Dec 012015


Grab a map and some headphones for OverClocked ReMix’s FIIIIIFTY FIIIIIFTH concept album, which focuses on all the great overworld and map tunes from the Mario universe! That means tracks from Super Mario World, Mario 3, New SMB 2 and everything in between. Grab it over here for free! Continue reading »

Dec 122014


Further proof I’m gettin’ old – a cuhraaaazy idea like a dedicated home for professional-grade video game remixes is now 15 years old. Launched in 1999, OC ReMix (note the intercapped “R” folks) has since grown into a nearly household name within the games industry. From its numerous free tracks to official soundtracks to composer interviews, it’s definitely a place to bookmark if you enjoy game music culture in the slightest. Continue reading »

Jul 102013

Little late to the party on this one, but if somehow you haven’t heard the news and praise, OCR’s gone and released a massive 74-track remix album dedicated to Final Fantasy VI (or III if you’re one of THOSE PEOPLE). As with all of OCR’s projects, the genre spread is pretty wide, so expect rock, trance, orchestral and everything in between.  Continue reading »

Nov 302011

If the exceptionally cool orchestral CD bundled with copies of Skyward Sword wasn’t enough of a 25th anniversary celebration for ya, the fine folks at OverClocked ReMix have combined their efforts and created a whole tribute album devoted to the series. Head over to the site – 25YEARLEGEND – and check it out! Continue reading »