Nov 102015


Though I no longer work at Capcom, one of the last projects I worked on was this thorough and top-notch SFII soundtrack. The fine folks at Brave Wave have spared no expense in order to bring you the absolute best version of the classic SFII OST – both CPS1 and CPS2!

The album will be available as a 4 LP vinyl box set, a 3-disc CD set OR as downloads via Bandcamp and other digital outlets. So many ways to finally obtain a legit, Yoko Shimomura-approved release of the OST.

You can view the full tracklist over on the official site, plus read up on the project as a whole. A quick excerpt:

“Our restoration was done entirely in-house by experienced recording, sound, and mastering engineers. After capturing the music directly from the original arcade board in the highest quality possible, we mixed and balanced the audio, removing noise, buzzing, clicks, distortion and other artifacts, and wherever necessary recovered lost high frequency content through a unique process specifically developed for this soundtrack. The final restored files were then carefully mastered with high end analog gear by in-house mastering engineer and industry veteran Dan Suter. The result is Yoko Shimomura’s genre-defying music in its crispest, most vividly detailed form yet.”

For more Brave Wave greatness, I encourage you to check out Retro-Active, which features NES Ninja Gaiden composer Keiji Yamagishi tearin’ it up on an all-new album!

  2 Responses to “Street Fighter II: The Definitive Soundtrack tracklist revealed”

  1. I’ve listened to the whole thing already (did some consultation work for Brave Wave). It’s GON B GOOD

  2. Oh my gosh yes. Thank you sir, I’m signed up.

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