Apr 012015


A deep dive in the game that started it all, plus choice tracks from its first two sequels.

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0:00:00 – Transcending Love (Suikoden III)

0:12:37 – Beautiful Golden City (Suikoden)

0:14:43 – Into a World of Illusion (Suikoden)

0:16:32 – Theme of an Advancing Army (Suikoden)

0:25:02 – Theme of Narcissism (Suikoden)

0:27:49 – A Glorious Fortress (Suikoden)

0:38:47 – Opening Theme (Suikoden II)

0:41:43 – The Desire to Triumph (Suikoden II)

0:43:47 – Gothic Neclord (Suikoden II)

0:53:09 – Ducklings (Suikoden III)

0:55:44 – The Council (Suikoden III)

1:05:54 – Main Theme Arranged (Suikoden)

  15 Responses to “VGMpire 90 – Suikoden Serenade”

  1. Great episode. I was surprised by the amount of guest hosts. I listened to it this morning on my commute and at work. Having played and loved Suikoden 1-3, these songs bring back a lot of memories. The castle music from 1 was so infectious because you had to hear it a ton.

    I’m surprised that Dave bounces between games as to which is his favorite. Most people, including me, feel that 2 is hands down the best. I do enjoy 1 and 3 though. I heard that 4 and tactics were mediocre/bad so never played them, and 5 redeemed the series, but I had lost interest by that time.

  2. I’m surpised no one broke into “Return to Innocence” after the opening to 2.

    I played each Suikoden as it came out, and 3 was the game that prompted me to get a PS2. 4 is maybe the only game I ever quit playing for months, then went back and finished. It wasn’t as enthralling as the first three, and it had a lot of sailing, which usually ends up being less interesting than it sounds in games. 5 must be about the last JRPG I played, until Ni no Kuni. They lost their allure on PS2, I think, and haven’t gotten me back since.

    I don’t remember any of this music, though. I do remember Psycho Mantis mentioning the Suikoden save on my first run through MGS. I don’t know if Iron Chef was already on in Japan, but the cooking game in 2 is so much like it, and I think I played it before I ever saw any Iron Chef.

    One of the US Gamer guys should have been on this episode, they just played through the first two games a couple of months ago.

  3. Very funny, Brett! “This is your host, Brett Elston, releasing episode 90 of VGMpire on the SAME DAY as Legacy Music Hour releases their latest episode. Which one are you going to listen to first? Can’t decide? Well, April Fools’ Day, suckers!”

    What’s a guy to do? The only thing I could: Listen to both at the same time. Who’s laughing now, Elston?

  4. Loved this. Suikoden 3 was my first Suikoden experience. I don’t remember much about the music besides that great intro. It was a solid game. I really dug the 3-character-viewpoint system. One thing I love about the Suikoden games is how the stories stay relatively grounded. There’s the stuff with the “True Runes” but for the most part it’s about war and politics. The characters are out to save their Kingdom/Nation/City from an invading army or oppressive government, not saving the world from an Ancient Evil. As much as I like the Huge, Epic stories of Final Fantasy, I really appreciate a story that stays a little smaller and more relatable.

    • I didn’t enjoy the FF series quite as much as my friends for that exact reason. Take FF3: you’re cooking along, doing really well, and you get to Kefka and destroy the world. Then you find out you’re only halfway through the game!

      FF7 is another example; One of the last call spells you get is the beam that destroys most of the planets in the solar system on the way to hitting the last boss, who DOESN’T DIE. Japanese RPG’s in general tend to be a bit bombastic, which I enjoy. But the FF series is typically so over the top that I have a hard time feeling the gravitas when something poignant happens, like in 7 when Aeris died. Maybe I’d really enjoy Suikoden.

  5. It took a lot of prodding from a fellow friend of mine to get into Suikoden, but I’m glad I did, and I’m super happy Konami finally re-released Suikoden II, because I would definitely put it in my Top 5 PS1 JRPGs. So yes, Suikoden 1 is fun and all, but 2 is REALLY where it’s at. The story’s better, the characters are even more relatable, and it’s just overall more touching. And like Dave & Mike said, get all 108 Stars of Destiny in Suikoden 1. Use a walkthrough if you have to. It really enhances Suikoden II.

    I was highly amused by your comments on the translations of Suikoden 1 & 2. I found both games to have pretty shoddy translations. It’s maybe not Breath of Fire II-level, but some of the text is kinda awkward and filled with typos. Suikoden II particularly was the victim of a rushed localization because of tight deadlines. Vandal Hearts I & II on the other hand were handled much better.

    I also have to say that I much preferred Suikoden 1’s army battles. 2’s top-down Fire Emblem-styled army battles were pretty crappy because your hit % was all completely based on random luck, and felt really forced and pre-determined.

    To clear some things up — Suikoden I and II had a mishmash when it came to how the music was performed. Most of it was synthesized, however there are some tracks in Suikoden 1 that have live recordings, like the clean guitar version of the Suikoden theme’s motif in “Main Theme Arrange ~ Guitar Version.” Suikoden II’s opening theme was recorded by a Polish orchestra – Warsaw Philharmonic.

    Speaking of that Suikoden motif, I have to say that one of my favorite instances of it is in Suikoden II when you get rescued by Flik and Viktor. It played during a really awesome moment. It plays at the same point where Riou’s sister Nanami breaks that damsel in distress trope and rescues herself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8RaJZXt7aA8

    I mentioned this in the Vandal Hearts ep., but I was really fascinated by one of Suikoden II’s town themes because it uses that exact oboe sound I was familiar with in Vandal Hearts II. Suikoden I & II have some of the best JRPG town themes I’ve ever heard. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXGN3-egJ1A

    Thanks for including Gothic Neclord btw! While Neclord may have been a little more cheeseball in Suikoden II, the fight against him was so much more epic because of that song. Miki Higashino went HAM on that Castlevania sound.

    I really like what I’ve heard from Suikoden III despite the musical differences from the first two. I’m hoping everybody joins the initiative to get Konami to bring Suikoden III to PSN (remember to request Vandal Hearts I & II as well :P). https://www.facebook.com/SuikodenRevival?fref=ts

    • “The story’s better, the characters are even more relatable, and it’s just overall more touching.”

      Yes, we do like more touching.

  6. […] A deep dive in the game that started it all, plus choice tracks from its first two sequels. LISTEN NOW! […]

  7. Ahhhh!!! Finally! a tribute to the game that gave me the name Humphrey!! I’ve been waiting for this one Brett, well done!

  8. The music in this game is awesome. I never played a Suikoden, but hearing that the first game can be completed in about 20 hours is very appealing to me. I’m thinking about diving into the original game soon.

  9. If it isn’t Castlevania and Twisted Metal….It’s Suikoden. After my heart I see Laser Time.

  10. Argh! On one hand, I really want to listen to this episode right away!

    On the other… I’ve bought both Suikoden I and II for my Vita, and I’d really like to listen to the episode AFTER I’ve played trough the games first.


  11. awesome episode! It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to listen to VGMpire, but this episode has certainly reignited my interest.

  12. Great episode, but only 3 songs from S2 made me sad 🙁

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