Oct 122016


Shin Megami Tensei grows up with two stylish sequels separated by a decade of real world time. We begin with PS2 demon-em-up SMT Nocturne, then jam out to incredibly moody tunes from 2013’s SMT IV.

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0:00:00 – Title 2 (Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne)

0:11:10 – Large Map (SMT Nocturne)

0:13:27 – Normal Battle (SMT Nocturne)

0:15:25 – Heretic Hall (SMT Nocturne)

0:25:05 – Ikebukuro (SMT Nocturne)

0:27:41 – Hijiri (SMT Nocturne)

0:29:51 – Large Map Final Area (SMT Nocturne)

0:42:33 – Tokyo (SMT IV)

0:45:30 – Boss Battle (SMT IV)

0:48:36 – Above Ground Industrial Area (SMT IV)

0:57:59 – Shinjuku Underground (SMT IV)

1:01:47 – Camp Ichigaya (SMT IV)

1:04:47 – Lucifer’s Palace (SMT IV)

1:14:27 – End Credits (SMT IV)

  9 Responses to “VGMpire 124 – SMTober Part Two”

  1. If there was only a way to fuse Henry and Brett together to make the ultimate podcast host. A man can dream.

  2. Very cool songs. You definitely hear them inching closer to the Persona sound but still keeping the ominous, dirgy, “something-is-about-to-go-horribly-wrong” feeling from the early games.

  3. This is why I love VGMpire, I probably never will play these games, but through VGMpire I get to vicariously enjoy the games through the hosts and really get down on the music. Keep up the good work!

  4. Hnnngh this is all so good. I’ve been listening to Law & Chaos a bunch and I’m just blown away — the arranged stuff on the second CD is insane too!

    Must consume moar SMT music.

  5. The SMT3 normal battle theme is awesome, because there are actually SEVEN variations of it that play in-game, each with a different guitar solo. The game randomizes them each battle, so I frequently found myself delaying the end of a battle just to hear which solo would play next.

    Not to mention that the alternative solos are way better than the standard one. I love the last one @ 7:33.


  6. I hope you’ll be playing selections from the secret-best SMT game STRANGE JOURNEY before the month is done!!

    this game is rad af

  7. Seriously digging the SMT choice for Rocktober. I loved the Persona OSTs, I don’t know why I ignored SMT’s tracks.

  8. Still loving this! Thank you again for doing one of my favorites for a whole month.

    I hope you guys make it to SMT4: Apocalypse at least a bit because it has even better music than 4.

    Do Falcom next year!

  9. I like these tracks more than the ones from the first 2 games. They’ve kind of broken out of the “dirge-y” feel and are more listenable, but still retain an eerie tone. It’s been cool hearing about what this game is about and consequently why it didn’t initially appear in the US for a while – I had no idea it was so dark.

    Along those lines It’s an interesting point you guys made that by the early 00’s people didn’t care as much about that stuff that used to be taboo in localization to the US. I wonder if a lot of it is because the “NES” generation of kids, which I’d guess is the first gen to strongly care about video games, had reached adulthood by then, causing a significant-enough percentage of game purchases to no longer be made by parents. Also I think I’ve heard either Chris or Henry (or both) use the phrase “that’s a post-911 game”. I definitely feel like that event changed all media’s tone thereafter, really.

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