Oct 192016


With the numbered SMT titles handled, it’s time to examine its Devil Summoner spinoff series, which begins on the Sega Saturn and extends all the way to the PS2. We also briefly discuss Strange Journey, the spinoff that was almost a proper mainline sequel.

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00:00 – Theme (SMT Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoa vs The Soulless Army)

07:50 – Home (Devil Summoner)

10:17 – Kuzunoa Detective Agency (Devil Summoner)

11:31 – Last Battle (Devil Summoner)

20:14 – Tenkai Bypass (Soul Hackers)

22:40 – Video Muscle (Soul Hackers)

25:42 – Common Battle (Soul Hackers)

37:06 – Level Up (Raidou Kuzunoa vs The Soulless Army)

38:04 – Decisive Battle (Raidou Kuzunoa vs King Abaddon)

40:40 – Adventure (Raidou Kuzunoa vs King Abaddon)

48:51 – Land of the Way (Strange Journey)

50:39 – Furious Wrath (Strange Journey)

54:49 – Ending (Raidou Kuzunoa vs King Abaddon)

  10 Responses to “VGMpire 125 – SMTober Part Three”

  1. I wish every day could be SMTober.

    I played like 20 hours of Raidou 1 in like 2009 and didn’t finish it. I really should get back on that series, I loved it. The setting was so cool and different.It really felt like the precursor to Persona 5.

  2. Good job guys!^^
    It’s very interesting to hear how much the tone changed once Meguro got involved, and how versatile he can be.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Hi guys! If I may put on my insufferable nerd hat on for a second, Strange Journey is supposed to appeal to all regions because it’s a joint military effort to Antarctica. Depending on where someone would buy the game, the main character would be a U.S. marine or a Japanese soldier. Now if youll excuse me, I need you to find someone to take my lunch money. Best rocktober yet guys. Love every minute of it.

  4. I haven’t been terribly familiar with Shoji Meguro’s work before now and the Persona VGMpire y’all did, yet I’m really impressed with what I’m hearing in these podcasts. And I can’t believe how many titles/spin-offs are in this series–I really had no idea. I only touched ONE title (SMT: Digital Devil Saga) and I wonder if the last part of SMTober will cover that and some more games I’ve never heard about.

  5. Raidou Kuzunoa vs The Soulless Army
    I found a new treasure <3 thanks

  6. I just cant stress how much great music you are missing from SMTIV, it is totally worth your time. one of the best OSTs in recent years.

  7. Still making my way through the SMT2 soundtrack and the PS1 version soundtracks, but I’m digging all of this. I kinda hope I can someday find the time to check out the mainline SMTs, but these spin-offs all seem like too much for me to get invested. Great music though 😛

  8. I’m loving this! I’ve never played any SMT games other than Persona 3 and 4, but I really enjoy learning about the series and hearing the great music! This wasn’t what I expected for ROOOOOOOCKTOBER, but I’m really happy with it and I’m glad you guys switched it up by covering a slightly lesser-known series than you’ve done in past years.

  9. I couldn’t get into the tracks from the Devil Summoner and Soul Hackers – they just seem to be kind of repetitive and don’t really have a memorable theme to latch on to. I am fully willing to admit this opinion could just be from not having any context for these OSTs because I’ve never played the games.

    Completely different story with the Raidou Kuzunoa ones though, those were great, especially Decisive Battle.

  10. I love Strange Journey — definitely among my top 5 favorites for nintendo DS…. another game that feels like it went under the radar a little; but I do seem to remember Kat Bailey talking about it on her podcast at the time.

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