin Volcano (Mega Bomerman)

0:43:39 – Battle Mode (Mega Bomberman)

0:50:25 – Under the Sea (Atomic Bomberman)

0:54:33 – Ancient Egypt (Atomic Bomberman)

1:04:42 – Amusement World (Saturn Bomberman)

1:07:21 – Samurai World (Saturn Bomberman)

1:09:51 – Master Mode (Saturn Bomberman)

1:18:05 – Staff Roll (Saturn Bomberman)

  15 Responses to “VGMpire 88 – Bomberman Beats Vol 1”

  1. THANK YOU. This is the game series that turned me on to Jun Chikuma as a great composer. The first Super Bomberman 2 track you played was insane. Very good.

    The best and worst thing about Bomberman is that they’re all so similar to each other. The version I got most into was Super Bomberman 3. Since it came out before Saturn Bomberman, I’m guessing you didn’t include any tracks in this episode because they’re just so many iterations of the game. At any rate, Super Bomberman 3’s “select 2” has become our official Old School Game Night Anthem, for whenever my group of aging 30-somethings get together to play 8 and 16-bit games. Let me share the love:
    It’s not complex or original, but it’s ooohhh so good.

  2. Almost forgot: that Mega Bomberman track Antista hated sounded like Bomberman got lost in Streets of Rage 3. Overall, I didn’t care for the Mega Bomberman tracks too much. Kinda Western sounding….I guess I was expecting something like Puyo Puyo Tsu, but what I got was Genesis Ren N’ Stimpy.

  3. Holy shit, that Super Bomberman battle mode track is on so many episodes of Tdar. I played a heck of a lot of Bomberman on emulators in college, and this very pleasant music helped keep us from killing each other, because this game generates saltiness like crazy. Also, that riff that appears in several of these tracks and (as was pointed out) in the Immortal’s Mortal Kombat song is weirding me out. Where did that originate? These songs all predate the MK movie, right? Did they sample freaking Bomberman when they made that song?

  4. Last things(man I wish I could edit these)…….Saturn Bomberman tracks were chill, but speaking as one of those guys you talk about who at one time ‘made music on Fruityloops'(you think you know what mediocre is? Then you haven’t heard MY stuff), Saturn Bomberman music is just Mega Bomberman music played through the late 90’s with better synths.

    Lastly, aside from making reference to Liam Neeson out of thin air, the best thing Henry said on the episode was YOU SHOULD DO A TREASURE EPISODE…..although there is so much good stuff from Treasure that YOU SHOULD DO A COUPLE OF TREASURE EPISODES. please! 🙂 So good……So good…………

  5. Wow this was an amazing episode. I started playing Bomberman with Bomberman 64 so this was an entire new experience for me. I love all of the music. I cannot wait for you to get to Bomberman 64 and Bomberman Hero because I sunk many an hour into them and loved their music.

  6. I am very glad that Bomberman’s great music is being recognized! However, I was slightly disappointed that Super Bomberman 2 only got a quick mention and two songs. That game has fantastic music. For instance!

    BGM 1:


    BGM 3:

    Two tunes I still randomly get stuck in my head quite often! So good!

    I also thought the boss (phase 1) music was pretty intense:

    Anyway, I would recommend giving Super Bomberman 2 a shot. It’s a game I know I enjoyed very much. And to be fair, the two tracks you did pick are very good, too, especially that battle music track you played.

  7. What, no Bomber Man II nes music? Otherwise great episode.

    • Honestly! I will explode if the area 3 music doesn’t get a mention. The beat on that track is one of the heaviest in the 8 bit era.

  8. A solid episode. I’m about to give it a re-listen. It’s a shame we’ve yet to see a real evolution of the tried and true bomberman gameplay.

  9. My GOD..
    I forgot how much I player Super Bomberman 2 on SNES!
    My brother and I lost hours in that game, such a fun alternative to Mario Kart and Co-op DKC.

  10. oh man, that Jammin jungle song from Bomberman 94 brought back so many memories. I wanna play some bomberman now

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  12. I haven’t played bomberman in a dog’s age. I completely forgot how amazing the soundtrack is. Thanks Brett, you little charmer you.

  13. I actually never played Bomberman other than the N64 versions, and this got me back to listening to several tracks. I hope in future volumes you consider Bomberman 64, Bomberman 64 2: The Second Attack & Bomberman Hero.

  14. Can hardly wait for part 2.
    The music for the games Saturn and beyond hold VERY high nostalgia factor for me.
    And I believe 64 2 had the Xenogears music director.

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