Apr 292015


Move and groove to the upbeat tunes of Super Monkey Ball 1 and 2.

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00:00 – Title Screen (Super Monkey Ball)

07:04 – Jungle (SMB)

09:29 – Sky High (SMB)

11:44 – Monkey Mall (SMB)

20:02 – Monkey Billiards (SMB)

22:28 – Monkey Target (SMB)

25:21 – Storm (SMB)

34:38 – Under the Ocean (SMB2)

38:18 – Amusement Park (SMB2)

40:35 – Bubble Washing Machine (SMB2)

44:02 – Dr Bad Boon’s Base (SMB2)

47:20 – Monkey Dogfight (SMB2)

49:31 – Expert Monkey Race (SMB2)

56:57 – Staff Roll (SMB2)

  12 Responses to “VGMpire 92 – Monkey Ball Moves”

  1. Thank you Mr. Elston!

  2. Super Monkey Ball it was apart of the trilogy of games, NHL Hitz and Smash Bros Melee, that my brother, cousin, cousin in law and I played when it came out. Such fun simpler days. SMB2 never captured the magic with the mini games especially Monkey Target. Something about going all at once instead of taking turns that killed the fun for us.

  3. One of the SMB2 songs reminded me of Power Puff Girls.

    I just listened to the three Ape Escape soundtracks, and number 2 had a similar style to some of these songs, and that strangely interesting way of clearly playing sampled notes from a trumpet or something by pressing a key, then pressing another key for the next note. I doubt any music other than game music has ever used that style.

  4. Dreamcast/GC era Sega was on point musically.

  5. Brett, this episode made me so happy! The only time I ever played SMB was shortly after the Dreamcast died. The same diehard Nintendo fan that bought a Dreamcast and convinced me to give Sega another chance after the Saturn, was showing off his new Gamecube. It was fun, but I never got to give it its just dues.

    Those tracks put a huge smile on my face. They reminded me of the mini game music for Crazy Taxi and Virtua Tennis. They’re all VERY good. But by far the craziest WTF moment was when Henry talked about really liking Sega. Henry-http://static.gamesradar.com/images/mb/GamesRadar/us/Features/2009/06/E3%202009/Mario%20Galaxy%202%20Good/RAW/photo–article_image.jpg-Gilbert. And he was so earnest about it too! I was so surprised a little poop came out. My coworkers were not amused.

    Anyhoo, another really good episode, sir. I’m keeping this one in my iPhone for crappy days. So good.

  6. Super Monkey Ball never appealed to me back in the day, but I was also a latecomer to Gamecube. I finally got one in the summer of 2004. I only remember seeing footage and in-store demos of Super Monkey Ball, never gave it much thought.

    The first three tracks played in the podcast made me go “hmm ok, pretty good!” and then the rest of the tracks played made me go “HOLY CRAP YES FINDING THIS MUSIC NOW MUST BUY THIS USED SOMEWHERE.”

    Great stuff, I can hear the F-Zero GX feel. Loved the orchestral hits in “Monkey Dogfight.” It’s just this lovely clash of breakbeats, chugging guitar and orch hits. So wonderful.

  7. […] Move and groove to the upbeat tunes of Super Monkey Ball 1 and 2. LISTEN NOW […]

  8. I never gave this series a try, because it honestly felt “too kiddy” for me, but the music is definitely pretty awesome.

    The standout track for me definitely has to be “Amusement Park” from SMB2, such a chipper, catchy tune!

  9. Listening to this on the way to work today got me so pumped, I don’t even think I need coffee today! I played the shit out of Monkey Ball 1 back when I was 10-11, 2 had great music too even though I barely touched it. Hopefully I still have the disc around somewhere, I really want to go back to it.
    Also everyone should check out the SMB speedrun from AGDQ this year, it’s amazing! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FsJEc7JnrVE

  10. It saddens me that I’ve never had a chance to play trade-off Super Monkey Ball with a group of friends. Thankfully it’s impossible to listen to Super Monkey Ball music and remain sad. Great episode.

  11. awww <3 yeah that was me dude I was REALLY into MB (and MB2!) game back during the GameCube days. One of those rare games that's incredibly difficult but also really motivating.

    Beat 'em all on Expert, which seems impossible at first. I was also I think just one death away from getting all 30 Advanced levels w/o dying. So close!

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