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During a recent trip to Japan, I spent a fair amount of time perusing local game shops and retail chains in search of legit game music purchases. While I did indeed buy a lot while over there, I never did see the OST to the first Wild Arms, which had been on my mind since guest Patrick Kulikowski named one of its songs as his favorite back in VGMpire 100.

But then today I randomly came across that very album on Play Asia… which made me wonder, what other “top tracks” from that episode might be lurking about, ready for some of you FINE LISTENERS to pick up?

“To the end of the wilderness” (Wild Arms)


Wild Arms Complete Tracks contains everything from the original PS1 game, plus a solid selection of unused tunes. This is the second pass at an OST for this title, as the first one (released back in the 90s) excluded a few songs. Unless I’m missing something, you can grab both the 1999 “incomplete” version and the 2006 “complete” version right now!

“Never More” (Persona 4)


As ol’ HENEREYEGEY will attest, Persona is overflowing with music. That means the OST scene is especially bustling, with numerous soundtracks and image albums and drama CDs and who know what else filling up shelves. Granted, all of them are probably good-to-great, but if it’s Never More you’re after, consider Persona 4 The Golden Original Soundtrack or maybe Rinne Tinsei, which includes a lot of vocal tracks and some remixes as well. Beyond those two, the P4 OST (not Golden) is still out there and comes with two discs of greatness.

“The Moon” (DuckTales)


Most NES-era soundtracks are doomed to obscurity… but 2013’s DuckTales Remastered brought the legendary OST back in into the public consciousness, which led to its official Amazon MP3 release. You can buy per-track, or grab the whole thing (including Jake Kaufman’s excellent remixes) for just $9. Pretty sure this is on iTunes as well.

“To Far Away Times” (Chrono Trigger)


So, the only albums I could find that are in stock are the DS soundtrack (which SHOULD be identical, but the text says the songs have been remastered… I don’t recall the music being different though?) or a bigger box version that includes some piano sheets. It claims to have all the songs, but at just 50 tracks it appears to lack some of the songs included on the “actual” OST I bought back in the day. You can still see it here… maybe track it down if you can. Also look into the Brink of Time arranged album.

Near as I can tell, those are the only ones you can grab at this very moment. Castlevania Bloodlines does have an OST out there, but I can’t seem to find it on the sites I frequent. And while Streets of Rage 3 (Grimm’s pick) isn’t out there, Data Discs is putting out a vinyl of the first two games!

  2 Responses to “Where to buy VGMpire 100’s top tracks”

  1. Wild Arms Complete Tracks is almost “complete,” save for the American version’s Credits theme, which was composed by Chuck Doud (of Syphon Filter fame!). A lot of fans say the American version of the ending theme is leagues better than the Japanese one.

    I snatched that DuckTales OST up right as it landed on Amazon MP3. I’m bummed that Hiroshige Tonomura wasn’t credited in this release though, was that a legal thingamajig?

    As for Streets of Rage 3, it’s included in the full SoR soundtrack “Bare Knuckle Original Soundtrack” which can be purchased at this Japanese store:

    At the moment, I think CD Japan is the best site for buying import VGM OSTs, plus they got a point system which you can use to take some money off future purchases. Shipping isn’t terrible so long as you purchase a few CDs. I’ve gotten Final Fight Original Sound Collection, Katamari Damacy, SotN & Secret of Mana’s soundtracks from there.

    For used stuff, Otaku has a pretty good selection. A bit pricier though.

    I’m quite jealous of your VGM OST haul! I know I’d go overboard whenever I get the chance to visit Japan.

  2. I see Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne sitting up there. Hope you enjoyed it, the game and music are f-in rad

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