Jan 202016


David Bowie’s reach extended even to video games, perhaps most so in this 1999 sci-fi adventure. We look at some of his tracks that debuted here, plus the BGM from composer Xavier Despas.



00:00 – New Angels of Promise
11:53 – Anekbah Theme
13:39 – Opening Theme
17:11 – File Select
23:11 – Tetra Factory
25:46 – Astaroth
35:14 – Something in the Air

  4 Responses to “VGMini 02 – Omikron”

  1. I randomly happened to begin a Bowie session just as news of his death arrived. I had stumbled on some of his collaborations with Brian Eno I found while familiarizing myself with Eno’s work.

    Bowie seemed like a pretty fine gentleman. Omikron didn’t interest me a whit at the time, and I really like h-e-n-e-r-e-y’s summation of David Cage’s work when he said his vision always exceeded his/the tech’s abilities(or something like that). At any rate, thanks for covering this game. Interesting anecdotes about Bowie and the game.

  2. If I could make a suggestion, I think you should name the Mini episodes as .5s instead of their own separate numbering system.

    So this episode would be Episode 109.5 instead of Mini Episode 2.

    Mainly just because they’re part of the same feed, and it makes it easy to know the order they came out in in relation to the full episodes.

  3. I like these mini episodes. My wish list of games that fit this format are

    Lagoon SNES
    Crystalis NES
    YS III : Wanderers from Ys SNES
    Faxanadu NES

  4. This article is the kind i actually see as the most valuable service of VGEmpire–a good soundtrack for a game that isnt worth playing in the modern era (sounded like a dated experience based on the discussion). So otherwise, presumably, i’d never have heard these songs.

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