Nov 112015


Platformer percussion from the man behind The Police. Like literally behind, since we’re talking about drummer and composer Stewart Copeland!

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0:00:00 – Opening (Spyro the Dragon)

0:09:27 – Crystal Flight (Spyro the Dragon)

0:12:43 – Blowhard (Spyro the Dragon)

0:15:56 – Wild Flight (Spyro the Dragon)

0:22:37 – Twilight Harbor (Spyro the Dragon)

0:26:23 – Haunted Towers (Spyro the Dragon)

0:35:45 – Glimmer (Ripto’s Rage)

0:39:08 – Fracture Hills (Ripto’s Rage)

0:42:43 – Magma Cone (Ripto’s Rage)

0:48:50 – Hurricos (Ripto’s Rage)

0:51:59 – Skelos Badlands (Ripto’s Rage)

0:58:26 – Molten Crater (Year of the Dragon)

1:01:37 – Charmed Ridge (Year of the Dragon)

1:05:29 – Fireworks Factory (Year of the Dragon)

1:12:48 – Desert Ruins (Year of the Dragon)

1:15:31 – Mushroom Speedway (Year of the Dragon)

1:22:45 – Credits (Spyro the Dragon)

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  12 Responses to “VGMpire 105 – Spyro Sampler”

  1. I love these the first two games and have been itching for them to be playable on my ps4 or pstv. I was thrilled to wake up to this episode of VGMpire. Back in the day as a 10 year old I was trying to explain to my dad why this soundtrack is so great telling him about the drummer from The Police made the music. He was confused why there wasn’t lyrics or Sting singing to the music.

    • I learned about Copeland being the composer from a old magazine, thought it would impress my dad it confused him.

      Last note, play Spyro 1 you may enjoy the more open gameplay with less cutscenes and a little less collecting.

  2. I’d never thought I’d see this on VGMpire. Spyro was the first “modern” game I played as a kid (on the backward compatible PS2 for some reason) after only having an NES.

    One day I hope you get to another Insomniac franchise; Going Commando has one of my favorite disk-based soundtracks. David Bergeaud is the man.

  3. I don’t have anything against Spyro–if I recall correctly it’s one of Mark Cerny’s first games–but uh… I’m 15 minutes in right now and this music just sounds like generic royalty-free crap. It’s not good!


    • Like, the Road Rash episode was bad, too, but at least the music sounded novel in that “Yep, this is trashy Genesis FM Synth” and it’s at least interesting hearing the composer trying for more with such a lousy soundchip.

      Because this is on the Playstation the music is way less interesting because it doesn’t have much in the way of limitations. I know the Playstation had some games that made use of MIDI-like music (like the Final Fantasy series on PS1) but a lot of games just off-loaded the music to dedicated redbook audio tracks OR they were essentially fully produced songs that were compressed like an mp3 file. It’s just blah…

      If you’re gonna play modern-era music, there should be something remarkable about. IE Breath of Fire 3 had a jazz soundtrack in a high-fantasy RPG.

  4. This was an enjoyable ep.! Stewart Copeland’s the man, and I still have that PlayStation Underground demo disc with that video interview somewheres. It was really cool and insightful. He should do more game soundtracks!

    Link for those who want to watch it:

    So while I was a 90s kid, I too missed out on Spyro (I only played the demos at Toys R Us). I chalk it up to me being a Nintendo kid through and through, with all my time focused on Banjo-Kazooie, Super Mario 64, etc. Also, by the time I got a PS1 in 1999 I was more interested in checking out the JRPGs on there versus the 3D platformers.

    I have the first three on PSN (they were PS Plus freebies a whiiiiiiile back), I should really give them a whirl sometime. I don’t think the Spyro games (or the Crash games) were on PS Vita in America, though. Unless the PS3 transfer to PS Vita method works (haven’t tried that).

  5. Oh god, I can’t tell you how many hours of my childhood this franchise took away. Thank you so much for making this podcast, I nearly forgot about Spyro with all of the lackluster titles coming out in recent years and that Skylander… stuff.
    This music is just absolutely unreal. For me the first game’s OST is THE definitive PSX soundtrack. Nothing says ‘Playstation’ more than what Copeland did here. It’s really nice to go back in time sometimes.

  6. You’ll do Spyro but you still haven’t done Crash Bandicoot yet?! BREEEEEEEEEEEETT!

  7. Ape Escape is another series of “kiddy” games that have some good music. It was the best (maybe only) reason to have a Dual Shock on PS1. And the second one had a cool Bon dance minigame with great Japanesey music.

  8. Love the show, guys, I’ve been listening for years. Would really love an Undertale episode! Yes, I already know all the songs, but more people need to be exposed to it…plus, when a soundtrack this good comes out, the premiere video game music podcast has to address it!

    • They do a “Music of the Year” episode at the end of the year. I fully expect Undertale to be heavily featured for that episode.

      • Not only that, but last year, the game he thought has the best soundtrack of all(Tropical Freeze) got it’s own episode.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if that was Undertale this year.

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