Mar 152017


Nearly 30 years old, the Blaster Master series peaked on the NES and spent decades trying to recapture the magic. And part of that game’s success was the incredible soundtrack! Let’s listen to some classic jams and then explore the series’ Sega, PlayStation and Switch sequels.

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Mar 022016


Jackie Chan took the US by storm with 1996’s Rumble in the Bronx, but NES and TurboGrafx players likely already knew him as the star of this cute, delightful platformer. More importantly, both versions of the soundtrack are immensely enjoyable and way better than most celebrity games have any right to be.

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Dec 012015


Grab a map and some headphones¬†for OverClocked ReMix’s FIIIIIFTY FIIIIIFTH concept album, which focuses on all the great overworld and map tunes from the Mario universe! That means tracks from Super Mario World, Mario 3, New SMB 2 and everything in between. Grab it over here for free! Continue reading »