Oct 262016


Our final foray into the world of Shin Megami Tensei tackles the Devil Survivor sub series, then whirls through Last Bible, Jack Bros and Demi Kids before concluding the month with Tokyo Mirage Sessions.

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0:00:00 – Opening (Devil Survivor 2)

0:10:02 – Action (Devil Survivor)

0:12:57 – Battle Beat (Devil Survivor)

0:14:36 – Accident (Devil Survivor)

0:21:48 – Exploration (Devil Survivor 2)

0:25:02 – Devastated Town (Devil Survivor 2)

0:27:29 – Battle of the Brave (Devil Survivor 2)

0:34:46 – Boss Battle (Last Bible II)

0:40:16 – It’s Halloween (Jack Bros)

0:40:56 – Boss Battle (Jack Bros)

0:43:56 – Battle (Demi Kids Light Version)

0:52:28 – Reincarnation (Tokyo Mirage Sessions)

0:56:22 – Shibuya (Tokyo Mirage Sessions)

1:02:16 – Normal Battle (Tokyo Mirage Sessions)

1:11:25 – Smile, Smile (Tokyo Mirage Sessions)

  18 Responses to “VGMpire 126 – SMTober Part Four”

  1. Great episode! I’ve been meaning to get into the Devil Survivor games but have never found the time.

  2. Tokyo Mirage Sessions. TMS. SMT backwards. I wonder if that was on purpose? Sounds like an awful game, but this episode was the tits. Best rocktober ever!

  3. Do Street Fighter next year. That’s got enough awesome songs for 4 episodes.

  4. Loved this month! I do wish that Digital Devil Saga got included, since those two games contain some of my favorite music, but the whole October encompassed SMT brilliantly. Keep it up!

  5. Amazing show as always guys 🙂 I was really hoping to hear some music from my favourite SMT game, Digital Devil Saga (especially DDS2), will you be covering this in a later episode? Keep up the stellar work!

  6. How you do spin offs and leave out digital devil saga

  7. So that mention of the ex-Megadeth guitarist: you’re referring to Marty Friedman, who was Megadeth’s guitarist from 1990 – 2000. It’s funny that Tokyo Mirage Sessions has a parody of the “Caucasian metal guitarist who finds bigger success in Japan”, there’s also guitarist Paul Gilbert from Racer X who also achieved large success there.

    Anyway both of those artists I mentioned are great! Marty was even in Linked Horizon’s 2012 Bravely Default concert, doing that epic riffage during the boss music in the Battle Medley.

  8. ♪♫“You got that Jesus Juice! Jesus Jesus Juice!!”♪♫


  9. I loved this month of music! When I saw the first episode of SMTober, I was a little disappointed since this is a series I have no nostalgia for other than Persona. But MAN! This ended up being some great music. I really enjoyed hearing all the weird, wonderful, creepy tunes of the Shin Megami Tensei universe. One small criticism – you guys never mentioned Digitial Devil Saga on the PS2! Did Henry forget about it or did you just decide to omit it to cut down the length of the last episode? Regardless, Great choice for Rocktober and a great series of episodes! VGMPire continues to be one of my favorite podcasts!

  10. Hey thanks for all of the great episodes this past month you guys, love the show but don’t post often enough how happy I am for the work put into letting us all enjoy this stuff. Very pleased that you decided to do a month for SMT as it is a series I have not put nearly enough time into and as a result haven’t heard to many of the tracks that were featured in the podcasts this month, time to change that thanks for the motivation!

  11. Rocktober led to NOvember……. :/

  12. I just want to pop in and say that I recently discovered VGMpire via Bret’s guest appearance on the Legacy Music Hour. I am loving the show for multiple reasons which I won’t bore anyone with. Thanks for taking the time to amass hours of nostalgia and down right fun listening.

  13. For 20 years I never knew Jack Bros was connected to SMT – “mind blown.”

    I hadn’t expected to like the music in this episode just because for some reason I figured it’d be a lot of JPop which is not my thing, but most of it was actually really great, including the JPop.

  14. This was a great sequence of episodes, but I’m glad I’m not the only one who found it bizarre to leave out DDS. So many good tracks in those games!

  15. I love Devil Survivor 2, it feels underrated; or at least, I don’t know if I’ve ever met a real live human who’s actually played the game. There’s some DS2 OST with really well-done arranged versions of all the songs….

    Henry, the weirdly drawn boobs are just for that one girl in DS2; I don’t seem to remember any of the other boobs being drawn weird ;-3

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