May 132015


Be a hero and save America by listening to great tracks from two classic Avengers beat em ups.


00:00 – Title Theme (Captain America and the Avengers)

11:00 – Scene 1 (CAATA)

12:35 – Whirlwind and Ultron (CAATA)

13:54 – Almost Victorious 1 (CAATA)

21:01 – Target Town (CAATA)

22:50 – Giant Laser Canon (CAATA)

24:32 – Mandarin and Red Skull (CAATA)

29:32 – World Map (CAATA NES)

30:29 – Hawkeye Stage (CAATA NES)

31:36 – Captain America Stage (CAATA NES)

44:18 – Ending (CAATA)

  14 Responses to “VGMpire 93 – Avengers Audio”

  1. Thanks Brett.

    I’m really enjoying the NES CAATA music and I was pretty disappointed with the latest film so this episode was a nice reminder of a simpler time.

  2. Oh man Captain America and the Avengers reawakens a lot of nostalgic memories…

    The SNES version was the first beat-em-up I ever had as a kid. I remember my mom bought a copy of it from K-Mart for me in ’94/’95 I think?? I loved it A LOT, it introduced Marvel characters to me. Could never beat that third level though!

    I loved humming the music in the game. I remember encouraging friends around me to hum along to the Level 2 music during what I believe was my brother’s birthday party. A VGM nerd since childhood.

    I heard the Genesis version’s soundtrack for the first time when somebody on the Hidden Sound Test Facebook group posted it a few weeks back. Everyone should be a part of that FB group!

    I liked the energy and edginess of Level 1’s music, but still enjoyed the SNES tunes. And then you guys made fun of the SNES tunes…and the more I listen to the Genesis version’s Level 1 soundtrack, the more I think “damn, you guys are right.” -_- The drumming and bass are so much livelier in the Genesis version.

    I like that the Arcade version had it where the music changed to a victorious tune when the boss’s health was low. More games need to do stuff like this (Shadow of the Colossus comes to mind).

    The voice samples are priceless. “OKAY GOOOOOO!!!!!!” “URRAAAAGH!” “OOO!” “NOOOO!” “AMERICA! STILL NEEDS YOUR HELP!” They’ll stay with me forever.

    I also had no idea Shogo Sakai had a hand in the soundtrack! That’s really awesome. Love his Smash Bros. Melee music (and of course, Mother 3).

  3. Were some of the voice bits in the Avengers arcade game reused anywhere else. Some of those are so familiar that it seems like I’ve heard them in places other than the game. I remember they had a cabinet at the dinky arcade in the student union when I started college in 1995. Oh the memories.

  4. Brett, this show certainly does not suck! I look forward to it every two weeks.

    Wow, that Scene 1 theme instantly brought up old childhood memories. My Neighbors had Captain America and the Avengers for the Genesis. My brother and I would come over and play 4-player co-op. Somehow (maybe because we were the oldest) the older neighbor and I would always play as Iron Man and Captain America. The two younger brothers were stuck with hawkeye and vision. We spent so many hours with that game and I’m surprised that the music is actually still good.

  5. Hey, fun episode. I kept thinking about the arcade game Spider-Man, and how you should have included it, until I realized that the only link to the Avengers(AFAIK) was Hawkeye. It also had a lot of voices, plus the parts where the whole level scaled out and the characters got really small was cool.

    But CAATA! I liked the tunes, although they lacked the variety you typically see in Japanese compositions, such as the melody line changing instruments every couple of measures. A lot of the tunes seemed to play off the same theme, which was cool(but a little repetitive). The voices were just classic.

    Last bit: Am I correct that the splash image for this episode is a Jim Lee/Scott Williams joint?

  6. I’m digging the Genesis love, lately. The sound chip on that thing was truly a marvel (Ha, Marvel): able to produce awesome, rockin’ beats in the hands of an expert, or horrific robot sex noises in the hands of the incompetent. Also, “NO!”, “I can’t move!”, “You stupid men!”, “Where’s the laser??”

  7. Galactic Storm, jesus christ. the Giant Man assist that’s just a regular ass dude’s digitized hairy arm is too good.

  8. Bret, the episode was really good, albeit a bit brief, but due to the source material you can’t really have a long episode unless you had decided to pair it with some other lesser known Marvel title. The only one I could think of would have been the Incredible Hulk which came out in the same time frame from US Gold, but I don’t remember that game really having any memorable music. As for this episode? Very upbeat Megaman esque type music. I faithfully download this podcast everytime there is a new episode. Keep up the good work and maybe one day we’ll hear some lesser-known Capcom classics from the NES, like Adventures in the Magic Kingdom, that had some really awesome tunes.

  9. I completely forgot that this game had an announcer. I feel like it was really only arcade or arcade style games that had these over-the-top announcers. What happened to that?

    The latest game I’ve seen to feature soemthing similar was #IDARB.

  10. Oh man I remember loving this in the arcade. The music really takes me back to a Diamond Jim’s (or was it Gem’s?) arcade at a mall not so near by. I can also remember when I discovered Mame this was one of the first roms available. As always I greatly enjoy the show. Keep up the good work. Perhaps a .hack show? There are several games to pull from and all of the music is excellent.

  11. I don’t remember a lick of music from that Captain America and the Avengers arcade game, but I sure as hell remember those voice samples. Those even rival “Aww, shell shocked!” in all time great beat-em up audio clips. Chris had better work those into his sound board long term. We’re in need of some fresh samples. You’ve already made sure that I will never get those seven notes from the Nickelodeon Guts theme out of my head.

  12. Would I listen to any other video game music podcast? “NOOOOOOO”!

  13. Loved the music in this episode. Fond memories of the arcade game. I actually really liked the last several episodes but dont post much…i apologize for that. The last several VGmpire and Lasertime episodes have been somewhat above average, imho. Keep it up.

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