Oct 292011

Welcome to our very first episode! Brett, Chris and Tyler kick things off with a tribute to Tim and Geoff Follin, two of gaming’s best 8 and 16-bit composers.

Download episode 1 right meow

  25 Responses to “VGMpire Episode 1”

  1. Testing the ol’ comments

  2. Love the show so far… feels like im listening to a VGM station the radio, keep up the great work Mr Elston!

  3. AWESOME! as a VGM aficionado I am super excited for this!

  4. About to listen to it.

    It is awesome that the original Tdar crew is branching out to other podcasts and making their own as well!

  5. It’s bleep-bloop, the PodShow!

  6. This is gonna be the grey tits!

  7. I like it, I like it a lot. I think I’d like to hear a little more info between songs, about the music and even the games in general. Maybe a line or two about what the game is and when it came out, that kind of thing. Also, the Solstice intro is still one of my favorite pieces of VGM. The remix at the end was from Dwelling of Duels, by Ryan8bit I believe. Looking forward to episode 2!

  8. I love this podcast! If I could make a suggestion, its that I would love more information. I would love to have this as something to listen to to and learn about the medium. Fill my head with knowledge!

  9. Holy shit, I can’t wait to hear this. One of my favorite Editors and fellow game music enthusiast starting up a podcast just about game music and how fucking cool it is, this should be awesome. Love the Gamesradar Alumni! 😉

  10. Hey, Shut up this is Bret….’s podcast. (See what i did there) But anywho really enjoyed the show. While i like the amount of talking might i suggest having 5 songs between breaks? Also while i like the idea of having series/composer/system specific episodes i think having some with just a good variety of different tunes would be good too.

  11. I think your on to a winner Mr Elston! Your passion on Tdar as well as the music played made me actually pay attention to game music. I like the format and am looking forward to future episodes!

  12. Is this on iTunes? If not, will it be?

  13. Definitely my new favorite podcast. The people en masse are correct; more info inbetween the music would be nice and make it a more personable affair. Keep it up, and let us take part in this great genre spelunking.

  14. OG TDar Internet Megastars

  15. This is an amazing idea and I can’t wait to see what you do with it Brett. Your articles on GR are what got me into game music so being able to have something like them back is great. My opinion is basically the same as everyone else; more info would be nice, and I like the one game/composer a podcast, but every once in a while a mix of songs from different systems and games would be nice.

  16. The Follins! Lots of great music from these guys.
    I’m looking forward to the Hubbard episode.

  17. Really liked the show. Never really been much of a music game guy. But I like music, so the chance to be exposed to more of it is awesome. Anyway, I enjoy the talking. If it were up to me I would have you guys talk in-between each song. The 16-bit version of Black Sabbath’s “Paranoid” was both surprising and amazing.

  18. Hey, any chance we can get song listings in the show notes?

  19. Great 1st episode!! That Siler Surfer music is so damn good!! I am so happy that you started this podcast. Can’t wait to hear much more.

  20. twitter: @naosabesnao

    Hey Brett like you were doing on GamesRadar are you going to do this only once a month or once a week/or only when once is possible just hearing right now and I am liking it.

    Also like you said and youre co-host said these musics to purchase I don’t think it is possible to purchase these songs unless you may go and ask the guys directly I don’t know- I really link the 2nd music from plock reminded me of streets of rage

  21. Amazing!

  22. Just wanted to say I’m now listening to another podcast and I’m not a podcast guy. LaserTime & VGMpire

  23. Great episode! Looking forward to more. It’ll be good if you could make note of the names of musical tracks and when they play during the podcast in the blog post/show notes, so we can go look them up later. Maybe the podcast could benefit with a bit more analysis on the instruments used and musical styles, but don’t feel that you need to make this to an academic level. It’s just good to know other people enjoy and appreciate VGM.

  24. haha just bought a copies of Plok and Spiderman & X-men

  25. haha just bought a copies of Plok and Spiderman & X-men. good stuff

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