Dec 012015


Grab a map and some headphones¬†for OverClocked ReMix’s FIIIIIFTY FIIIIIFTH concept album, which focuses on all the great overworld and map tunes from the Mario universe! That means tracks from Super Mario World, Mario 3, New SMB 2 and everything in between. Grab it over here for free! Continue reading »

Aug 192013

Every single time I see that classic Capcom logo and its accompanying jingle (you know the one), I instinctively input a code from the Street Fighter II SNES port. At the time, it was DOWN R UP L Y B, and I put that code in countless times from August 1992 to July 1993. A year of that has burned it into my brain so much that when DuckTales Remastered first booted up, I had to try. And would you look at that, WayForward made it so that code unlocks the NES game’s original 8-bit soundtrack. Continue reading »