Dec 012015


Grab a map and some headphones for OverClocked ReMix’s FIIIIIFTY FIIIIIFTH concept album, which focuses on all the great overworld and map tunes from the Mario universe! That means tracks from Super Mario World, Mario 3, New SMB 2 and everything in between. Grab it over here for free!

I’ve only just started listening but the first two are pretty bouncy and fun, and do a great job of making me want to replay literally every Mario game 😛

Shout out to the great cover art from Maya “rnn” Petersen, who also did the cover for the Mega Man anniversary album!

  2 Responses to “Download Super Cartography Bros for FREE – Mario Map Mixes!”

  1. I really appreciate these small posts on the site. I would probably never have known about this album or the remastered street fighter soundtrack on vinyl without them, so thanks.

    Brett – probably because of you joining the Patreon crew and your article on old videogame magazines, I’ve been meaning to make some VGMpire and Cape Crisis fan art – any requests for specific things?

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