Apr 122017

As the NES began its march into obscurity, Taito released two solid titles that didn’t get their due attention for several years – Little Samson and Panic Restaurant. Both have great soundtracks, but they’re also nifty little games!

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00:00 – Title Screen (Little Samson)

07:44 – Little Samson Theme (Little Samson)

09:34 – Golem Theme (Little Samson)

15:20 – Dragon Theme (Little Samson)

17:25 – Mouse Theme (Little Samson)

25:42 – Appetizer (Panic Restaurant)

27:11 – Soup (Panic Restaurant)

28:17 – Intro / Boss Battle (Panic Restaurant)

33:02 – Fish (Panic Restaurant)

34:03 – Dessert (Panic Restaurant)

39:51 – Ending (Panic Restaurant)

  5 Responses to “VGMpire 135 – Taito Two-fer”

  1. Hell yeah! Loves me some Little Samson. Not a ton of music in it though since, as you know, the themes are tied to the character your playing instead of to the stage.

  2. I’ve heard good things about Lil’ Samson but haven’t played it. It sounds like it has some similarities to Wonder Boy III: The Dragon’s Trap. I’ll have to check it out.

    The real musical treat in this episode was Panic Restaurant. So good that I rolled my windows down to blast those tunes throughout downtown Portland, at 6AM. You’re WELCOME, Portland.

  3. Even after Dave corrected Brett on how to say golem he kept saying gollum. Brett must have played a Dragon Warrior that has golems before seeing Lord of the Rings, but he’s stuck saying gollum for everything.

    Some of these songs sound Bubble Bobbley, I wonder if this is considered Zuntata or if it’s something else? I always thought the music was the best part of Taito games.

  4. Heard of Little Samson before, but never played it. Fun tunes from both of these games though. And that’s all I have to say……about that.

    Taito has dope stuff — Puzzle Bobble especially.

    This quote had me smiling like a dummy during my commute:

    Brett: “…Sausages fly at you…”
    Chris: “Like a woman on the internet!”

    And the Initial D / Cars crossover talk, omfg.

  5. I know this is a very music focused podcast, but anyone reading this do yourself a favour and google image search “Panic Restaurant” for it’s box cover art and “Little Samson” for it’s game screens, specifically for it’s (I’m assuming boss) sprites. Both are very wow for different reasons.

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