Dec 162015


After years of empty threats, Chris finally lands his Kickle Cubicle episode. And it just so happens to be our very first VGMini, a new sub-series that looks at games that might otherwise never get their own show.

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00:00 – Stage Theme

06:12 – Password Theme

06:58 – Boss Battle

12:58 – Ending Theme

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  10 Responses to “VGMini Episode 01 – Kickle Cubicle”

  1. Will these minis continue?

  2. This was a charming little episode. I feel the idea of revisiting series like Ys or final fantasy (like the amazing thirteen soundtrack) would be appropriate here. Or use this to talk about series not everyone can comment on, like Henry and Shin Megami Tensei.

    Ps: what happened with Patreon? I don’t think you suddenly lost many patrons, so is it a problem with the service? I hope your operations run smoothly.

  3. Chris constantly made jokes about this but i never thought it would actually happen.

  4. Love the mini format. Kinda like the Retronauts Micro episodes.

    I thought I knew this game from childhood. Turns out I was getting it confused with Shove It on the Genesis for some reason.

  5. Nice! These VGMinis are going to be perfect for when I’m walking around SF. Would love to see Chris stream this game sometime.

  6. I already like these better than the Retronauts Pocket episodes, because those always have just one person talking to themself. And that format really turns me off for some reason.

    Even though this episode is short, there’s still at least people interacting in it.

    That said, I am still not a fan of this format. I would much rather have anthology episodes that cover multiple completely unrelated games and are normal length episodes than having 15 minute episodes like this.

  7. This is an awesome idea! Looking forward to see more of these! 😀

  8. Nice tunes. I remember playing this at my friends house and i also remember the corn guy with the glasses.

  9. My wife loves Kickle Cubicle!

  10. I think Im going to enjoy these minis 🙂

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